Resto Druid Changes (Mists of Pandaria build 15799)

Resto Druids haven’t received a whole lot of attention in the last Mists builds, but this most recent one sure changes that. A number of Druids have been concerned that with all the ‘maintenance’ spells we need to cast, we will be GCD capped and it will making healing well difficult. Blizzard seems to have answered, by increasing the duration of both Lifebloom and Harmony considerably. Full build notes can be found on Wowhead. I’ve also posted a slightly abridged version of my feedback on the beta forums.


Lifebloom: Heals the target for 109315*1 over 15 sec. When Lifebloom expires or is dispelled, the target is instantly healed for ((8150 + $SPN * 0.752) *). This effect can stack up to 3 times on the same target. Duration refreshed each time you cast Healing Touch, Nourish, or Regrowth on the target. Lifebloom can be active only on one target at a time.

Lifebloom will now last 15 seconds, up from 10. The amount of healing per tick should not change any (it now lasts 33% longer and heals for 33% more). At first I was worried about the PVP ramifications of this, but that concern was quickly assuaged when I saw the changes made to the new glyph introduced.

Glyph of Blooming: Increases the bloom heal of your Lifebloom when it expires by 50%, but its duration is reduced by 5 sec and your Healing Touch, Nourish, and Regrowth abilities no longer refresh the duration of Lifebloom.

Not only does this take care of the too-long duration of Lifebloom for PVP, it also got a nice buff by now increasing the amount of the bloom by 50%, rather than 20%.

So, I’m generally happy with the increased duration of Lifebloom. I really didn’t have much of a problem keeping it up at 10 seconds, but the extra time will give raid healing druids a bit more breathing room. This, combined with the older change of having all 3 applications transfer when you change your target make Lifebloom much less cumbersome to use. These are nice quality of life improvements.


Mastery: Harmony: Your direct healing is increased by an additional 0% and casting your direct healing spells grants you an additional 0% bonus to periodic healing for 20 sec.

Harmony now lasts 20 seconds, up from 10. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not too thrilled about this change. There are a few reasons for this.

  • I don’t understand people’s aversion to using single target spells with a cast time (Nourish, Regrowth, Healing Touch). Yes, Druids are HoT-based, but in my opinion, that doesn’t mean that we should only be casting HoTs. Variety makes things interesting.
  • Since Harmony can now be kept up 100% of the time using only Swiftmend it’s going to increase the number of players who think its appropriate to cast nothing but Rejuv in between Swiftmend and Wild Growth cooldowns.
  • I really enjoy the mini-game of keeping Harmony and Lifebloom active as close to 100% of the time as possible. I like having to work to make my healing as powerful as possible and plan properly to ensure it is. With 15 seconds on Lifebloom and 20 on Harmony, that’s not going to be much of a challenge.

Honestly, I think that having Harmony be easily sustainable by only casting Swiftmend (which we want to cast close to every cooldown because of all the healing Efflorescence does anyway) trivializes the entire mechanic of having to keep it active. I thought the reason for the 10 second duration was to ensure we cast a direct heal every once in a while, but that no longer applies. They may as well just go all the way and make our Mastery something that is active all the time, like it is for every other class.

Wild Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom: Bloom: Grow a magical mushroom with 3 health at the target location. After 6 sec, the mushroom will become invisible. When triggered by the Druid, all mushrooms will bloom healing all allies within 8 yards for 6074 to 7348. Only 5 mushrooms can be placed at one time.

You can now place 5 mushrooms, up from 3. The range on the heal has been reduced to 8 yards, down from 12. I don’t like the whole concept of Mushrooms as a heal to begin with. I’m not sure what problem these changes are attempting to solve, but it looks like it’s a step in the entirely wrong direction. 5 mushrooms?! When will we ever have time to place 5 mushrooms? That means seven clicks (or button presses) and 5 GCDs in order to set up and then activate the heal. The range reduction is an extra kick to the shins. None of the problems with Wild Mushrooms as a heal have been addressed:

  • it takes too long to set them up
  • if the raid moves, the mushrooms you’ve set up become useless
  • having to target the ground to place them is cumbersome
  • the range is (once again) small

At this rate, I don’t see this spell getting a lot of use aside from the Mushrooms we can set up pre-pull. I’ve heard people suggest that we don’t have to use all 5 mushrooms, we could only place 1, or 3, but I don’t put any stock in this. Players want to optimize, they don’t want to cast something that is less powerful than it could be. The days of downranking spells are long over.

