Just a mini-post of some thoughts I had about Druids while doing heroic Tortos for the first time last night…

People have been pretty down on resto Druids lately, and for good reason. Our output potential is pretty lousy compared to most other healing classes (though it’s amazing how much better we can look on a fight like H. Tortos when overhealing isn’t really an issue). I’ve also seen people complain about our perceived lack of utility. After planning for the fight last night I have to say – we have a ton of utility on the right fight. I had so many ideas about how I could be helpful to the raid.

  • I can put out a ton of healing – Rejuvs on my group will charge the Crystal Shields quickly and efficiently, while still supporting the MT.
  • I can take Faerie Swarm and help to slow Whirl Turtles.
  • I can take Ursol’s Vortex and use them on the bats before the Quake Stomp so they can’t get to the kiter.
  • I can move around quickly using things like Displacer Beast, so I can kick turtle shells.
  • I have a lot of options for Symbiosis. I can use Spiritwalker’s Grace so that I can channel Tranq without having to worry about interrupting it to move out of rockfalls or away from turtles. I could take Iceblock for an immunity. I could take Leap of Faith for if the bat kiter needs grips.
  • I can use my superpower (massive aggro generation) to help make sure the new bats that spawn all go to one place.

Whether it’s reasonable to expect to be able to do all these things along with keep everyone alive I’m not so sure about yet, but this fight really highlights how much utility Druids have.

Another thing that struck me about the Tortos fight was that it’s much less about healing than I thought. I actually think this fight should be easier to heal than normal if everyone is using the shield mechanic correctly. So if you’re planning to tackle this fight soon, make sure you understand it!

6 responses to “Utility

  1. I’ve seen it put about lately that druids don’t have a ton of utility so this post was good to see. And I have to admit that I think once you start playing with talents and the use of symbiosis then that utility can increase. Symboisis on a tank can give them an extra defensive which can be really handy. Like you said being able to get an extra slow through faire swarm or ursol’s vortex or even a group wide speed boost can be the little things that make a difference.

  2. I think most people know about the utility that Druid bring. That’s not it. The reason people feel it’s lackluster is because other healers already have it too. PLUS the amazing output. A shaman already has SWG, he just don’t need to pop it with a cool down cus his cool down isn’t channelled. A priest already got his life grip. On top of a 40% tank cool down ( disc) not to mention void shift. Of yeah, and 40k DPS 🙂

    I agree Jas, Druids does have some utility. I only raid normals and I used it myself for Tortos and other fights. FS, Vortex etc. But as mentioned, everyone else got utility as well, if not better, plus more throughput.

  3. Thanks for the pep talk but I still don’t see a light in the tunnel. I’m very depressed about my rdruid nowadays. Hanging by a thread as they say. The “cancel sub” button is taunting me.

  4. wrathsomed

    I think this is great. For me, it makes me think about what can I do to help the raid as a resto-druid; not how I measure up to the other healers.
    We have value and are mighty handy to have around.

  5. wrathsomed

    Additionally, I think we are all discovering more depth to our characters as this expansion … well, expands.
    The Tome of the Clear Mind is designed for us to change a lot of things as we move thru an array of boss mechanics. This is my first visit to this blog, and I’m … loving it!

    • Thanks!

      I really like the new talent system. It’s great to be able to change talents (and even things like Symbiosis targets) every fight based on the needs of the raid.