Patch 4.3 – What Druids Need to Know

Patch 4.3 will go live today. Are you ready for all the new content? Up to date on class changes? Here’s what resto druids need to know.

Class Changes

Wild Growth healing has been reduced by 20%.
Glyph of Wild Growth now also increases the cooldown on Wild Growth by 2 seconds.

We knew this was coming. I was hoping they’d reconsider the extent of this nerf during the PTR, but apparently not. These two changes together will result in about a 35% nerf to Wild Growth overall. But fear not, druid friends. We will still be awesome and heal all the things. This change won’t really affect how we heal, it will just decrease our output a bit.

The glyph change, however, should give you pause.

From a pure output perspective, the difference between glyphing and not glyphing WG will be almost inconsequential. Assuming you use WG every time it’s off cooldown and it hits the maximum amount of targets each time (which is a big assumption on 10s or fights where people are spread out), it will heal more people when it is unglyphed (25 targets in 40 seconds, compared to 24 with the glyph). But having the glyph will also reduce the amount of times you can cast the spell in that timeframe, freeing up 1 GCD every 40 seconds.

Of course, perfect conditions like this don’t generally occur in raids. I recommend carrying around lots of dust of disappearance so you can switch the glyph in and out from fight to fight, based on the raid damage patterns. Keep the glyph for fights where the raid is grouped up or big raid damage happens less than every 10 seconds. Drop the glyph when the raid is spread out or damage happens faster.

Nature’s Focus now also reduces Cyclone and Entangling Roots spell pushback.

Nice for PVP.

New Gear

There’s all kinds of new gear available, from the new 5-man dungeons, quests, valor vendors and Dragon Soul. It’s even nicely itemized for us! Check out my resto gear list to plan your loot list. Our stat priority hasn’t changed any. You’ll still want Int > 2005 haste > mastery > crit. And enough spirit to not go oom.


Tired of having volcanos on your shoulders? Sick of barkface? Transmogrify! If you don’t already know what you want your gear to look like, take a look at all the Druid Tier options available. If Tier is not your thing, check out Disciplinary Action’s amazing, comprehensive guide to all the leather gear.

Dragon Soul

If you want to be prepared before stepping foot in the new raid instance, Icy Veins has you covered for boss strats. If you prefer videos, check out Learn to Raid.

Other Updates

My resto druid healing guide has been updated for 4.3. My guide to Buffs and Debuffs has also been updated to reflect the change that attack power buffs now provide extra melee attack power.

Have fun in Dragon Soul!

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  1. When you say Int > 2005 haste > mastery > crit. And enough spirit to not go oom. do you mean a +2005 haste rating?