MoP Pre-raid Resto Druid Gear

Mists of Pandaria is just 6 weeks away. Here’s a list of the level 90 gear that is available to you outside of raids. I have only included gear which is ilvl 450 or higher, so it includes gear from heroic dungeons, reputation and crafting.

I’ve included gear without Spirit, but whenever possible you’re going to want to prioritize getting the stuff with Spirit on it.

As always, this stuff is all from the beta, so it may not be entirely accurate, things may be missing or it may change. I’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible.


Item iLevel Location
Hood of Viridian Residue 463 Siege of Niuzao Temple – Vizier Jin’bak
Camouflage Retinal Armor 476 Engineering
Snowdrift Helm 489 Shadow-Pan rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Incardine Scarlet Spaulders 463 Scarlet Monestary – High Inquisitor Whitemane
Whitepetal Shouldergard 489 Golden Lotus rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Vestment of the Ascendant Tribe 450 August Celestial’s rep – Honored
Chestguard of Despair 463 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Sha of Doubt
Chestwrap of Arching Flame 463 Siege of Nizuao Temple – Commander Vo’jak
Wildblood Vest 476 Leatherworking
Mistfall Robes 489 Golden Lotus rep – Revered
Nightfire Robe 496 Leatherworking


Item iLevel Location
Sudden Insight Bracers 450 Klaxxi rep – Honored
Star Summoner Bracers 463 Shadow-Pan Monastery – Gu Cloudstrike
Clever Ashyo’s Armbands 489 August Celestials rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Wandering Friar’s Gloves 450 Golden Lotus rep – Honored
Rattling Gloves 463 Scholomance – Rattlegore
Vellum-Ripper Gloves 463 Scarlet Halls – Flameweaver Koegler
Wildblood Gloves 476 Leatherworking
Ogo’s Elder Gloves 489 August Celestials rep – Revered
Liferuned Leather Gloves 496 Leatherworking


Item iLevel Location
Hurricane Belt 463 Mogu’shan Palance – Kuai the Brute
Klaxxi Lash of the Harbinger 489 Klaxxi rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Brambleguard Leggings 450 Shadow-Pan rep – Honored
Darkbinder Leggings 463 Shadow-Pan Monastery – Taran Zhu
Leggings of Whispered Dreams 463 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Lorewalker Stonestep
Wind-Reaver Greaves 489 Klaxxi rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Airstream Treads 463 Gate of the Setting Sun – Strider Ga’dok
Treads of Corrupted Water 463 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Wise Mari
Boots of the High Adept 489 August Celestial rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Skymage Circle 450 Jewelcrafting
Tiger Opal Pendant 450 Jewelcrafting
Pendant of Endless Inquisition 450 Golden Lotus rep – Honored
Temperature-Sensing Necklace 463 Scarlet Halls – Flamereaver Koegler
Necklace of Disorientation 463 Shadowpan Monastery – Sha of Violence
Mindcapture Pendant 463 Mogu’shan Palace – Xin the Weaponmaster
Mindbreaker Pendant 463 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Sha of Doubt
Links of the Lucid 489 The Klaxxi rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Pressed Flower Cloak 450 August Celestials rep – Honored
Cape of Entanglement 463 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Liu Flameheart
Cloak of Cleansing Flame 463 Mogu’shan Palace – Gekkan
Cloak of Hidden Flasks 463 Stormstout Brewery – Hoptallus
Sagewhisper’s Wrap 489 Shadow-Pan rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Band of Blood 450 Jewelcrafting
Sorcerer-King’s Seal 450 Shadow-Pan rep – Honored
Triune Signet 463 Scarlet Monastery – High Inquisitor Whiteman
Ring of Malice 463 Shadow-Pan Monastery – Taran Zhu
Viscous Ring 463 Gate of the Setting Sun – Commander Ri’mok
Alemental Seal 463 Stormstout Brewery – Yan Zhu the Uncasked
Vithrak, Gaze of the Deadman 476 Scarlet Halls – Flamereaver Koegler
Leven’s Circle of Hope 489 Golden Lotus rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Zen Alchemist Stone 450 Alchemy
Vial of Ichorous Blood 463 Siege of Niuzao Temple – General Pa’valak
Empty Fruit Barrel 463 Stormstout Brewery – Ook Ook
Price of Progress 463 Scholomance – Darkmaster Gandling
Scroll of Revered Ancestors 489 Shadow-Pan rep – Revered


Item iLevel Location
Amber Spine of Klaxxi’vess 463 Klaxxi rep – Exalted
Amber Scythe of the Klaxxi’vess 463 Klaxxi rep – Exalted
Firescribe Dagger 463 Mogu’shan Palace – Xin the Weaponmaster
Melted Hypnotic Blade 463 Scarlet Halls – Flameweaver Koegler
Carapace Breaker 463 Gate of the Setting Sun – Raigonn
Greatstaff of Righteousness 463 Scarlet Monastery – High Inquisitor Whitemane
Gustwalker Staff 463 Siege of Niuzao Temple – Wing Leader Ner’onok
Staff of Trembling Will 463 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Sha of Doubt
Je’lyu, Spirit of the Serpent 476 Temple of the Jade Serpent – Sha of Doubt
Inscribed Crane Staff 476 Inscription


Item iLevel Location
Bottle of Potent Potables 463 Stormstout Brewery – Hoptallus
Inscribed Red Fan 476 Inscription

18 responses to “MoP Pre-raid Resto Druid Gear

  1. Thank you for putting this list together so neatly. I was looking at gear and reputation for quite a while on Sunday and this list compiles all of the information very nicely.

    As always, you are a great resource for druids!

  2. Thank you for this very handful post 🙂

    Maybe you should add the crafted head : (Engineering)

  3. Inscription also has two nice crafted items. They have spirit and mastery. I’m not sure if mastery will be attractive or not, but these items might come in handy.

    Offhand: Inscribed Red Fan ( – BOE

    Staff: Inscribed Crane Staff ( – BOA

    Off Topic: I checked out your Food Blog. Very nice! I’ll be adding that to my list of things to read.

  4. So, I tweeted at you this morning how much I appreciate this. And I want to show you what you led me to do:

    This is my personal list of how I figured out what I am going to strive for. I AM A HUGE NERD! 😀

    • That’s awesome. I was going to sort the list both by gear slot and by location, but making those tables is such a pain! (Of course, I could solve that problem by not using tables, but I like to make things difficult).

  5. Thanks for the list Jasyla.

    Profession/gear observation: Inscription, Leatherworking, and even Engineering can craft BiS (pre-raid) ilvl 476-496 gear but Jewelcrafting and Alchemy can only craft relevant gear up to ilvl 450. I hope they at least up the stats/ilvl for the Alchemist Stone before launch.

    • I’d also really like it if they changed the stats on Alchemist Stone to haste, or had a couple different ones to choose from.

  6. hello, first of all awesome post as always. I do have a question; my current professions are alchemy and enchanting, will it be worth it to drop any of them for inscription to get the staff, or for engineer to get the goggles? I know they will only work for the first tier but if they are very good i might be worth it. Thanks in advance

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  8. what about the trinket from engineering?

  9. What about World Bosses?

  10. Umbrella of Chi-Ji

  11. Ty for this, helped a lot with my new lvl 90 druid 🙂