How to Evaluate Resto Druids with World of Logs – Updated!

Mists of Pandaria as been out for a year now, and Resto Druids have undergone a number of changes, especially in patch 5.4. I thought it would be a good idea to update my guide on how to evaluate Resto Druids with World of Logs. This has also been updated on my big WoL Guide page (where the pictures will be less squishy if you want to look at it over there).

Here are specific things to look for when analyzing resto druid logs. It’s best to look at specific kills or attempts in order to get meaningful numbers.

Druids are primarily Heal Over Time (HoT) healers with great mobility and a decent amount of utility. Though Druids have generally been considered raid healers, they can also be strong tank healers. In 5.4, a Druid’s healing output should be high.

Total healing done

Healing by Spell

WoL - Resto Druid Healing by spell
There are a number of things to look for on this screen, including:

Spell selection – Is the druid using all their available spells?

Druids have: Lifebloom, Rejuvenation, Wild Growth, Efflorescence, Regrowth, Swiftmend, Healing Touch, Nourish, Tranquility, Wild Mushrooms and passive healing from Living Seed. Depending on spec they should likely also have Ysera’s Gift and Nature’s Vigil.

Healing from Lifebloom, Rejuv, Wild Growth, Regrowth, Swiftmend, Efflorescence and Tranquility should be seen on every fight.

Healing Touch, Nourish and Wild Mushroom: Bloom may more sparingly. Whether Nourish is used a matter of personal choice, though it will not provide much healing (I haven’t even had this keybound since all expansion). Healing Touch should only be used in combination with Nature’s Swiftness. Wild Mushrooms will mostly provide some healing on fights where the raid is stacked up.

You should not see healing from Renewal; this is a poor talent choice for a healer.

Top Spells

A druid’s top spells will vary depending on the nature of a fight and how spread out the raid is. Wild Growth and Rejuv will generally be at or near the top on any fight. Efflorescence should also be up there, especially on fights where the raid is grouped up. Tranquility can also be one of the top spells for healing done when it is timed well and can be used multiple times throughout a fight. If the Druid is tank healing, expect to see Lifebloom and Regrowth higher on the list.


Druids will generally have high overheal because of the nature of their HoTs. This isn’t something to worry about. Lifebloom and Rejuv will have quite high overheal while you should see lower overheal on smart heals like Wild Growth or direct heals like Regrowth.

Notes on specific spells:


Lifebloom World of Logs

Uptime is the key metric here. Lifebloom is our source of Omen of Clarity procs and provides a steady stream of heals to whoever it’s placed on (usually a tank). It should be pre-stacked before the pull, moved around to whomever needs it most and not allowed to fall off. Allowing a 3-stack to fall off, unless it’s timed perfectly to provide an emergency heal from the bloom, means you have to waste time and mana building the stack back up. Lifebloom uptime should be in the 90-100% range on most fights.


Tranquility WoL

The first thing to look for is whether Tranquility was used at all. It is our best spell in terms of HPS and HPM and should be used on every fight. With a 3 minute cooldown it can be used 2-3 times on most fights.

Next look at the number of direct heals – Each Tranquility should tick at least 20 times (more if the Druid has a lot of haste or uses Soul of the Forest and casts it after Swiftmend). See the 12 direct heals in the screenshot above? This means my Tranquility was interrupted (I cast it before a Shock Pulse like a bad Druid).

Overheal should be fairly low, but the HoT portion of the spell can increase this number.


Swiftmend World of Logs

Check how many times Swiftmend was used by looking at the number of direct heals. Swiftmend has a 15 second cooldown, so it can be used 4 times per minute. It’s unrealistic to use SM every time it’s available but it should be used often (especially if the Druid is specced into Soul of the Forest).

Since Swiftmend is no longer mainly a vehicle for Effloresence, overhealing has become more important to look at. Since this spell is instant, overheal should not be too high.


Efflorescence - World of Logs

Efflorescence should make up a good amount of a Druids healing, as it should be active pretty much all the time. It will do more healing on fights where the raid is stacked, but should do a fair amount even on fights where the raid is spread out or moving a lot, since it’s so easy to move now.

If healing from this looks low if could mean the Druid is not keeping the spell up via a Mushroom all the time, is not moving it appropriately, or is not using the Gylph of Efflorescence (which is terrible). If you’re in raid with the Druid, make sure the green Efflo circle is not often out in the middle of nowhere.

Wild Mushroom: Bloom

World of Logs - Wild Mushroom

How much healing WM does will depend on the fight. Personally, I don’t like to bloom Mushrooms much, unless the raid is stacked and taking significant damage. Blooming your Mushroom means 3 seconds before you can get Effloresence down again.

Nature’s Vigil

Nature's Vigil - World of Logs

NV is the strongest talent in the level 90 tier so you should see healing from it on most fights. If used close to on cooldown (as it should be, since the cooldown is short) it can provide a large amount of healing.

