Transmogrification and Earning It

Last week Blizzard announced some new features that will available in patch 4.3. One of the things I’m most looking forward to (besides new raid content, of course) is Transmogrification. This will allow you to change the appearance of your gear to match other gear you own.

My current gear is extremely unfortunate looking, so I’m very excited about this feature.

Jas Jas, the bark-faced girl.

It didn’t take me long to figure out how I will be transmogrifying my druid’s gear once it’s available. Thunderheart (Tier 6) has always been my favorite gear set. It’s one of the few that doesn’t include the fashionable “sticks on helm” look – it’s different, yet still manages to be very druid-y. I’ve had the set sitting in my bags for 3 years, just waiting for something like this to happen. My weapon choice was also pretty obvious to me. ZG was my first raid instance and the first set of purple pixels I really coveted was Will of Arlokk. I’ve had that little beauty in my bank for 5 and a half years, and am very excited at the prospect of carrying it around again. Druid transmogrification? Done and done.

Druid Tier 6 gear Thunderheart

Come on 4.3, I'm ready for you!

Then I came to my priest. She’s only been my Horde main since Cataclysm so I don’t have much gear in my bank to choose from. I pulled up Altas Loot and used the Dressing Room to look at every set. Tiers 5 and 6 are my favorites so I started mentally preparing myself for some old-school SSC, TK, MH and BT runs. But the more I thought about grabbing a few level 85 guildies to face-roll our way through the old raids for gear, the more it felt…wrong. Pasiphae never killed any Tier 5 or 6 bosses when they were current. Hell, Pasiphae didn’t even exist back then. The pretty gear is there, ripe for the taking, but I haven’t earned it. I feel like walking around in T5 or T6 gear would be misrepresenting myself and I don’t want to do that.

I’d have no problem going back for gear that I had once earned but had vendored or sharded (Jasyla DE’d her T5-looking flower shoulders and I might want those back), but going and getting gear I never had? From bosses I never fought as they were meant to be? No thanks. I think Pasiphae will proudly wear her T11, 12 (or 13 when available) gear when 4.3 drops because that’s the gear she’s earned. By the same token, you’ll never see Jasyla running around in Tier 2 because she never killed a single boss in BWL.

Though the the raids I never completed may have some nifty looking outfits, I want to wear gear that came from bosses I actually had to work to kill. I want to have earned it.

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  1. Okay, first of all, I laughed out loud at this:
    I’ve had the set sitting in my bags for 3 years, just waiting for something like this to happen.
    SO HAVE I!!! πŸ˜€
    Secondly, I totally get you on the “earning it” thing. Madrana probably won’t hang out in Judgement gear, despite the fact it is AWESOME, because she also never killed a BWL boss while it was current. Lightforge is awesome and that’ll be what I wear, I imagine. (And T0.5 for Kurn!)

    Awesome post. πŸ™‚
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    • Tier 6 was the first gear set that made me think “I must keep this!” My ZG, Tier 4 and the bits of T5 that I had are all gone πŸ™

      I’m happy that people don’t think I’m crazy for posting this. As I was writing it I was thinking – I (the player) have killed all the T6 bosses, why am I so concerned that a particular character hasn’t? I’m glad I’m not alone in my opinion on this.

  2. Agree! Naz was my BC onwards main, and while I thought it might be hilarious to run around in paladin t5 (we were the purple people eaters first), I’m going to go with T6 I think, because BT was the high point of my raiding career… and also because it looks totally awesome. (Also, every paladin on the planet is going to be wearing T2, so it will be nice to look different, on top of the bonus moral superiority points.)

    • BT was also the high point of my raiding career. Running around in my T6 will make me feel like I’m reliving my glory days – maybe it’ll even make me re-capture them!

  3. I haven’t wanted to say this and upset any Paladins (no Paladins are here, right??) but I totally agree, particularly about the Judgement set. I mean, on one hand, wearing it because it looks AWESOME is totally cool. I’m doing that myself, picking up and matching some assorted pieces to make a nice looking set. But there’s something about, oh, 99% OF ALL PALADINS EVER flocking to the Judgement set that has me reeling. Judgement – 2011’s Sparkle Pony.

    As cool as my assorted-pieces outfit is (which doesn’t even have the ‘prestige’ of an old-school tier set), I do sort of want to wear my DK t10 set, just because it was my first raid series I did as my DK, and I earned it. Same with my Hunter – I love the look of t10, but I also love it because I earned it in my first real raid group. Had I played in the older tiers, I think I would want to use those pieces too! Especially if they were earned through much effort and hard work. πŸ˜€
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    • Nope, no pallies at at (ignore the other comments).

