Still Here

I’ve been seriously slacking in the post writing department over the last little while. I’m still here! Things have been a little hectic for me – I’ve been spending a lot of time looking for a new job, looking at real estate and I’ve had some new things happen in-game too.

I hope things settle down soon and I get back into the right mindset to write. I do have a couple of things sitting in my draft folder, including a look at Bear tanks on WoL (another guest post), some UI stuff and information on healing Heroic Hagara.

But in the meantime, the fabulous Navimie from The Daily Frostwolf had her 2-year blogiversary not too long ago and was nice enough to write something as gifts for her readers. She wrote me a nice poem which made me feel all warm and fuzzy and I thought I’d share.

Ode to Jasyla

This one druid blog called Cannot be Tamed
Is also about hunters, or so it is claimed
If raiding as resto is your thing to do
Jasyla has great words of wisdom for you.

Gear lists and healing and boss fights galore
Add ons and haste points – do you really need more?
If World of Logs charts are confusing as hell
Jasyla’s got posts on how to read those charts well.

Good ol’ Jasyla’s a community leader
You should see all the blogs she’s got in her reader
She blogs and she tweets with a wine glass in hand
As she imparts her knowledge of raids 25 manned.

So pop in and read her, and soon you will see
How to be a great druid, and heal well in tree
Thank you Jasyla for taking the time
To visit my site, hope you liked the rhyme! ๐Ÿ™‚

3 responses to “Still Here

  1. I have wondered why it was quiet. Look forward to reading heroic Hagara. And Ty for fixing the typo ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m glad you are back to posting. I just noticed that you added a Mage to your list of characters. Are you going to start adding Mage related posts? My three raiding characters are Resto Druid, Healing Priest and Mage. I’m not very familiar with good Mage blogs, so I’m secretly hoping you will start sharing your thought there.

    • Right now my mage has only done LFR a couple times and I certainly don’t consider myself an expert. Maybe there will be a post or two if I get a little more experience, but I definitely wouldn’t be confident writing about them now.