Three Years

It’s that time again. With the holidays comes yet another blogging anniversary. I’ve now been at this for 3 years. I usually take this time to talk a bit about how many posts I’ve written and comments I’ve received throughout the year. This year, WordPress has done it for me (isn’t that nice?).

I certainly got a lot more visits than I did in previous years, though my rate of posting was a little slow this year with only 51 new posts. You’d think since I was unemployed for 10 months I’d have all the time in the world to write blog posts, but with a great amount of spare time came a great lack of motivation.

Judging by my most visited posts this year and the search terms people find me with most often, Druids really like their gear lists! To be completely honest, gear is my least favourite thing to write about, but I’m happy people find those posts useful.

Next year I hope to pick up my posting pace a little and try to write at least a post a week. I want to update my World of Logs guides for healers early in the new year (maybe if I say that out loud I’ll be more likely to do it). I’m also hoping to broaden my horizons a little bit and write about topics not confined to Druids.

In game, I’ve had a good year. There are two things I’m particularly proud of. First, I think Apotheosis (we’re recruiting!) has done really well so far this expansion. Our raid team leveled quickly, even getting some realm firsts along the way, and aside from a couple bosses that gave us more problems than they should have, I think we’ve been progressing at a good pace. On November 29th we completed all normal mode raid content and since then have killed 3 heroic modes. I’m very proud of my guild. Good job team 🙂

Apotheosis and Sha of Fear
I’m also really pleased that my challenge mode team was able to get Golds in all of the Challenge Modes, which got me my one and only server first Feat of Strength, a cool mount and the best transmog armor ever. They were also a lot of fun to do.

Challenge Mode Conquerors

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, left me a comment, shared a post or talked about Druids with me on Twitter. That’s a big part of why I’ve been doing this for as long as I have.

Here’s to a great 2013, with more boss kills, more blog posts and less unemployment.

6 responses to “Three Years

  1. My blog just turned 3 as well this month! /highfive 😀

    I enjoy all of your posts, even though I don’t play a druid – knowing different people’s approaches to fights is always helpful, and helps me know what to expect or how to tackle various mechanics.

    Here’s to another fun year of WoW and blogging!
    Rades recently posted..Minipost: A surprising and familiar sight

  2. Congrats Jasyla! Happy blogiversary – gosh has it only been 3 years? 3 years is coming up for me in a week or so… gosh! Thank you for all the fantastic reads, you know you’re my info hub for all things druid and resto. /hugs
    Navimie recently posted..Micropost: Happy New Year – Welcome 2013!

  3. Of the many people who write or podcast about resto druids, I find your blog to be the most insightful and to the point for pve. Thanks for all the research you do and for sharing this info with other players.