WoW Drinking Games

Looking to spice up your time in WoW a little bit? Why not play a drinking game! I’ve been thinking about all the healer-related derp moments that happen in raids and came up with a lot of things that should drive a healer to drink. I had help coming up with some of these rules, so thanks to Kaleri, Tikari, JoeEgo and especially Walks, who also came up with the idea in the first place.

Healer Rules

Take a drink any time one of the following things happen in a raid or dungeon:


  • You see your Efflorescence pop up in the middle of nowhere because some ranged dps is standing off by themselves.
  • Your Lifebloom expires and does 100% overheal (tree form not included).
  • You accidentally Innervate a tank or dps.
  • You let Harmony fall off.
  • You shift out of Tree of Life before it’s finished.
  • You die because you are distracted by having to Battle Rez someone.


  • Your Lay on Hands is all overheal.
  • You try to cast Lay on Hands or Hand of Protection but you can’t because your target already has Forbearance.
  • You cast Light of Dawn while facing the wrong direction.
  • You die because of Hand of Sacrifice.
  • Any time you come up against a fight where Resistance Aura plus Aura Mastery is useless.
  • You use Divine Plea right when the healing gets intense.


  • Your Lightwell comes off cooldown and there are still charges left in your last one.
  • Your Prayer of Mending bounces to a pet. If it bounces to a Bloodworm, drink twice.
  • You overwrite another priest’s Prayer of Mending or they overwrite yours.
  • You can’t bubble the tank because another priest has given them Weakened Soul.
  • Your Shadowfiend refuses to attack anything.


  • You cast Chain Heal and it doesn’t bounce.
  • You overwrite another shaman’s Earth Shield, or someone overwrites yours.
  • You drop your Spirit Link Totem out of range of the majority of the raid.
  • You drop a Healing Rain and the whole raid moves.
  • You Ankh, only to die again immediately to raid damage.


  • You fat-finger one of your cooldowns.
  • You have to move and interrupt your Tranquility, Divine Hymn or Hymn of Hope channel.
  • You go a whole fight without using your cooldowns.
  • You get aggro on all the adds in a fight and die horribly or need a Pally’s HoP to save you.
  • All of your Intellect/Haste procs go off when there’s nothing to heal.

Of course, I don’t want the non-healers to feel left out, so here are some rules for the rest of the raid.

Rules for Tanks and DPS

Drink whenever one of the following happens:

  • A Paladin bemoans the removal of Divine Intervention.
  • A Priest tells you to click the lightwell.
  • A healer tells you to stand in the ground heals.
  • A healer tells you to use your healthstone.
  • You die with your healthstone still in your inventory.
  • You die because you stood in the bad.
  • You die because you were standing just outside of the PW: Barrier.
  • You have to be Lifegripped out of the bad, or into a stack point.
  • You get out-damaged by an Atonement priest. First drink, then cry.

I also can’t forget the people who like to PVP. I’m sure it makes many people want to drink away their frustrations.

PVP Rules

Drink whenever one of the following happens:

  • A healer steals a killing blow from you.
  • You realize mid-match that you are not in your pvp gear or spec.
  • Your main class of spells gets locked out by an interrupt.
  • A healer successfully jukes your interrupt.
  • You and another member of your team CC the same person at the same time.
  • You CC the kill target. If you cyclone the kill target, drink twice.
  • You get Mind-Controlled, Typhooned or Thundershocked off a ledge.
  • Someone drops a flag because they tried to mount or stealth.

If you play by any of these sets of rules, I’m sure your whole raid or PVP team will be thoroughly intoxicated within a few minutes.

Can you think of any good rules to add?

11 responses to “WoW Drinking Games

  1. But frozen turtles who are MCed are AWESOME!!! 😉

    Great list. 🙂
    Kurn recently posted..Kurn’s Attunement Ramblings

  2. Enhancement Shaman Drinking Game
    -Whenever your Searing Totem targets the wrong mob, drink.

    * Drunk by the time we pull Morchok.

  3. 1. You realize you’re DPSing with your fishing pole, fishing hat, bouquet of flowers or some other spectacularly inappropriate gear equipped (and I’m not talking about hunters wearing cloth).

    2. You realize you’re DPSing without Shadowform, or DPSing with Righteous Fury, or one of those other ridiculous mistakes we all make from time to time.

    3. You inspect someone in LFR and they’re ungemmed, unenchanted, wearing PvP gear or wearing something completely inappropriate for their class or spec.

    4. Thrall dumps somebody in the Maelstrom.

    I’m sure I’ll have more, but I’m at work and shouldn’t be surreptitiously commenting on WoW blogs. 😀
    Stormy recently posted..Blizzard wants you to have fun

  4. CQWaterfall:
    Best played with a low alcohol content beer.

    Start drinking when the ready check box pops up, regardless of when it happens. Finish drinking when you pull the boss.

    Simplest, most effective game imaginable. If you’re not drunk by mid-raid, the ready check after a break to make sure people are back will finish the job, and might actually kill you.

  5. You cast a spell requiring placement (Death & Decay) and completely miss the boss.
    Rades recently posted..Minipost: NERF DRUIDS

  6. Paladin
    – Someone asks you for a Salv.
    – Someone cries about not having a buff, after you already buffed the raid 4 or 5 times.
    – You have to break a Potion of Concentration channel.
    – You hit Lay on Hands, and see simultaneous messages in healer channel about Pain Suppression and Nature’s Swiftness.
    – You use Speed of Light’d Divine Protection… and run off the edge of Deathwing’s back.

    DPS can drink whenever a healer tells them to use personal magic damage cooldowns. My raid would be drunk within an hour.

  7. MoP will add the following fun to resto druids:

    – You detonate your healing mushrooms at a critical point in the fight only to discover everyone is 5 yards too far away to the left to receive any healing.

    Also, for all, currently totally applicable:

    – You pop a cooldown at the start of the fight only to realize you’ve wasted it entirely because the boss has a speech before he/she engages.
    milkandmoonfire recently posted..Healing Mushrooms: Why, Earthmother, Why?

  8. A Priest tells you to click the lightwell.
    A healer tells you to use your healthstone.
    You die with your healthstone still in your inventory.

    Seriously; are you trying to kill every raider we have?

    Also to tag along with what Stormy said; if you realize mid raid you still have your Dal ring on, take as many drinks as bosses you’ve killed


    Feral Druid:
    …you innervate yourself.
    …you hit full energy (twice if you hit full energy because of back-to-back Clearcast procs).
    …Rip and Savage Roar expire at the same time.
    …you pull aggro as a cat.
    …you muck up a taunt swap because of Vengeance.
    …you cast a healing spell (twice if it’s Tranquility. Three times if it’s useful).

    General Druid:
    …you and another druid simultaneously Rebirth the same target.
    …you accidentally shift out of form (plus one if you’re a tank. Plus one if you die. If it results in a wipe, finish your drink. Bad bear).
    …you die with Barkskin on cooldown.

  10. Addition from my own 10man.
    -Take 1 drink if after you have killed a progression boss you realize you are in your OS gear. Take 2 if your OS is a non-caster/mana user. Take 3 if you are a healer who just healed progression in dps/tank gear.

  11. Great post! Shifting out of treeform expires happens to me way too often, though not as often as hitting the tree form button by accident. Yeah, I should rebind that.
    Töki recently posted..MIA, Mogolympics and blogging dilemma’s