Where is the love?

There was a time when I loved to write a good guide post. How to Resto Druid, How to use World of Logs, how to kill raid bosses. Then one day, in the not too distant past, it went away.

It went away?

Went away? “I dwell in darkness without you” and it *went away*?

Sorry, tangent.

My interest in talking about the nitty gritty WoW stuff – stats, gear, when it’s better to use Incarnation instead of SotF- has declined. I first noticed it on Twitter. New patch notes would be datamined and people would be all atwitter (see what I did there?) about what the spell changes meant, how it would affect our stat priority or spell casting. Whereas once I would be right in there speculating with them, I started to find following those discussions more annoying than anything else. I didn’t care about people’s quick napkin math or what trinkets they thought were best.

Then one day I got a DM asking why I was still gemming for Intellect instead of Mastery. Perfectly reasonable question. Honestly, I didn’t have an answer. Habit, I guess? Not wanting to look like a dummy, I fired up the TreeCalcs spreadsheet for the first time all expansion. As I looked at all the numbers on all those worksheets it struck me that I had no interest in doing WoW math. Pulling out my fingernails would be more interesting to me than calculating at what ilvl 2 points of Mastery outperform 1 point of Intellect.

I can’t help but think this game would be more fun if it were more about playing and less about spreadsheets.

Obviously, no disrespect to the people who have discussions about these things on Twitter or are doing class math. These are the things that probably made me follow you in the first place. I want to take part, but I just don’t care enough to.

I can’t really say what happened to cause such a distinct lack of interest in things like gear and class mechanics (actually, I’ve always found gear to be a very boring topic and only made gear lists because other people like them). But I’ve lost the drive to even pretend to be interested.

Maybe the love will come back one day. But for now, that’s why the blog is quiet.

8 responses to “Where is the love?

  1. I feel the same way. After I stepped down from our 10-man team to have more time for grad school, I’ve realized I just don’t care about any theorycrafting anymore. New shaman data comes out and I’m still stuck in Cata. It’s awful to admit, I know. I’m hoping my week vacation without WoW has instilled new interest in my shaman, but… I’ll take it day by day.

  2. Agreed. I’ve always said that the moment you break out Excel and/or a calculator is the moment that it stops being a game. Although I know the spriest class inside and out, I don’t theorycraft–I let other people and websites do that for me. I want to *play* my priests, not obsess over three points of haste.
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  3. I generally agree – I still do it because I need to as a heroic raider, but I prefer playing to doing the math. Which is why I am particularly annoyed with Blizzard removes some arcane and obscure mechanic or adjusts a weird interaction and people go “OMG BLIZZARD IS DUMBING THE GAME DOWN!”

    No, idiots, they’re just making the game more playable.

  4. +50 dkp for Willow pic

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I dunno what happened after Cata but I can barely have fun no matter what I’m doing in the game. I could care less about all the new things we can do. Guilds have become smaller and are more and more obsolete and the game seems to have lost the challenge. Nothing is special anymore because everyone can have the same thing. Bah I digress. I just kill time now.

  6. I can relate to how you feel. Although, I stopped using spreadsheets to optimize my gear, caps, etc., I’ve continued to reforge and gem using gear optimizers and my own math.

    However, today while I was at the arcane reforger modifying my gear and stressing over it I stopped and asked myself, “Why?” I wondered why it was necessary to reforge, why should I have to worry about something that stresses me out in a game and something that seems so unnecessary.

    The reason players like myself min/max is so we can be at our best for our raids and our guilds but I believe WoW has reached a point where this needs to either stop or become less of an issue. People can argue that guilds can still progress through normal mode and heroic mode content without having to min/max but because of my experience, I have to strongly disagree. So long as there are tight enrage timers or the need for strict DPS numbers on raid encounters some players, including myself, will feel forced to min/max.

    I hope the future of WoW and its raid content becomes less about min/maxing and more about player performance and skill. I could go into gear item levels becoming so transparent but I don’t want to write an essay!

  7. I’ve found that with the addition of AMR and Icy Veins, I’m more than happy to play the lazy card, read the guides, follow the bot, and just get on with actually playing. It’s much more fun to me this way, so I understand completely. So what if the guide’s a tad outdated or misrepresentative and the bot isn’t 100% accurate? So long as I’m still pulling the deeps, what does it matter? 🙂
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  8. Funny recently a druid was telling me that the new treants were very good since I hadn’t read anything that suggested that I asked him his source but got no reply so too tired to try it out hoping someone will eventually do the math to prove or disprove it.