Who Are You? (who who who who)

I spend a lot of time writing about my guild, my raid, my Druid, my healing habits on this blog. Now, I want to hear more about you! I want to know who is reading and what you’d like to see more of.

I went a bit poll-crazy here (that’s what she said), so please indulge me and let me know more about you and your guild.

Now tell me what you want (what you really, really want).

Thanks everyone! Feel free to tell me more in the comments.

29 responses to “Who Are You? (who who who who)

  1. You forgot Warlocks in the poll about classes! Why do you hate us so!?? πŸ˜€
    Saga recently posted..Oh, Big Love Rocket!

  2. Hello Jasyla!
    Sure could’nt tell by my commenting habits, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog here for quite some time. Even though I don’t heal or play my druid anymore, lol.
    As GM of a very young guild, I do find the information you provide very interesting and knowledgeable, often tucked away in memory for possible future use.
    In answer to these polls however, since I don’t have a raiding guild atm, I did tend to favor more guild management possibilities. And as good as it would be to hear your experiences/knowledge in this area, I still look forward to all your raiding info.
    Thank you!
    Aygaren recently posted..Incoming Patch?

    • Thanks for commenting Aygaren!

      I’ve been working on writing a series of posts about how we do things in Apotheosis – things like the general guild structure, how responsibilities are broken down, how raids are organized and what kinds of things we do together outside of raids. I hope to have it posted soon.

  3. Hehe – 2.22% hunters (1 vote) was me…

    I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. I used to raid as a druid, but have dropped that completely at this point… however, I still check out every post, because there’s more substance here than simply a “Resto Druid Guide,” and I appreciate the wider range of topics your posts cover.

    I am terribly unhelpful, in the sense that I simply enjoy reading your blog; and, in harmony with what I wrote above, I didn’t vote for or suggest anything for you to write more about. I’m just someone who respects both your playing and writing abilities, and so I always welcome the chance to read about your perspectives, whenever and however they come.

    How’s that for being vague? πŸ™‚
    Mushan recently posted..I pretty much don’t do WoW holidays any more

    • Up to 6 hunters now! I’m a bit surprised hunters are one of the least represented on the poll since this blog did start out talking about both Druids and Hunters, but I guess that was quite a while ago. Thanks for the support, hunter friend!

  4. My totally unsolicited three cents…

    Do one thing. Do it well. (Don’t write a smattering of garbage nobody reads…unlike a certain other blog I could name. *ahem*) With Keeva retired(ish), Lissanna raiding on her mage, and Beru stepping down from raiding, you are the Queen of the Resto-Druid-Sphere. When I need a resource for how to play a resto druid effectively, CBT is my first click these days.
    Stormy recently posted..A moment, please?

    • Your three cents were totally solicited.

      I would like to be more consistent in my Druid posts. For example, I only write about things like news from the PTR when I feel like it or don’t have any other post ideas. I’d like to branch out and post about more things as well. I need to post much more often than I do to cover everything I want to cover though.

  5. I love Cannot Be Tamed. I’m so happy when a new post pops up in my feed reader. I answered “I do not raid” but that isn’t completely true … my schedule no longer permits organized raiding, but I do regular LFR and occasional pugs. Within those limits I achieve the best performance I can with my resto druid main. Your druid healing guides, encounter-specific guides and WoL guides are so valuable to me. Beyond that, I also enjoy the guides for other healing classes. Thank you so much for being here!

  6. I think you’re in a unique position. As mentioned above, the good Resto Druid blogs are slowly falling away and so I suspect that you’ll be asked for many more things in relation to Resto Druids. Knowing you (even as little as I do) I suspect you’ll easily step up to that call.

    That said; as a player (particularly one in your guild) I always find the thought process of the leadership to be very enlightening. It’s one of the things I’ve always loved about both you and Kurn. Thus I don’t want those kinds of posts to stop, either.

    • I’ve been writing a post about what all our officers do in guild and it struck me that a lot of people in the guild probably don’t even know the extent of it. I looking forward to writing more guild related posts.

      I’ll definitely keep writing about Druids too.

  7. Your site was a huge help when I was learning how to resto-druid last year. Our guild recently decided to take our struggling for attendance 3 10-man raid teams and form 1 25man, and I was placed in the healer lead role, so your “how to evaluate healers on WoLs” has been invaluable. I’d love to see you finish updating that for MoP. Thanks so much for everything you do!

  8. Hello,

    I think you have a great thing going, as is, Jasyla. I will disagree with Stormy on one thing, though.

    Part of what made Beru and Keeva so interesting is that their blogs weren’t just druid blogs. Beru would post about her hands or the new desk setup that she had just purchased. Keeva would talk about which bosses were being identified with which gender.

