Project Fedora

I just wanted to take a minute to spread the word about a project currently going on that is near and dear to my gamer heart.

One of my favourite genres of games is adventure, and one of my favorite adventure series is the Tex Murphy series. Tex is a Private Investigator in post-apocalyptic San Francisco. The games combine a detective story, film noir-style and science fiction, with engaging puzzles and witty dialogue.

I still remember the first time I discovered the games. It was 1994 and I was in a Radio Shack. I remember seeing the box for Under a Killing Moon and being astounded by the description on the box and the presence of real people in the game (it’s Full Motion Video). I convinced one of my parents to buy it for me, brought the game home and did the 4-disc DOS installation. As soon as I heard James Earl Jones voicing the intro (and quoting Poe!), I was hooked. I played the hell out that game and enjoyed every minute of it. This was the game that made me appreciate noir and cynical characters and fueled my love of video games. When the next two games, The Pandora Directive and Tex Murphy: Overseer, came out in the following years I eagerly played, and replayed, those as well.

Then, after a cliffhanger conclusion to the last game… Tex disappeared. After 1998 no more games were made in the series. It seemed the whole adventure genre sort of faded away after a while.

But now, Tex has a chance to be battle-rezzed. The creators of the series have started a new adventure game company and are planning on making a new Tex Murphy game – but they need help. On May 15th a Kickstarter project started for Project Fedora, looking to raise money to partially fund the new game. So far they’ve raised almost $250,000. The goal is $450,000 and there are 24 days left.

I wanted to spread the word about this for 2 reasons. The selfish reason is that I really want a chance to play a new game from one of my favourite series. The less selfish reason is that I like the idea of supporting independent game developers.

So, if you also love the Tex Murphy series; haven’t played but think they sound fun (you can check out all the previous games at; like to support indy developers; or just have a little extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, you should go check out the Kickstarter page. If the new game looks like something you’d want to play, you could pledge $15 (or more) and you’ll get a digital copy of the game when it is released (and warm, fuzzy feelings from knowing that you helped get it made).

4 responses to “Project Fedora

  1. joliet_jane

    Yes! Go Tex Murphy! 😀

    I am going to be so so so sad if this doesn’t make it :’-(
    So donate, folks! Tex deserves it!

  2. Right on. Freaking LOVED those games. Already pledged $150, hoping to get some extra scratch before time runs out so I can up that a bit.
    Aaron recently posted..MURPHY 2012

  3. What a brilliant Tex Murphy piece. Its great to see the funding still on the rise. The excitement after Update 19 was intense. I love adventure games and a new Tex game is just a delight!