Why I dropped Nature’s Cure

All through Cataclysm I’ve been a big advocate of all resto druids speccing into Nature’s Cure. Utility is a great thing. I liked to be as useful as possible and help dispel nasty magic effects.

Until I dropped the talent.

I was having an email discussion about druid specs with my friend, the GM of my Horde guild and tank of my 10-man raid, and he asked why I insisted on taking Nature’s Cure instead of Nature’s Swiftness. What magic effects needed to be dispelled in raid? As I prepared to write what would inevitably be a stubborn response overflowing with sass, I actually thought about the question. What had I dispelled in raids in Tier 11?

  • V&T – Blackout. I actually rarely dispelled this on my druid, a priest was usually assigned this job, but I liked having the ability to.
  • Ascendant Council – Heart of Ice and Burning Blood.
  • Cho’gall – The occasional Psychic Scream when someone was broken out of Worship. Corruption of the Old God, which is more easily handled by Mass Dispel in phase 2.
  • Atramedes – Roaring Flame after someone ran through a fire on the ground.

So not much. No effects that were incredibly dire or not better handled by a Mass Dispel, a priest’s normal Dispel (which also does some healing with Glyph of Dispel), or a Shaman with Cleansing Waters.

And in Tier 12? Of the 3 bosses I’ve defeated so far I’ve seen 0 magic effects that need to be dispelled.

So I dropped Nature’s Cure and picked up Nature’s Swiftness.

I still instinctively try to dispel magic effects on Firelands trash and feel a little disappointed when I can’t. I still need to work on using Nature’s Swiftness more. But every time I do use Nature’s Swiftness and I see Healing Touch crit someone for 65k I feel a little bit better about the decision.

Back when Blizzard gave all healers the ability to dispel magics effects (or at least the option to be able to) I was sure that meant dispel mechanics would be important in raids, but it really hasn’t turned out that way. If I ever run into a boss where dispels are important I’ll certainly spec back into it but until then, no more Nature’s Cure for this druid.

*I updated the spec section of my Resto Druid Guide to reflect that I now consider Nature’s Cure an optional talent.*

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  1. You did WHAT?!


    I feel as though I should have noticed this on my own. But you’re right, there have been very few dispel mechanics thus far in Firelands. I’ve always been a fan of Nature’s Swiftness, so more power to you! πŸ™‚

    • I’d like to see a dispel mechanic or two, but at least this way made it easier to drop the talent. I need to make a power aura or something for Nature’s Swiftness. In Wrath I could just hit it and go on my merry way casting HoTs until a direct heal was needed. Now I cast Regrowth or Nourish quite a bit and dont want to waste it on those.

      • Don’t forget that you can macro NS and Rebirth together! πŸ™‚

        (Don’t forget to get the HT glyph!)

  2. If you run with a solid group (which I think lots of people do), I don’t see why a druid would need dispelability. Especially since other classes have easier ways to pick this up (healing priests get dispel magic passively, and paladins *cough* don’t have any better options).

    Nature’s Swiftness you can use quite a bit more, to say the least. πŸ™‚

    • It always seemed to me that turning down utility was a bad choice, but talent points are pretty tight for druids, so I’m glad for the extra point.

  3. Yeah I need to drop the dispel glyph too. I am generally of the school of thought that priests should be doing the dispelling in raids anyways since it costs us the least mana (pretty sure, anyways – we should compare spell costs tonight!).

  4. I had a Denounce spec for questing, soloing, and PvP. A few weeks back we tried getting another Holy Paladin WoL ranked on Argolath. We beyond overgeared the fight so I figured I’d throw some horrible dps and also volunteered to Cleanse. But I had completely forgotten Sacred Cleansing wasn’t in that spec and Vuhdo was smart enough to know I couldn’t do anything about it. So shortly into the fight I see some bars dropping and hear commotion over vent. “I don’t see anything to dispell,” I say as three people die while everyone else picks up the slack.

    The next week I made sure I wasn’t on dispell duty. He’s still ranked #6 Holy Paladin and I broke 7k dps, but I still can’t beat those damned tanks.

    • Ha! When I first picked up Nature’s Cure (back in 4.0 I think), I wanted to use it all the time and dispel everything in ICC. On Lich King, I volunteered to be the cleanser in phase 1. I failed to realize that Necrotic Plague is a disease, and not a magic effect, so that didn’t go too well. πŸ˜›

  5. I’m currently keeping it for Rhyolith trash and Alysrazor (we’ll see if I need it for the last two). Although I don’t use it often, I just can’t handle not having it in a 10-man group setting. However, I’m running a bit of an odd-ball talent set-up still, so if you can find a way to live without it, more power to you πŸ™‚

    • My look at Alysrazor was very brief. What is there to dispel on that fight?