      Part of the thing that is so nice about this new feature is that people will get to look a little different. Every T12 druid won’t look the same. However, if everyone flocks to one set, it kind of defeats the purpose.

  4. Good choices on the druid. T6 was beautiful.

    T6 is pretty awesome on the Warrior, too. I only ever had T5 though. I have the T6 looking PVP (season 3) sets though, minus the shoulders.
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    • Thanks. T6 was great for most classes. T6 warrior is amazing! I think that’s my favorite warrior set. I love the spikes (and the shield from Illidan that goes with it).

  5. I am genuinely expecting to be able to judge how long people have played the game now by looking at them.. people seem to instinctively be drawn to the sets where they were most active/had most fun in the game. In my current guild, the oldies are talking about T2, and some newer ones are dusting off their T6.
    I think it might really date people πŸ˜€
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    • It’s an amusing reminder of how old this game is when you refer to the T6 wearers at the newer players. That was over 3 years ago.

      I’m interested to see what sets are the most popular. I have a feeling that a lot of people won’t have any qualms about wearing armor from raids that they never did.

  6. I’m planning on going for non-set sets, myself. My Horde shaman is going back in her sanctified t10. Frost Witch was an amazing set. My alliance shaman I’m not sure… she was a reroll from cata and has nothing. For my druid, I’m building around the reskinned t1 hat that’s now available as a level 50 class quest reward and Phaelia’s Vestments (which are my favorite druid robes — so pretty!) and for my mage who is my clothes horse, I’ve chosen a set made from this and that. A dress from Arcatraz, a belt from WotLK rep. Maybe it tells my age in the game… I did BC 5-mans and started raiding in early Wrath? Most of the gear I’m shooting for is from BC 5-mans and the Ulduar era.

    • I haven’t looked too much at the non-tier sets.

      Frost Witch is a great set, that’s one of my favorite for shaman – love the shoulders.

  7. Bulwark of Azzinoth, Jasy. I still remember how excited I was when I won it! And it’s actually the only BT piece I still have in my bank.

    You read my mind about warrior t6. Now I just need to go back and re-farm it.

  8. If I do go on a Transmog binge for my druid, I think I favor the T5 Nordrassil set, it is the highest tier I reached at my own efforts in BC, so I’m comfortable with that. My paladin husband.. ::grinning at Rades:: is favoring his T10.. My rogue likes her T7 Bonescythe gear, so I have to take her back to Naxx-25 for the matching belt. The boots were available for a few JPs and the rest is still in the bank. Yes, accessories must match as well.

    btw, Jas, Kay is pretty close to your gearing place. I still have T11 shoulders and helm, though. I just dont show my helm. πŸ˜‰

    • The Tier 5 set is nice too. The blooming shoulders are gorgeous. I mayh ave to go back and get that set as well, if I ever feel I need a change from Tier 6.

      I don’t usually show my helm, but sometimes I turn it on just because it’s so ugly it’s almost funny.

  9. Probably T6 for the pally even through technically I never got the boots,

    T4 or T8 for the druid, probably T4 but never saw it much since I was a bear.

    I have’nt thought past that for my other characters, Gnomes you can stick a good looking helm on and your pretty much done. Who can see the rest.

    • Hey Mate!

      I was never much of a fan of the T4 for druids – though I know a few people who absolutely love it. Pally T6 is a good choice. T6 is strong for pretty much any class I think.

  10. I feel like if I’ve killed it once on a character, it’s fair game. Then again, I didn’t raid at all during Vanilla, but that won’t stop me grabbing a set from one of those if I want. :p

    I can understand your point of view, but the way I see, there’s still going to be some RNG in going for these old sets. Add to that, this is finally giving a decent purpose for doing these raids again, and giving them a bit of life again. In order to make yourself look like you want, there will actually be some excitement when even these trivial bosses fall over again, hoping your item will drop. And if you want to add some more challenge, try to solo anything you can and on everything else take as few people as possible.

    I’m still not even sure what I want on my mage…Most of the older sets don’t really jump out at me…In fact I still really love the T11 look, which will probably be more difficult to find people to go to than the old raids lol. I may build a set out of non-tier pieces though…Hello Priest Tier 6 lookalike items. πŸ˜€

    Along this same topic, I’m curious as to how many people will do this/agree with this also go back and do the raids on their alts for the achievement points.