Resto Druid Tier 13 Sneak Peaks

A lot of Tier 13 information has been released in the past few weeks, including the appearance of the Druid Tier 13 armor and its set bonuses.

The Druid set is called Deep Earth Vestments and here’s what it looks like:
Druid Tier 13 - Deep Earth VestmentsImage from MMO-Champion

I don’t hate them. That might not sound like high praise, but considering the negative reactions I had to Tiers 10-12 when they were first released, this is a step in the right direction. I tend to dislike the armor sets at first, and then grow to like them over time. This one I actually kind of liked right away. I’m happy we’re making a return to robes instead of pants. Slightly less happy about the return to WWE sized belts though. The mushrooms give the set a nice, earthy feel and phosphorescence is fun!

The new set does give me a bit of a recycled vibe though.

Druid Tier 9 and Tier 13

I see a lot of similarities between this new set and the Alliance Tier 9 set. The helms are the same size and shape and both cover the eyes (no bird beak on 13 though, thankfully). The robes have the same cut and style, similar patterns and the colours are almost identical (except one has glowy purple accents and one has glowy blue accents).

Anyway, I think it’s attractive enough. Not the best tier set I’ve ever seen, but definitely not the worst.

The set bonuses were also released recently. Here’s what resto Druids have to look forward to:

2P — After using Innervate, the mana cost of your healing spells is reduced by 25% for 15 sec.

I think this is a neat bonus. Depending on the spells you use while this is active you could be saving around 10-12k mana over that 15 seconds. This isn’t too bad, but I don’t think it’s quite as strong as our current 2T12 bonus. Heartfire currently gives me about 5200 mana per minute. Since we can only benefit from the 2T13 bonus every 3 minutes, I suspect it will be slightly weaker.

However, one thing I really like about this bonus is that it will make us look at one of our spells differently. Giving Innervate that extra bonus will add a bit of complexity to the spell which I think is great.

4P — Your Rejuvenation and Regrowth spells have a 10% chance to Timeslip and have double the normal duration.

I’m not too thrilled about this bonus. It could be useful in certain situations – a 24 second Rejuvenation on a fight with constant AoE damage would be great – but on fights without that I think this bonus will generate more overhealing than effective healing. How useful this will be will really depend on the nature of the fights in Tier 13. If people are often below full health it could be handy but if everyone is getting topped up quickly or not taking damage often it won’t be great.

So how about them tanks?

There is something else non-druid I’d like to talk about for a second. That is the tank 4-piece bonuses. Here they are if you haven’t seen them yet:

DK – Your Vampiric Blood ability also affects all party and raid members for 50% of the effect it has on you.
– Frenzied Regeneration also affects all raid and party members.

Paladin – Reduces the cooldown of Divine Guardian by 60 sec and increases the radius of its effect by 70 yards.
Warrior – Your Shield Wall ability now grants 50% of its effect to all party and raid members.

What the what? Raid wall for warriors? Extra healing bonuses from the tanks?

These bonuses sound awesome, but overpowered. They also seem completely out of whack when compared to anyone else’s set bonuses. What’s a little extra damage or healing output compared to a new raid-wide cooldown? If the bonuses stay as-is I would feel like a completely selfish jerk if I ever rolled against a tank on a piece of tier loot. And considering that all of the tier gear will now only be obtainable in raids, that’s a lot of passing I’m going to be doing. It’s not all about gear, but making the bonuses for one specific role so much more powerful than everyone elses seems a little odd.

What do you think of the Tier 13 previews?

18 responses to “Resto Druid Tier 13 Sneak Peaks

  1. My take?

    Yea that bear tanks are now invited to the raid cooldown party that warriors and especially pallies have already been a part of. You make a great point though on the feeling that you have to pass to tanks in a total value to raid perspective, I feel this is blizz’s attempt at a most elegant solution to a basic tank problem that exists.

    I’m so so disappointed in the resto set bonus, just get rid of our single target heals already! Why does bliz seemed hell bent at pigeon-holing us as raid healers? We need more single target throughput.

