That Legendary Cloak

Last week I didn’t spend too much time diving through dps logs from Siege of Orgrimmar since I was still healing. I noticed that the legendary cloak proc did an absurd amount of healing for me on a couple fights – Fallen Protectors, most notably. But I didn’t really think about what it was doing for our dps, especially since my hunter does not yet have a legendary cloak.

I went into my first raid on my hunter expecting to be bringing up the rear on the damage meter. But when I got in there I found I was even lower than I was expecting to be.

Damage meter for Fallen Protectors

Damage meter for Fallen Protectors

After some of the AoE fights in particular I was feeling pretty demoralized. I was having fun shooting things, but who cares about that when your damage sucks that much? I wondered if I was doing something wrong.

Later, I looked closer at the logs of the other dps.

Flurry of Xuen damage

Are you fucking kidding me? This is our veteran hunter’s logs over the course of the night and Flurry of Xuen did almost 19% of his total damage. This screen does include trash, which skews things, but this is still an absurd amount of damage from one piece of gear. On bosses the legendary cloak proc did anywhere from 6% of total damage (Iron Juggernaut) to 20.6% of total damage (Dark Shaman), with an average of 12.5% over the seven bosses we killed.

Damage disparity due to gear level is bad enough (Ashenera wrote an excellent post about character power and ilvls that is a great read), but add in the lack of a legendary cloak and I feel pretty close to useless.

On the bright side, this has lit a fire under me to get the cloak quest finished. I went into ToT LFR after raid to get my last Secrets that I needed then capped out my Black Prince rep, so I will at least have my meta gem for next raid. Then it’s time to collect 12 Runestones. I’ll be continuing to do ToR LFR for another week or two at least (and I had hoped I was done with that place forever) to have as many chances at Runestones as possible.

A Legendary item should be meaningful – though how meaningful is a Legendary that everyone will have by the end of the expansion? It should have a strong effect on your damage/healing/survivability, but the cloak proc is pretty ridiculous. At this point, it’s not the people with the legendary that are being set ahead of the pack, it’s the few that don’t have it who are being left behind to look like chumps. 

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  1. Keep in mind, I believe runestones drop from the first half of SoO bosses, so you might get lucky enough to not need more than a week or 2 of LFR to gather them all.

    • Yes, I’m really hoping I get lucky with the drops so I don’t have to do too much LFR. This week I’ll have 6 chances at Runestones. Next week, 14!

      • I killed all 13 eligible bosses yesterday on my Monk needing two Runestones (along with the guaranteed one from Lei Shen) to complete my cloak, and received the second one off the 13th boss. This is after going 0/9 last week, and 0/5 the two weeks previous. I sincerely hope you have better luck than me, but this only made me rage about the legendary quest line even more than I already was. I think the power conveyed by it is entirely too high, and the RNG involved can only be described as a bad design.

        The “player power gap” is just too absurdly high for many reasons. Anytime I log on an alt aside from my Monk, I feel like logging off immediately, there’s just no way to hang with my friends regardless of how good I play. There’s an artificial barrier named item level keeping me from contributing meaningfully even if I play like a demon. It’s not fun.

        • Ugh, those drop rates are horrifying. I had some bad luck while I was collecting Runestones on my Druid. I went a number of weeks where I got 0 from ToT. I’m hoping my hunter does better. The RNG is really bad design. I think it should be guaranteed drops from the later bosses or heroic modes so that there is some degree of control.

  2. They’ve barely been dropping for me either. Just one/week for the last several weeks. I’m one of the sad losers in my group without the shiny proc.
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