    I love reading blogs from people who aren’t afraid to let me in. Anyone can throw up pages of World of Logs screenshots or make a boss video, but it’s quite another to talk about who YOU are. It’s also nice to have a variety of topics to talk about when there isn’t much to talk about regarding your class or raiding.

    Maybe druids aren’t seeing any changes or your raid group hasn’t downed anything recently. That’s where being open to talk about other things really helps, rather than having your blog go silent during those times. It also helps to attract people to your blog who don’t play druids. We need something to read, too!

    Keep up the good work, Jasyla.

    Take care.
    Oestrus recently posted..Good Game

    • Hi O,
      I’ve never been particularly good at letting people in. I write posts like that occasionally, but I generally feel more comfortable with guides and such. I definitely want to reduce the amout of content lulls on the blog though. Thanks for the feedback!

  9. Though I use your site as my reference for all things resto druid (and as Jaymz said, all my resto druid resources are dwindling away), I often like to read about guild dynamics too, and being me, I like to read to find out a little more about the person behind the blog. I did laugh when I read Stormy’s comment though – that would describe someone like me perfectly! What Oestrus said is also true – if you only write about resto druids, what about the priests and FORGOTTEN WARLOCKS (Haha Saga!!!) who come and read as well? They want to read something, and I think the extra somethings help to fill it in. You don’t have to write every day – I am having a mind blank, but that shaman who didn’t post much, but used to write really good stuff.. OH god… LIfe in group 5? … didn’t post often but had a great following. I love your blog as it is, but I can understand you needing a little inspiration to get writing again πŸ™‚
    Navimie recently posted..Matty’s Mogging at the Movies

  10. As a non-druid healing lead, I like reading your blog because it helps me figure out what my druid/s should be doing and what kind of tricks they have that they might not have thought of. I particularly liked the posts about your talent/glyph choices for HoF etc for this. I also really appreciate the WoL posts.

    That said, I like reading about stuff you’re doing and random fun posts too πŸ™‚

  11. what to say first of all I’m stubborn my first guild is being kept alive by my “main toon” a rogue there are almost no other people there but ……

    I’m an altholic so far Druid, mage have hit 90 and have a dk at 89 working his way up stuck at 85 are the rest of teh classes except the mon who is on the 40’s range…. I refuse to play without rested xp bonus πŸ™‚

    besides my rogue which i refuse to not consider my main I play a resto druid for a raiding guild which cannot progress past mogushan vaults “flashback: stop standing on the bad oh noes the damage … THE DAMAGE!!!!!” .

    Would love to se more on us which are struggling to defeat raids tips , advice , suggestions, alternate strategies etc.

    perhaps this will ilustrate my point more πŸ™‚


    • I’d like to get into more raid strategies and tips. I’ve been talking about doing a series on the new raid bosses with my guild’s raid leader. I hope that works out and we have some tips to share.

  12. I’ve been using your blog for information more often since Keeva quit playing. I’m not one to comment, but I would love if you could put more information on challenge modes up. I’ve been trying to get my guild motivated for months now, and no one is willing to put the time and the wipes in. I want my awesome gear dammit! I guess if you could talk more about what your setup was and what worked for your group, it could be really helpful for anyone wanting to get all golds. There is so little literature about challenge modes, so hearing from an actual healer’s perspective would be wonderful.

  13. I have always been a huge proponent of writing about what you want to write about. If it’s druids, that’s great! If it’s something else – than that is what you should write about. If you limit yourself and your creative output to one thing you feel must be your focus, writing begins to start to feel like a chore.

    I love reading what you write, regardless of the topic, because I am interested in Jasyla. I found you because you were druid oriented, but I stayed because I liked what you had to say. Continue to write on topics that interest you and I can promise that you will continue to have at least one engaged reader. πŸ™‚
    Beru recently posted..Adjusting to Life in the Casual Lane

    • Thanks Beru πŸ™‚

      I do write for myself to some extent, but a lot of the time I just enjoy the process of writing posts, or digging though WoL or wowhead for information to share, rather than really wanting to write about a certain topic. There are definitely times where I have specific thoughts in my brain I feel the need to get down on virtual paper. Otherwise though I just like to get information out there and I write what I think people will be interested in or find helpful.

  14. Well, I am late to this party and I obviously harass you more through twitter than your blog, but I really have enjoyed reading the WoL stuff for healers. That’s been really helpful for me.
    Itanya Blade recently posted..The Purge: Part Two – Dorri’tow and Keltyr

    • Thanks Itanya. I really like writing those posts. They’re really helpful for me as well when I’m doing reviews of my healing team. I just need to figure out Monks so I can speak with more authority on them.