    What I find interesting is that since cats have frenzied regen too, and with nurturing instinct (tranq) that’s a DPS spec with 2 significant raid cooldowns now, and not to mention 2pc = 60% execute range, yikes! Cats might be the new go to progression DPS spec! I think blizz might not have realized what they’ve done.

    • Good point about the bonus applying to cats too. That might be a little unbalanced.

      So far I haven’t been a huge fan of any of the resto druid bonuses in Cata. The mana ones are useful, but not very exciting and the output ones have been a little boring.

  2. Okay, T13 and Alliance T9 really do look a lot alike. Maybe the reason I like the look of T13 is because I was secretly jealous of T9 during Wrath. I definitely liked that better than the Horde version.

    Not thrilled about the WWE belt either. They do horrible things to a tauren girl’s hips. 😉

    Not sure how I feel about the set bonuses yet either. I know a big part of my mana return right now is from Heartfire, so I’m going to be very hesitant to lose that bonus.

    • I thought the Alliance T9 was much nicer than the Horde set as well. The Horde set seemed very plain for a tier set.

      I don’t think the difference between 2T13 and 2T12 will be huge (depending on how you use it of course). Having both would be nice for a while.

  3. /refuse to raid with a DK and Druid as the tanks, LOL.

    Actually don’t mind passing for those bonuses obviously. WTB currency that is only given in the raid, and still be able to get 2 pieces from a vendor, kthx. Still have to raid for the tier, don’t have to feel like I’m falling behind by passing tokens all the time…I’m not really one to waste time with sub-optimal pieces, especially when the tier is the slot’s BiS.

    …Obviously this would only apply if I feel like raiding again when 4.3 hits. >.> Need something to ignite that raiding passion again, dammit.

    • I’ll take anything that’s an upgrade, even if I want the tier (which ends up working against me in raids with point systems eventually), but an upgrade is an upgrade.

      • At the risk of starting a major tangent, this is one of the many reasons why I hate DKP systems. Anything that disincentivizes raiders from wanting upgrades is doing your raid a disservice. I have been far more happy and our raid has had far less drama when we moved to simple need/greed rolls without any point system.

        • It really depends on the player. To me an upgrade is an upgrade, if it has more Int (and won’t completely screw up my Haste levels) I will bid on it, even if it’s not my ‘best’ piece. Of course, others will horde their points and wait for those BiS pieces.

        • I probably should have explained what I said more. In pretty much every case that I pass on non-BiS items, it’s been to people that I’m already keeping up with, doing more DPS than, or if I happen to know it’s THEIR BiS.

          Also, I’m not in a guild that uses DKP. We just roll on items, as well. Whenever I’m fully raiding consistently, I just tend to look at my options very carefully, and most of the stuff I end up passing on are very miniscule upgrades, compared to what my BiS (Or even other, non-BiS, items) would be. It’s just not worth it to me to take a poorly itemized “upgrade” that would only net me a few DPS.

          Exceptions to all this would be if absolutely no one wants it, it won’t royally screw my stats (Like Hit or my Haste soft cap), or if my actual BiS is only on the end-boss. Also if I’m WAY behind and as long as I know it’s not the other person’s BiS

          Just wanted to clear up and explain my method rather than just having my general statement up there lol. I will agree though…Especially when it comes to people performing their role poorly, all because they’re hoarding points.

  4. I didn’t even read those tanking bonuses, so now I am set to thinking. Now my lowest healers will be outhealed by the tanks… lol. I am thinking Blizz is just trying to make life easier for tanks since there always seems to be a shortage of them.
    Navimie recently posted..Ragnaros finally down!

    • I already get outhealed by DK tanks on occasion (like on Baleroc), it’s not fun. I’m wondering if these bonuses mean we’re going to see some crazy raid damage in the T13 fights.

