What Resto Druids Need to Know for 5.0.4

Patch 5.0.4 will be dropping on August 28th and it will bring all of Mist of Pandaria’s new talents, abilities and spells.


Say goodbye to the 160k mana pool that you’ve gotten used to. With 5.0.4, our mana pools will be knocked down to a fixed 100,000. Spell mana costs will come down a little as well, but not by that much. For example, on Beta Rejuv costs 3200 mana and Wild Growth costs 4580 mana. On live a Rejuv costs 3727 and a Wild Growth costs 5031. So we’re looking at about a 10-15% reduction in mana costs and a 30-40% reduction in our mana pools. This could make things tough.

The way we regen mana is also being completely changed. Talents like Revitalize, that regen a portion of our total mana are gone. This means that all of our regen will now come from Spirit. I’m going to guess that the 2007 Spirit I’m currently rolling with isn’t going to cut it. Be prepared to take a trip to the reforger once the patch hits. Say goodbye to all that yummy Mastery that you had reforged out of Spirit, and get your Spirit back. Spells are healing for quite a bit more at level 85 on the Beta, so the loss of Mastery shouldn’t affect your output negatively. You may also want to replace your throughput trinkets with regen trinkets.


Our spell books will look quite a bit different, and we will no longer have access to a number of Balance and Feral spells. This shouldn’t affect raiders too much, but be aware that if you’re used to throwing out some DPS on fights to try to help out, you won’t have as many damaging spells as you used to. Spells and abilities we no longer have include:

  • Insect Swarm
  • Wild Mushroom: Detonate (we will only have healing shrooms)
  • Starfire
  • Thorns

We are also losing access to a number of Cat and Bear abilities, but those shouldn’t have too much of an effect on a healer. The only one I’m really going to miss is Skull Bash.

We have two new base abilities:

  • Ironbark This is the damage mitigation cooldown we’ve been asking for for so long, so don’t forget to use it! We also still have access to Barkskin.
  • Wild Mushroom: Bloom Instead of hurting, these mushrooms heal. You can set up 3 at a time and they will heal everyone in an 8 yard radius for… not a whole lot, really.

A number of abilities have changed:

  • Lifebloom now lasts 15 seconds.
  • Harmony now lasts 20 seconds.
  • Nature’s Cure now has an 8 second cooldown.
  • Rebirth now brings people to life with 60% of their health, up from 20%.
  • Mark of the Wild no longer gives Stamina or spell resistance, only Strength, Agility and Intellect.
  • Dash and Stampeding Roar can be used while in caster form, but will activate Cat/Bear form.
  • Faerie Fire now causes 3 applications of Weakened Armor, instead of 1.

In addition to these things, any Resto talents that were removed with the new talent tree overhaul have been baked into our spells. Living Seed, Malfurion’s Gift, Gift of the Earthmother, Swift Rejuvenation, Nature’s Cure, Efflorescence… they’re all baseline now for Restos. However, the talents that were in the Balance tree, like Nature’s Grace, are now gone. One change that I just noticed today is that Nature’s Focus now also increases our chance to hit with Moonfire and Wrath by 15%. That’s nifty.


When the patch hits, we will have 5 talent tiers to choose, the 6th doesn’t open up until level 90.

Level 15 Druid talents (MoP)

For Tier 1 Feline Swiftness is the clear winner. Displacer Beast is awful and the uses for Wild Charge are quite limited for a healer in current raid encounters.

Druid level 30 talents (MoP)

For tier 2 I’d go with Nature’s Swiftness. Note that the cooldown is now only 1 minute, down from 3 minutes, which is an excellent improvement. Renewal isn’t something I consider a viable option for healers. Cenarion Ward may be worth playing with, but I think having NS as an extra ‘oh shit’ button is much more valuable than another HoT that’s on a 30 second cooldown.

Level 45 druid talents (MoP)

Tier 3 probably won’t see a whole lot of use in Dragon Soul. You can pretty much pick what you want here. Go with Typhoon if you want to drive your tanks and melee crazy. Typhoon also has the potential to help out with Bloods on heroic Spine, but please check with your kiter/RL as it could also screw things up if it’s not expected.

Level 60 druid talents (MoP)

I think Incarnation is the best talent in tier 4. As an output cooldown, ToL is still great, and with the mana constraints we’ll be facing, I think the ability to spam Lifeblooms (our cheapest spell) and maximize Omen of Clarity procs will be important. Soul of the Forest also looks quite strong in terms of increasing our healing output if you use Wild Growth after every Swiftmend, but it will also cause problems lining up those spells as there is a 5 second difference in their cooldowns. Force of Nature is kind of fun, but pets like these have a tendency to be quite dumb, so I’d skip them.