      If I raided 10 mans, it would be much harder for me to drop Nature’s Cure. But in a 25 with 4 or 5 other people who can dispel I find it’s not used too much.

      • The Talon Initiates have an ability (Fieroblast) that’s meant to be interrupted and we’ve yet to have it successfully done every time. If I find that’s the only fight in the instance that I want the dispel on, then I’ll probably follow suit, but I’m just not ready to go there quite yet πŸ™‚

  6. Does this mean I have to start decursing now?!?!?! :'(

  7. I dropped it too. I think a few people have been a bit annoyed when I say that I can’t dispel magic now, but really, it is a bit of a waste of a talent. I was mostly hanging onto it for heroic dungeons, and now that we basically outgear them, not having a dispel isn’t really a big deal.

    I raid 10s.

    If it becomes an issue, I’ll pick it up again, but for now, there’s little need to lose a talent point in order to do something that other people in the raid can do for “free”. I certainly don’t mind using talent points for raid utility rather than pure healing output or efficiency, but in this case it really seems wasteful.

    • I agree. There haven’t been enough magic effects to make it worthwhile in raids and there are other places that point can be better spent. There are a lot of talents I’d like to take in the resto tree and not enough points to get them all.

  8. I keep wondering about this one. I suppose since I pad my VP with dungeons I’ve opted to keep this talent for now, but I can see exactly the point you’re trying to make. There’ll be a point, I’m sure, that I drop it as well.

    • I did my first ZA run without Nature’s Cure. I was worried about my lack of dispels, but it didn’t hurt the group much. We’re pretty overgeared for heroics at this point so the magic effects can be healed through.

  9. I run with a paladin and a shaman, so no mass dispel on our team. I’ve found I’m the quickest on decursing. In T11 there were places where trash mobs would leave some nasty silences on the raid, and NC could remove those.

    Plus, my raid won’t be clearing t12 for a while, so if I want all my VPs I’ll be running some dungeons and I’d just feel so useless without it.

    I should check your spec though. I’ve got NS and I’m thinking of dropping it. It just feels so ineffective.

    • I’m still getting used to NS, and I am not using it as much as I should. When it crits I think it’s pretty awesome. If the HT doesn’t crit, it’s not nearly as impressive.

  10. Seem like you could be hurt in 5 mans

    Also I’ve had the healer that was on blackouts die, and it was nice being able to fill the void

    • I’ve only done a couple since I dropped the talents, but I think 5-mans will be okay. I overgear them by a lot and I think I’ll be able to heal through all the bad rather than dispel it.

  11. Agreed on 25 man raid comps – you’ve got enough other people spending the talent point (or maybe just have that many priests) that you can afford to have one or two healers opt out.

    For 10 mans, the loss of utility even with as little cleansing as there is can be difficult. I have a particular hate for the debuff put up by the trash before Lord Rhyolith, which silences. When you only have 2-3 healers, RNG does bad things if the one healer who didn’t get nailed can’t take the debuff off.

    Fieroblast…meh. If you can’t take it off, you can heal through it fairly trivially. That fight has near infinite mana thanks to the essence of green mechanic.

    I guess the one argument I come back to on spending the raid point is fairness. Why is it ok for me to expect other players to spend the talent point (or 2 or 3, if I seriously expect shaman to not only pick up Cleanse Spirit but also put points into Cleansing Waters), just so I can spend one more point on extra throughput?

    The counter to that of course is that for raid comp and balance, it makes sense to not have everyone waste the talent points duplicating effort, and to strategically choose who will sacrifice throughput for raid utility and who will not. And if you’re lucky enough to have a priest or two in your comp, that makes it even easier.

    I guess I’m a lot more conflicted on this than I thought when I first started writing this. I will say that as a 10 man raider, I have kept the point in cleansing magic for both my shaman and my druid, but I’ve moved all points in Cleansing Waters over to something more useful, and I actively advise any other shaman in the guild looking to optimize their specs for raiding to do so as well. There just isn’t enough cleansing in Cata raids (as you so aptly noted above) to be worth keeping the points in it after we’re done with 5 man heroics.

    • I understand what you mean about fairness. I do sometimes feel like I should be able to dispel just out of principle, so I’m not leaning on others to do it, but since magic effects are so few and far between, I don’t feel this way often.

      If there ever was a fight where dispels were really important I would pick up the talent again in a heartbeat, but it’s used so sporadically right now, so I’m enjoying my extra talent point.

  12. Thomas Baldwin

    I tried dropping it in my 10 man setting. Then went to run some 5 man’s to cap VP. Had to pug a Vortex Pinnacle. Did you know that Static Cling on the last boss is a Magic ability? Yeah, my team didn’t like me very much that fight… Can’t heal through that. On a more positive note, the tank and one dps that survived got their achievement!

    I added it back after that run.