Since I don’t want to just complain and not offer any alternatives, here are some of my ideas for fixing the spell.

Option 1:

Grow a magical mushroom on the target player. When triggered by the Druid, all mushrooms will bloom healing all allies within 10 yards for 6074 to 7348. Only 3 mushrooms can be placed at one time.

This would solve all of the problems I have with the spell. Casting the mushrooms on players would solve the issue of awkward ground targeting. I use VuhDo, I like to be able to cast my heals by clicking on raid frames. It also solves the problem of player movement quite nicely. A mushroom on the ground is likely to heal no one if players move. A mushroom on a person will always heal at least one even if they are a dope who goes and stands in a corner by themselves.

Option 2:

Grow a magical mushroom at the target location. After 6 sec, the mushroom will become invisible. When triggered by the Druid, the mushroom will bloom healing all allies within 8 yards for 18022 to 22044. Only 1 mushroom can be placed at one time. 3 second cast time.

This isn’t a perfect solution, but i think it would be an improvement. I’d find having to hard cast 1 mushroom much less cumbersome than having to place 5. The downside would be that you couldn’t spread them out, but spreading them out makes them even more awkward to use anyway and reduces the amount the people in range will be healed.

Tier 14

The new tier set name and bonuses have also been released in the new patch.

Vestments of the Eternal Blossom

2 pieces: Reduces the mana cost of your Rejuvenation spell by 10%.
4 pieces: Reduces the cooldown of your Swiftmend spell by 3 sec.

First, pretty name! The 2-set isn’t an exciting bonus, but I’m sure it will be appreciated in the first raid tier as we’re having mana struggles and getting used to the new mana model. The 4-set is awesome. This looks like a significant increase to our healing output with all the extra Efflorescence healing we’ll be able to do. The only downside is that it will hurt to break this bonus when tier 15 rolls around.

What do you think of the latest changes?

22 responses to “Resto Druid Changes (Mists of Pandaria build 15799)

  1. As much as we may hate it, I think one of the core design intents with healing mushrooms is to get resto druids more involved in the game space rather than just the UI space. Every other healing class has game space mechanics. This is probably a remnant from how upset the devs were with the simple efficiency of wild growth in tier 12.

    • Very good point, but how do holy paladins interact with game space now that Light of Dawn has been reworked? Also, Holy Priests and Shamans have it easier anyway as they only have to click the floor once…

    • Possibly, though I can think of other ways I’d rather be involved with the game space. I’d much rather have a spell that requires us to position ourselves correctly in relation to our surroundings, rather than putting something on the ground.

    • I’ve not kept up with holy paladin changes, didn’t realized that healing vomit was changed. I much rather ground targeted effects rather than pbaoe effects since ground targeting is always more flexible and is not affected by where you need to be at the time because of encounter or strat requirements.

  2. I agree with you about the 20 sec harmony. With 15 sec swiftmend it just doesn’t seem like we even will need to track harmony anymore. But maybe that’s the thought given that all the other healers have passive mastery bonuses. So maybe it’s just fair.

    5 shrooms seems like a lot. I figure that Blizzard is only intending for us to use it on those moments where the raid is stacked up at full hp waiting for that big explosion, Ragnaros Molten seed explosion fex. I would hope they get to that point. Because I would hate to have to use it all the time given how fiddly it is.

    • I’d rather them just make Harmony a mastery bonus. Though it seems like passive Harmony might be a little OP. Most other healer’s masteries only apply to some spells (like disc priests), or at certain times (like when people are low on health for shaman). Having a flat boost to all our heals all the time is a much better bonus.