Level 75 Druid talents (MoP)

Tier 5 is another utility tier that won’t get used a whole lot in Dragon Soul. I can think of a few times that Ursol’s Vortex could be useful if it works properly. That is a big if. In my experience on the beta, it’s seemed a little buggy to me. Ursol’s Vortex could potentially help with add control on a few fights – Forgotten Ones on Yor’sahj, Bloods on Spine and Congealing Bloods on Madness. If UV doesn’t work as expected, Mighty Bash is good, safe bet.


Prime Glyphs will be gone in 5.0.4, so we will now have only 6 glyph slots. We have a lot of options to choose from.

Major Glyphs

My top 3:
Glyph of Lifebloom
– This will allow us to transfer all 3 stacks of Lifebloom when we need to switch our Lifebloom target. This is a must have for any fight with tank-swapping.
Glyph of Wild Growth
– This hasn’t changed. I would take it for 25-man raiding, but possibly not for 10s.
Glyph of Regrowth – Regrowth now innately has a 60% chance to crit, so use of this glyph will make the spell a guaranteed crit, at the cost of the HoT at the end. I personally like the knowing that Regrowth will crit and will likely use this glyph.

On fights where I don’t swap Lifebloom around at all, I would replace Glyph of Lifebloom with one of these:
Glyph of Rejuvenation
– This replaces the second half of the Nature’s Bounty target. With the change to the mana regen model, you may find yourself using Nourish more often than you’re used to, so this glyph is a good choice.
Glyph of Healing Touch
– How useful this is depends on how often you use Healing Touch. I would likely use this on Heroic Spine, since I use HT often to handle the debuffs, but would find it less useful on other fights.

Glyphs to skip:
Glyph of Blooming – This is a PVP glyph, skip it for raid content.
Glyph of Rebirth – With the change to Rebirth now bringing people back with 60% health rather than 20%, this glyph is no longer a requirement.

Minor Glyphs

The minor glyphs are mainly fun, vanity things, so I’m not going to go over them here. You can find the full list of glyphs on Wowhead.


The spells we use and how we use them really isn’t going to change much. Lifebloom and Harmony uptimes will be easier to maintain due to their increased durations, but don’t take that as a sign that you should cast less direct spells. With mana constraints you may find the need to cast a few more Nourishes and a few less Rejuvs and Regrowths.

Don’t foget to make a binding for your new Ironbark spell and make the most out of it. You may also want to create a Power Aura to let you know when it’s off cooldown.

Healing Mushrooms will take some getting used to. The healing they do, especially in relation to their setup time is not very good. I would suggest only using them when you can set them up before the pull and during downtimes when little healing is needed. Here are some good times to use Mushrooms on Dragon Soul fights:

Morchok – Place 3 around the place the dps will stand before the pull. On heroic, make sure to put them down on the post-split positions as there really isn’t any damage beforehand. When you run out for Black Blood, you should be able to put more down from range.
Yor’sahj – Place mushrooms before the pull as well as anytime the boss is summoning oozes and the raid isn’t taking any damage. I’m going to assume (haven’t tested yet) that detonating the mushrooms will cause stacks of Deep Corruption, so don’t use them on Purple phases.
Zon’ozz – You should be able to place mushrooms on the spot where the dps/healers stand before the pull, as well as after every dark phase before the Void Ball starts bouncing.
Hagara – Place mushrooms before the pull. If you use the strat where the ranged/healers stack up in the bubble during frost phase, that’s a good time to detonate them.
Ultraxion – In my raid, I find 98% of the Ultraxion fight consists of downtime. I’d probably just ignore mushrooms on this fight, unless you’re still seeing the Timeloop happen. If that’s the case, set them up pre-pull and detonate near the end of the fight when things get tough.
Blackhorn – Between dodging (or chasing) barrages and trying to stay out of deck fire and shockwaves, there’s not a whole lot of times during this fight where mushroom use will be able to be maximized. You could try to get Mushrooms down when an Onslaught it cast and pop them just after it hits.
Spine – Most of the downtime on Spine happens while the Plate is lifted and people are killing the tendons. You should be able to set up some mushrooms around the raid during any plate lift and detonate them as required (preferably when there are lots of healing debuffs out).
Madness – The best place to use mushrooms on most of the platforms will be when the raid is grouped up and killing the Arm/Wing Tentacle and everyone is taking damage from Blistering Heat. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find some downtime to set these up. When you are on the platform where an Elementium Bolt will hit, Mushrooms can also be used just after it hits. In the final phase, I’d get mushrooms set up near the boss before any of the adds spawn and use them when the Corrupting Blood damage starts getting heavy, sub-10%.

