Pasiphae’s Priestly Power Auras

Here are all the power auras I use on my Discipline Priest. I only use 5 auras, and this is what they all look like together:

Priest power auras

1. No Inner Will/Inner Fire buff

When neither Inner Will or Inner Fire is active, a blue rune appears around my character to remind me to use one of them. This aura will activate at any time.

Power Aura - Inner Will or Inner Fire missing

Version:4.22; b:0.9647; g:0.6196; icon:priest_icon_innewill; buffname:Inner Fire/Inner Will; r:0.0549; texture:2; alpha:1; stacksOperator:=; texmode:1; inverse:true

2. Penance

Penance is not visible on my action bars, so I use this aura to let me know when it’s off cooldown. It will only activate when I am in combat.

Power Aura - Penance off cooldown

Version:4.22; icon:Spell_Holy_Penance; buffname:Penance; x:-119; bufftype:15; alpha:0.8; owntex:true; combat:true; size:0.25; y:-24; texmode:1

3. Prayer of Mending

I want to keep PoM up as much as possible so this aura appears whenever it is off cooldown. It also includes a ‘ping’ noise as an extra cue to cast it. This only appears in combat, while in a party or raid.

Power Aura - Prayer of Mending off cooldown

Version:4.22; icon:Spell_Holy_PrayerOfMendingtga; buffname:Prayer of Mending; x:101; bufftype:15; alpha:0.8; owntex:true; sound:23; exact:true; groupOrSelf:true; inParty:true; combat:true; size:0.34; inRaid:true; y:-128; texmode:1

4. Power Torrent/Lightweave

I like to know when my Intellect procs happen so I can time the use of my Arcane Torrent and Shadowfiend. These auras appear whenever my weapon or cloak enchant proc while I am in combat.

Power Aura - Lightweave and Power Torrent proc

Lightweave (purple):

Version:4.22; b:0.698; g:0.1647; icon:Spell_Arcane_PrismaticCloak; buffname:Lightweave; r:0.6667; x:102; texture:231; combat:true; size:0.35; y:23; texmode:1; finish:3

Power Torrent (white):

Version:4.22; b:0.5804; g:0.9529; icon:Ability_Paladin_SacredCleansing; buffname:Power Torrent; x:102; texture:231; combat:true; size:0.35; texmode:1; finish:3

9 responses to “Pasiphae’s Priestly Power Auras

  1. I didn’t get the Penance one to work, but that’s probably because I don’t have a clue about PA. Anyway, I managed to create my own Penance aura, but it seems I have to have the skill somewhere on my bars. You say it’s not visible on your bars, does that mean you have it on a hidden bar, or is there some way I can avoid having to have it on my action bars?
    Zinn recently posted..Disc + Renew = True?

  2. I am curious about this as well my Riptide and, Unleash Elements auras don’t work without the abilitys in my bars.

  3. I pray for the day that I have a computer w/ enough memory so that I can more addons. Anything beyond DBM, and my lag is horrid! But, I shall have a new computer someday, I’ll hold it, and hug it and call it “george.” 😉

    Zwingli recently posted..Never Alone

    • Aww, that’s a shame. Fussing with addons is one of my favorite things to do outside of raids.

    • You could only use Power Auras and nothing else. I admit it’s probably quite painful to set all the auras for both your character(s) and boss abilities (that are relevant for you), but it is possible — at least to my knogledge.
      Then again, you’d most likely need a month to configure all the auras each time a new raid tier comes out.

      On the topic of Power Auras: I personally like to have a “low” mana warning that displays for about 10 seconds if I go below 65% mana. Then I (out of reflex) use Shadowfiend or Hymn of Hope (if the situation allows for singing). I’ve never had the proc warnings as PAs, but will test them. Maybe I can get more out of my little shadowy buddy in the future.

      I’m going to test WeakAuras (an alternative to PA that I recently heard of) the next few days (or weeks, depending on my willingness to experiment and the results) to see how many things and how comfortably you can display them. We’ll see how that turns out…

      • I used to use a low mana warning, but I stopped. Although, I never thought to have it only appear for 10 seconds, that’s a great idea. Mine showed when I was below 80% mana so it was pretty much always up and got very annoying. Right now though I’m pretty good with just looking at my mana level on my unit frame since it’s right beside my raid frames.

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