  3. Doesn’t need to be 20 second, can be like 12-13, so there’s a tiny bit of wiggle room but it still makes the whole active mastery still have a point.

  4. Shrooms are only 3 in the actual beta. It looks like the mmo-champion & wowhead datamining parsers picked up the wrong version or something.

  5. Btw, look at the Tier 14 two-pieces bonuses for other healing classes: 10% less mana cost for expensive/inefficient spells like Flash Heal, Surging Mist, Holy Radiance and Greater Healing Wave. I guess it’s Blizzard’s subtle way to tell us, no more Rejuve spam! 😀 (I’m not playing the beta so I don’t know really).

  6. 20 sec of harmony is good! you dont have to watch your timers and buffs like a hawk anymore and actually focus on the rest that is going on. ofcourse we still keep casting direct heals. first people where complaining that we where gcd capped, now they are qq,ing that harmony is to long! please stop that before blizzard changes it back.

    • The thing is, I like having to watch timers *and* what’s going on in the raid. Having multiple things to do/pay attention to makes things more enjoyable, even in a progression raid that lasts a few hours.

  7. ps, people actually asking for a nerf? saying that your own class is op, never seen that before. it isn op, it just gives us more breathing room, and use the rest of our toolbox instead of only watching your harmony buff not to fall off, and to check if its up when you use tranq or whatever. (its very intens in a prog. raid that goes on for a few hours)

  8. 5 mushrooms sounds like a hell of a lot of work. It might be one of those things people never use. But I do like the set bonuses.
    It’s interesting how people keep their harmony up. I use my Regrowth to do it every OOC proc and swiftmend at other times. But I also think they should reduce it back as I think people will just get lazy, I liked the challenge of keeping it up, it mixed my rotation up a bit. I’m worried making druid healing too… easy… no not easy, I’m not sure what the word is… lazy?… no not that either… but anyway, making it too much of “that” is just asking for a bit nerf later. I’m thinking back to WG nerf days…
    Navimie recently posted..Sunday raiding – Gutsy drags Navi to a PuG heroic DS

    • I’d agree with the word lazy to describe only having to cast Swiftmend in order to keep Harmony up 100% of the time. I think a 12 second duration would work. It would give some extra breathing room, but make us cast more than just one spell (at least until we are wearing 4T14).

  9. I see alot of complaining about the mushrooms, if you ask me, they seem like a pretty good boost to tank healing. Granted, it requres the tank to be in a stationary area, but having stacks of shrooms right there for one more “Oh shit I need a instant big heal” button. I’ll gladly take them.

  10. I think they should make the “drop range” for all shrooms put down at one time like the healing rain for shamans, a green circle that places them all down at once… it will simply become a pre fight setup and never used mid fight if you have to use 4 gcds to drop 3 shrooms and then explode them… nice idea but to much setup time IMO.

    • Too much setup time and too much clicking on the ground. Having them all cast at once would be an improvement, but I still hate using the targeting circle.

  11. I fully agree with you on the choice of putting harmony into a 20 sec buff making people able to have 100% upkeep with no effort at all. That’s just lame and only benefits the facerolling druids. However, I dont agree with you on the whole mushroom argument. Its not particularly hard to target the ground if have a clear ui. Also, what I do like is that this spell lets you predict and prepare for incoming damage during times of lower damage. You should not push this reactively.

    • As someone who does all my healing by clicking on raid frames, I do find it awkward to have to click on the ground to place spells. Especially since you need to click 3 times (then right-click once to make the targeting reticule go away). I have been getting used to them while playing on the beta, but I’m still not enjoying them. If you know where people will be standing, and people will be standing together when big raid damage hits, they are okay. But right now, they are not even healing for enough. For me, 1 mushroom burst is healing for about half of what a tick of Rejuv heals for. I put down 3 mushrooms on a boss fight and when i detonate them, health bars barely move. These were created to make Druids better at burst healing, but they’re not even doing a very good job at that.