It’s been more than a week since BlizzCon, and I’ve been suffering the most terrible case of writer’s block since I got home. I had such a fantastic time that I’ve been stuck in ‘play’ mode since then, and I’ve been trying to put off going back into ‘work’ mode for as long as possible.


The convention itself was a lot of fun. I was ticketless when I flew to California, but was pleasantly surprised when I arrived that a guildmate (X, you are awesome!) had an extra ticket for me. The plans I had of sleeping in and lazing around the hotel quickly went out the window and I ended up seeing a number of panels the first day and catching the live raid and doing a bit of wandering around the second day.

The preview panel was the most exciting panel for me. I’m not totally sold on the pandas. I’m not against them, they’re just a little too cutesy for me. That problem, however, is easily solved by not playing one. Pandaria looks gorgeous, the new creatures look cool and the Monk class looks very unique and like it could provide a welcome change of pace to those who are burnt out on the current classes.

I’m interested in how the talent changes go. I like the idea of streamlining things – getting rid of the spells you don’t need for your particular spec, and automatically giving you the ones you do need – but I do think that having only 6 choices of talents is not enough. I’d be happier to see a talent choice every 10 levels rather than every 15. I also think that for some classes, especially Druids, having 18 talents that apply to 4 completely different specs is overreaching. Also, a lot of the talents say PVP to me, more than PVE.

Overall I thought the preview of the next xpac looked great. There were lots of small, quality of life type changes, along with new things to keep people interested like challenge modes (definitely looking forward to these), account-wide achievements (yes!) and pet battles (umm…to be honest I’ll probably skip this feature). Regardless of what was being introduced, I found the panels themselves very enjoyable. The atmosphere was great and it was nice to see the developers up there talking about something they obviously love and take a lot of pride in. Also, Greg Street was wearing the most epic purple shirt I’ve ever seen on Friday (which I totally wanted to steal) and Cory Stockton is adorable.

One of the things I enjoyed most at the convention was the Live Raid. It was great to see two über guilds go head to head in the Firelands. They made it looks so easy. It was hilarious hearing everyone in the crowd (myself included) hold their breath as Vodka almost drove Lord Rhyolith into the lava and gasp in dismay when their tank dropped on Baleroc. I just wish I could have heard them in vent.

The convention wrapped up with the absolutely amazing Foo Fighters concert. I was actually considering not going to this (because I am a silly, silly girl) and I am so glad I changed my mind.

The meetups

As fun as the convention was, it was not my favorite part of the weekend. The best part was meeting and hanging out with my Apotheosis guildmates who were also there. It was really cool to meet a lot of the people I’ve been playing with for the past 6 months. Whether we were suiting up for our fancy steakhouse dinner on Thursday, chilling at the pool bar, drinking too much at the Twisted Nether party, or just hanging out in the hotel until the wee hours of the morning, I was always having fun.

I also met a few other bloggers, though not as many as I expected since I’m kind of shy about introducing myself and I was generally preoccupied with my guildies. The people I did meet were really friendly and great though, and I’m glad I had a chance to talk to them.

Since I’ve been home I’ve been a little sad. BlizzCon was such an awesome time, there were always friends a few steps away and always something to do, so being home is a bit of a let down. Dammit, I’m being sappy. I’m done here.

How was your BlizzCon?

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  1. I totally agree – great time there, but now that I’m back there’s a sense of melancholy – I too want to push off “work” mode as long as possible. And that Live Raid was amazing!

    They should put Greg Street’s epic purple shirt up on the Blizzcon store. It’d sell like crazy.

  2. I watched the Blood Legion livestream with their vent going. Basically all you missed were people screaming fuck the entire time.

  3. We postponed our raid start for people to watch the introduction thingie. I had a friend with a virtual ticket and a guildie giving me live updates. I WTFed hard at the pandas. We raided, we got more real time updates, I WTFed more and I went to bed.

    (Completely unexciting Blizzcon weekend from someone in Europe, sorry :P)
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    • I missed the opening ceremonies, so I didn’t get the crowd’s reaction to the pandas, but I did see Twitter explode into tears over it 😛 It was kind of funny.

  4. It’s good to see that you enjoyed yourself.

    I have been considering going to blizzcon next year and wanted to know what people thought of it so this was nice to read.

    Is there anything you would warn first time visitors to blizzcon about .eg. Hidden costs?

    • I don’t really have any warnings for people. Everything went smoothly and I actually spent less than I was planning to. The only costs to watch out for is the taxes on things like the flight and hotel. Most places don’t include the taxes in their list prices and taxes, especially for airlines, are huge.

      Also, drink lots of water. 🙂

  5. You said, ” Also, a lot of the talents say PVP to me, more than PVE.”

    I think that’s a mindset that we got into when we had to chose between a utility talent, and a talent that increased our dps/healing/tanking (threat or mitigation, depending where we were in the game).

    With the new system, we have a set of utility talents, and they aren’t generally competing against talents that help us do our role. I’m excited and hopeful that this means that everyone will be responsible for more utility roles in raids.

    In that case, there wouldn’t be “pvp talents” and “pve talents”, but talents that are useful for particular situations. For example, pallies can choose between a 60% speed boost once a minute, or a constant 10/20/30% speed boost (depending on our holy power levels), or… a small (like 20%, I forget) boost after a judgement. It’s up to us to decide how much of a speed boost we need how often for each encounter.
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    • That’s a good point. I guess am was thinking about things in terms of the current talents. With the new talent system we’ll be given most of the damage/healing/mitigation skills we need in our base spec. I guess I should look at the new talents as utility bonuses more than healing bonuses for the most part.

      I do like that the talents will be very fluid and we can change our specs based on what’s needed on a particular fight.