Cenarion Ward

If the Druid has this in their spec, the most important thing to look for is overheal. If the overhealing on the spell is very high, the Druid is not using it optimally.

Direct Heals

Direct heals should not make up the bulk of a druid’s healing, but Regrowth should be used fairly often. Low use of direct heals will likely mean that Clearcasting procs are being wasted.

Healing Touch should mostly be used in combination with Nature’s Swiftness, unless the Druid has the 2T16 set bonus, in which case you should see it used fairly often.

Spirit of Chi-Ji

This is the proc from the legendary cloak. The healing from this is not really controllable and how much healing it does will depend on the fight. Expect this to make up anywhere between around 4-10% of total healing.

Buffs Cast

This screen will tell you how often a druid is using their cooldowns, along with the uptime on key abilities.

World of Logs - Resto Druid Buffs cast

Lifebloom – As noted above, uptime should be as close to 100% as possible.

Harmony – This is Druids’ mastery which increases the effect of all HoTs while it’s active. Harmony should be up as much as possible, look for 90%+ uptime. If uptime is much lower, the druid needs to cast more direct heals to keep it active.

Barkskin – Barkskin can be used once every 45 seconds. It should be used often to mitigate damage taken (though not necessarily on cooldown). If a Druid is only using it once or twice a fight they should be using it more.

Tranquility – As noted above, Tranquility should be used on every fight. You should see at least 20 ticks per use.

Nature’s Vigil – Nature’s Vigil has a 1.5 minute cooldown. The talent should be taken on most fights and it should be used close to on cooldown.

Innervate – Innervate has a 3-minute cooldown. It should be used at 70-80% mana the first time, then whenever it’s off cooldown to get as much mana as possible.

Ironbark –  This is a damage reduction spell Druids can cast on someone else, it has a 1 minute cooldown. It should be used often on every fight.

Nature’s Swiftness – This spell makes your next spell with a cast time instant, larger and mana free. It has a 1 minute cooldown. This spell is often used for emergency heals, but you should see it used at least a few times on every fight.

Clearcasting – Compare the amount of Clearcasting procs to the number of Regrowths cast (this is found in the Healing by Spell tab). The Druid should have at least as many Regrowth casts as CC procs.

Trinkets – If the druid has an on-use trinket equipped, check the cooldown on it and the amount of times used. They should be used the maximum amount possible.

Movement abilities – On fights that require movement or kiting, look for things like Dash, Stampeding Roar or Displacer Beast too see that the Druid is making the most of their abilities.

The following are talents, so whether they appear in a Druid’s logs is spec-dependent:

Incarnation – Incarnation has a 3 minute cooldown. In your average 4-7 minute fight it should be used twice. A third use can be squeezed into fights that last longer.

Heart of the Wild – If the Druid has this in their spec, they should be using it on every fight for the 25% healing increase for 3o seconds. The cooldown is 6 minutes, so it likely won’t ever be used more than 2x per fight. 

You should also check to see if the Druid is using abilities given to them by Symbiosis. For the list of those, check here.

Druids also have a new spell, Genesis, which speeds up existing Rejuvs. Unfortunately, this spell will only show up if you search for it in the Log Broswers or Expression Editor.

9 responses to “How to Evaluate Resto Druids with World of Logs – Updated!

  1. This is great info. I stopped hardcoring raiding on my druid around tier 14, because the nerfs were too hard and most raid leaders in high end content would rather have other classes than druids, so I saw a lot of bench time. This tier though, we have gotten our well deserve place again, and I’m happy to bring my druid off retirement, but had no idea if what I was doing was on par.

    I shall log some of my fights and compare with your results to see how off my spell usage/uptime is.
    Starlis recently posted..I am a HUGE procrastinator

  2. Even in retirement you find a way to help the resto druid community ;D Thanks Jasyla.

  3. HotW now has a 25% healing increase for 30 sec every 6 min. If a tree takes it, they should be using it every fight.

    In comparison, NV gives 12% for 30 seconds every 1.5 min, but doesn’t have the passive stat boost.

  4. There may be some things that could be updated. HotW has a passive Int buff (well Stam, Int, and Agi… but we only care about Int) of 6%. It increases them by 6% at all times. I have tested all three talents and HotW is by far the best talent out of the level 90’s.

    Also, Healing Touch should be used a lot more when Druids get their 2 piece for T16. Sage Mender procs constantly and is basically the same thing as HT+NS when you have 5 stacks of the buff.

    • Other than those minor changes, it is a very well written and informative atricle.

    • I know how HotW works, but I have to disagree that it’s the best talent. Nature’s Vigil is an excellent ability on a fairly short cooldown and can provide a whole lot of healing when used correctly. I still recommend NV for most fights.

      Good point on the set bonus though, I’ll add that.