A Tall Add to Mushrooms

Last night we got a slew of new patch notes for 5.2 and, surprisingly, they finally had something to say about resto Druids!


First of all, the long-awaited Wild Mushroom change. The tooltip now reads:

The mushrooms grow larger as they accumulate healing power from 75% of overhealing done by your Rejuvenation, up to a maximum of 100% of your health in bonus healing.

It’s not understood exactly how this mechanic will work as they are bugged on the PTR and have been seen healing people for a few million health. I assume that the bonus healing applies to the total heal for each mushroom (and is then split among the targets) rather than applying to each heal.

When I first read this tooltip update, I was concerned that they were unnecessarily complicating things. Why not just buff the amount of healing without adding Rejuv overheal in there? Then I realized that it’s because they still don’t want us using these constantly – having to power them up with overhealing is akin to putting a cooldown on them. I don’t think it’s the most elegant solution. It doesn’t address some of the biggest problems – that casting Mushrooms is clunky and if the raid moves away from them they are useless – but any extra throughput is welcome.

I don’t really think the new Mushroom mechanic will change the way we heal (aside from using Mushrooms more). We’ll always have multiple Rejuvs out, they’ll always be doing overhealing. The biggest challenge will be proper placement – both in location and timing – so that you have supercharged Mushrooms ready to go when the damage happens.

As much as I’ve complained about Mushrooms, I do use them to some extent on a number of fights, even in their currently weak form. Empress, Feng, Wind Lord, Garalon, all involve people stacking up and an ebb and flow of damage that gives you time to set up mushrooms. If the mushrooms are capable of healing for a significant amount, the extra burst heal capability will be appreciated. I also enjoy the thought of having to prepare and play smartly in order to get the most out of the spell.


The mana cost of Rejuv is now 14.5%, down from 16%. When you consider that 5.2 will see us breaking our 2T14 set bonus, this isn’t going to have that much of an impact, but I’ll take it.

Set bonuses

We also got a look at the T15 set bonuses:

2 piece – Swiftmend’s ground effect can now heal up to 4 targets each time it heals.
4 piece – The healing done by your Rejuvenation increases by 6% each time it causes healing.

I really like these bonuses. On fights where the raid is grouped up, the 2-piece will be great. I like the 4-piece too. Though I can already hear the cries of “but overheal!” I think a direct buff to the spell we cast the most is great. You can make the overheal argument for pretty much any increase to healing done, so I don’t take it too seriously. This bonus will do very good things to Rejuvs maintained on tanks and will also be good for any fights with constant raid damage.

What do you think of the potential 5.2 changes?

6 responses to “A Tall Add to Mushrooms

  1. So, I’ve been on the PTR and played around with them a bit, and the only bug I’ve found with them is that they have no healing cap right now, despite the tooltip. This is where those million per target heals are coming from. But from what I’ve seen, you are correct, it splits the healing between targets. It also does something else interesting… it splits the overhealing between shrooms. This means that in terms of charging the shrooms, the only benefit to casting more than one shroom is increased cap and spreading out the healing! As a result, we can make a one shroom cast as powerful as 3 shrooms over the same duration, as long as we haven’t hit the 100% health cap on the one shroom.

    I’ve also thought of a few other fun uses for this change. As you expected, the shrooms split the extra healing. So this means at max charge on 10 targets with one shroom, you get a 40k heal each, which is very nice. but it ALSO means on 1 target, you’d get a 400k heal on one target. If it stays like this, just this flexibility alone to do good burst AoE AND burst single target makes healing shrooms something I am definitely going to be playing with come live.

    In fact, my only concern right now is that it might be *too* powerful, especially in the way it protects me from overhealing by essentially ‘saving’ my rejuv overhealing in the shroom.

    And now I wish I had this for H Elegon…

    • Are they still working in a way that does a gigantic heal if the Mushroom only hits 1 person? Because that would be cool.

      So far the numbers are looking okay. Not OP, but a fair bit larger than current.

  2. They need to be a lot smaller and there seems to be some kind of phasing with them, a druid next to me his mushrooms would phase out on me, but people in the shire seem to seen all mine with the comments I got with a full grown mushroom.

  3. It sounds like they’re trying to do something about WM not being very useful that offers new throughput, while doing something to address over-healing complaints. Maybe they believe this is a way of making over-healing applicable toward something useful, beyond being an unintended consequence of hots. You’ve convinced me to play the PTR after reset, assuming today does not turn out to be patch day. 🙂

    RE Kriellya:
    “In fact, my only concern right now is that it might be *too* powerful, especially in the way it protects me from overhealing by essentially ‘saving’ my rejuv overhealing in the shroom.”

    Sssshhhhhh!!!! They might hear you D:

    • The whole Rejuv overheal part seems like a bit of a placation, since we’re always going to be high on overheal. They could have just as easily made it a cooldown or had a timer for the mushrooms reaching full power. But I’m okay with it. I guess it’s kind of clever.