How to heal: Chimaeron (25H)

Chimaeron puts a lot of pressure on healers. At different points of the fight healers need to be able to make twitch-decisions to heal multiple people very quickly, put out massive AoE healing and keep up with fast and frequent tank switches.

The differences between hard mode and normal mode:

  • Nefarius will interrupt Feud, meaning Chimaeron will continue to melee the tank while the Bile-o-tron is offline.
  • Throughout phase 2, the whole raid will take damage from Mocking Shadows.
  • Boss has more health.

When I heal Chimaeron I am generally on raid healing, but I do help out a bit on the tanks as well.  We use 3 tanks: a Break soaker and 2 tanks who alternate tanking the  Double Attacks and Feud phases. For this fight I use the Glyph of Regrowth and I always have 3/3 points in Nature’s Bounty so Regrowth almost always crits. The most important things for this fight are:

  • Knowing the timing (look here and here)
  • Know who is tanking and when the swaps will happen
  • Plan your cooldown use for the Feud phases. I generally like to do:
    Feud 1 – Tree of Life, Feud 2 – Tranquility, Feud 3 – ToL and then a 2nd Tranquility to top people up before phase 2 starts.

Phase 1 :

Everyone stands at least 6 yards apart when the fight begins. While the Bile-o-tron is up, the Break tank (and the rest of the raid) only needs to be above 10k health. The Double Attack tank is the only one who needs to be topped up.

  • Keep full Lifebloom stacks on the Double Attack tank – remember to switch your Lifebloom target when DA tanks switch.
  • If you have the mana for it, keep a Rejuvenation on both the Break and DA tanks.
  • Heal the people who get hit with Caustic Slime with Regrowth. If you are assigned to a particular group, heal them first. If no one, or only one person, in your group gets hit help out on healing others. If you’re using the Glyph of Regrowth you can also use Swiftmend if someone with the Regrowth HoT on them gets hit.
  • After 3 rounds of Caustic Slime there will be a Massacre. Everyone will be brought down to 1 health. After a Massacre, it’s possible the Bile-o-tron will be knocked offline, so try to queue up a Healing Touch that will hit the Feud tank right after the Massacre hits.

If the Bile-o-tron is NOT knocked offline:

  • Don’t freak out. You have 15 seconds before more Caustic Slimes are cast and other healers to help get people over 10k (not to mention things like Healing Stream Totem and Vampiric Embrace) – don’t drain your mana on this.
  • Use Wild Growth immediately after the Massacre (target Chimaeron so it will reach the maximum amount of people), and a second time when it comes off cooldown.
  • Nourish or Rejuv those who are still under 10k or haven’t been hit by your Wild Growth.

If the Bile-o-tron IS knocked offline:

  • You have 15 seconds to get the raid healed up as much as possible, but the tank will take melee damage after only ~5 seconds.
  • Hopefully you’ve landed a big heal on the Feud tank right after the Massacre as mentioned above.
  • If you are using Tree of Life for this Feud, use it immediately.
  • Cast Wild Growth as you run to the collapse point, along with a Rejuv on yourself.
  • Swiftmend when you are in position for optimal Efflorescence placement.
  • If you are using Tranquility for this Feud, use it now.
  • Use Barkskin before the first Caustic Slimes hit. Remember that they don’t start hitting until 15 seconds after the Massacre, so don’t waste it by using it too early.
  • Throughout the Feud phase use Wild Growth and Swiftmend on cooldown, keep Rejuvs on the people in your assigned group, and use Regrowth on anyone who gets really low on health. If you are using ToL, you can also spread Lifeblooms around.
  • Remember to keep Lifebloom and Rejuv on the current tank.
  • Spread out when the Bile-o-tron comes back online and be prepared for another Massacre.


  • Raid healing through Feud phases is a huge mana drain.
  • Innervate at 80% and then everytime it’s off cooldown.
  • Potions of Concentration are excellent for this fight. The best time to use them is right after the Massacre that follows a Feud. Make sure you’re properly spread out, cast a Wild Growth, then pop your potion. You’ll wake up with a lot more mana and a few seconds to spare before Caustic Slimes.

The fight keeps a predicatable pattern of 3 rounds of Caustic Slime, followed by a Massacre. The only thing that is not predicatable is how many Massacres will happen in between Feuds.

Transition into phase 2:

  • Phase 2 begins when Chimaeron reaches 21%.  You want to get as many people as high on health as possible before he flips, as healing is reduced by 99% in phase 2. It is extremely helpful to have someone calling out before he hits 21%.
  • It helps to have people grouped up for heals as he’s being pushed into phase 2. Use Wild Growth,  Rejuv/Swiftmend, followed by Tranquility to top people off. If he hasn’t hit 21% yet, start spamming Regrowths on DPS players.
  • When you are affected by Mortality stop healing and start dpsing.
  • Use Barkskin whenever you can.
  • If ToL comes off cooldown pop it and start spamming Wrath.
  • If Innervate comes off cooldown use it on a caster dps who’s running low.
  • Do NOT do anything to drop your threat (Shadowmeld, Cower). It’s much better for healers to die early than DPS.

Happy healing!

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