  5. I think healingwise there is an easy fix: instead of double time on HoTs, give them a small amount of arbsorption. I know I’m probably too fond of absorbs (being a disc priest most of the time), but absorption doesn’t run the risk of overhealing as much as the current bonus, and you will automatically gain a bit more throughput no matter if tank or raidhealing. And since druids don’t have any absorption at the moment, it will feel new, fresh and hopefully exciting to them (well, not to you, Jasyla, since you play a Disc priest occasionally, but that’s beside the point).
    Plus, that would enable them to take the old-popular-setbonus-into-talent-conversion approach and make Living Seeds an absorption talent…harhar.

    As for tanks: I do play a warrior tank and I hate these bonuses. Why? Because tanks will have to activate what is currently their greatest survival cooldowns to assist the group and therefore risk not having them when they themselves would need them. The odd man-in-a-dress out is, as per usual, the paladin, who feel taunted because they basically get their old raid wall cooldown back as a set bonus (still, they have them separate and don’t have to sacrifice their biggest CD).

    Concerning the looks: I still hold tier 9 alliance as one of the best-looking sets for druids in existence. It is one of the few sets that look vaguely like someone would actually wear them: a fairly simple leather dress, but with ornaments, a corsage to tie it all together (heh), the shoulder pads are linked with some belty-thingy so they won’t fall off, the helm(et?) is rather simple, and the additional pockets give room for utilities, powders, roots, plants, beehives, and whatever else a druid needs to throw at their enemies.
    That the tier 13 set is like a pimped version of that (Pimp my Tier?) is a rather good thing in my eyes. But this is, as always, a matter of personal preference.

    • Absorbs would be fantastic, but I don’t think that’s very likely to happen. That would be a great improvment for Living Seed, but I don’t think they’d give us something like that as a set bonus. Personally, I’d take something simple but not so random over this – like “The Regrowth HoT now lasts 10 seconds” or “Your Regrowth ticks now heal for 25% more”. It wouldn’t be a huge increase in healing, but at least they’d be something you could count on and plan for, rather than just having a small chance to double the duration. Plus, I love my Regrowth, I’d take any improvement to it.

      I know what you mean about wanting your warrior cooldowns for yourself (though the bonus does sound awesome to me as a healer). I remember when Blizzard teased that Druids would be getting a damage mitigation cooldown (liars). Many druids were all for making Barkskin castable on other people. Not me. It’s MY Barkskin. Hands off.

      I thought T9 was okay. I thought the robes were gorgeous, but I disliked the bird helm. I did like the ‘utility’ shoulders but those pockets in the front always seemed like they’d be the perfect size for a pack of cigs. And I don’t smoke. I don’t think a druid would smoke either 😛

  6. I really do like the look of T13…very back to a druidy look imo.

    the bonuses are meh at best.

    But holy hell the tanking ones are quite powerful.
    Slice213 recently posted..Hype……trying not to buy into it…must remain jaded!

    • I like that the new set looks like something a druid would wear as well. I thought the last few sets weren’t very druidy at all. T10 looked somewhat demonic, T11 (though attractive) looked like Shaman gear and T12 just looked bad.

  7. *First post* (Awesome site btw, its helped me a lot)

    Disclaimer: This take is from a brand new raider (after a 2+ year hiatus, only a few boss kills under my belt.)

    My inital instinct is that the resto set bonuses will prove to be terribly underwhelming. I am very disappointed they don’t do anything “cool” or provide a dramatic increase in healing. I am especially not taken with the 4 piece bonus. To me its a lot like living seed, which I don’t have, in that when it works, its good, but all other times is a tremendous waste. For one thing, it seems like it would only be good during periods of sustained damage, although maybe its just needed now that they want to nerf wild growth.

    I hope they change into something better.

    -Magunda (Twisting Nether)

  8. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who was reminded of Ally T9 when I saw this (the guild druid contingent tried to tell me they didn’t see it). I get that the idea behind it is completely different, but the silhouette is so similar. Really, there are worse things to be similar to than T9; it mostly just suffered from being boring. Anything that gets us out of our current gear will be met with punch and pie from me.
    Tzufit recently posted..Suggested Reading: October 1, 2011