23 responses to “What Resto Druids Need to Know for 5.0.4

  1. Thanks so much for this Jasyla — so helpful as always!

  2. Thank you so much for this. I really dislike the whole mushroom mechanic it is clumsy, I really hope they do something to remove it. The 100k mana cap will take alot of adjusting but what can you do?

  3. Hello, I appreciate your thread here on upcoming changes.

    As a solely ten man healer (doing 6/8 heroic ds in a casual weekend guild) and some somewhat serious pvp, I’m thinking that, while pve is going to be changed some, pvp is going to get a lot of changes. Although, for pve, you’re right, mana is back to being an issue. I had tweaked everything I could to haste and mastery, and, unless dead and rezzed, never had a mana issue as long as I banged the synapse springs and tranq on CD.

    But, I found, hauling some semi-pros through raids is a lot like pvp healing, you need to be able to put snap heals fast on anyone and everyone because people are standing in the fire, or are just weak. So, I am hoping I can continue with running my pvp glyphs in MoP all the time, along with my pvp talent “build” (being as how there is now very little build left). I think the regrowth glyph will be nigh mandatory in all circumstances, and I’ll roll with the lifebloom stack swap glyph.

    However, I may just roll with the blooming glyph all the time in PVE as well. It depends on the mana situation, but I’m a hardly ever use nourish kind of healer, and I just throw another lb to keep the stack rolling, as it’s faster, and arguably more mana efficient, however you are not actually doing any healing with that GCD, so there’s room for argument. Also, I think I would prefer the blooming as my lifeblooming is sort of an anti-idiot mechanism in case I forget the tank while saving the raid.

    Healing in cataclysm raids has been a lot of burst-heal-through-15-seconds-of-hell, then get mana from somewhere and get ready for the next nasty, then a long endurance race. Right now, I want my OMG Save Teh RAIDZ heals as much as possible, provided my mana holds up. It probably won’t so I may have to be swapping glyphs a lot and leaving blooming for pvp only, we’ll see.

    • I think PVP will change a lot and I really hope that we become more viable at it than we were for most of Cata. I haven’t really been able to wrap my head around all the PVP changes and talent choices yet, I think that will take some practice.

  4. Good stuff, I linked this post for my guild’s resto druids, since I know very little being a DK this has helped me understand the changes and hope it helps out my guild druids as well!
    Ceraphus recently posted..The Mists of Pandaria Cinematic for What it is

  5. Thanks so much for this, Jasyla! I haven’t been keeping track of the Beta changes at all so this sums it all up very neatly. So do you think our stat priority is going to be spirit, spirit, spirit as we gear up from 85?
    Angelya recently posted..The Missing Ang

  6. I look forward to testing mushrooms on Yorsajj!! *secretly hopes for 3 stacks*

  7. Thanks Jas! Finally facing reality now – but at least I know where to go to get what info I’m looking for 🙂

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  13. Would you happen to know where I can get resto druid Power Auras that work for the new patch? Or will you be making an updated post? I’m bad at making my own and wanted to import lol

    • Apparently Power Auras is going to be updated tomorrow. If the interface has been improved and import function has been put back in I will update my old Power Auras post.

  14. Oh hai other drooids. 😀

    Two things about healing mushrooms. First, I’d noticed in the beta that you can only place them on a surface that’s level with the height you are standing at, i.e., in the Twin Peaks flag room you can’t stand on the balcony and place healing mushrooms on the floor below. I wasn’t able to stand on the floor in Warsong and cast them on the balcony above me, either. If you are standing in SW, try casting them on an awning above you. It will say “No path available.” Now if you’re a boomkin you can stand on a balcony and toss dps mushrooms all around on the floor below like fungal water balloons. Which is kinda the point. I thought one of the ideas behind healing ‘shrooms was to get players to find innovative new places to put them? (Slow ball guys, I expect zingers inc.) Well that and not having to make the developers code another completely new spell I guess.

    Also, I had been wondering if shrooms’ healing/dps is based on the stats you had at the time you placed them, or at the time you detonated them. So I did a test. It involved gettin’ naked. It turns out you will get heals/dps based on the value of your stats at the time they are detonated. So in theory you could place them and then wait for a proc such as Power Torrent to cast Bloom… provided the pay off on a fairly weak heal was big enough.

    Just sayin’.

    Also <3s to my lovely Feather-friend as always. 😉

  15. Are your 4.3 mana costs with any points spent in Moonglow? I’m trying to compute how much Spirit I would need to replace the lost mana regen.