Podcasts Galore

It seems after being on Twisted Nether I caught the podcasting bug. This week I harassed Kurn enough that she invited me to be a guest on Blessing of Frost with her and Majik. It was fun to record – we talked about the first 4 bosses in Firelands, what we did this week and my staunch defense of female Night Elf bouncing.

You can find the episode over at the Blessing of Frost site or on iTunes.

I have to say, for someone who doesn’t like to talk much on Vent/Mumble, I could get used to this podcasting stuff.

6 responses to “Podcasts Galore

  1. Well, Ophelie and I were going to ask you on our show, at some point. Now you’re all famous and such and probably can’t be bothered to slum it with the likes of us!


    That’s OK. We understand, Drusela!

    • I’m all for slumming it. 😛 Just kidding, I’d be happy to be on your show anytime.

      Everytime you call me Drusela I wonder where my Spike is.

      • I still can’t believe that I’ve been saying your name wrong THIS. WHOLE. TIME! I honestly thought that Jasyla was pronounced Jah-Sill-Uh. I had no idea!

  2. Lol I was thinking of how weird it was to hear you on these when you rarely talk on Vent.

    Becoming a bit of WoW-Celeb. Just don’t start snorting Strange Dust off some beefy orc’s chest.

  3. Wow, grats. That’s awesome. I always thought your voice carried nicely, I’m glad you’re putting it to use.

    Could only listen to a part of it at work though. 🙁