Blessing of the Grove vs. Living Seed

I often get questioned on my lack of appreciation for Blessing of the Grove. When Living Seed was unlinked from Efflorescence resto druids everywhere rejoiced that they no longer had to spend 3 points on a talent that usually made up no more than 2-3% of their overall healing. Instead, many put points in Blessing of the Grove, which increases the healing done by Rejuvenation by 4%. I, however, have stuck with Living Seed.

Rejuvenation is generally a druid’s first or second spell in terms of healing done, so why wouldn’t I want to increase its output by 4%?

First of all, it doesn’t really increase Rejuv by 4%. The bonus stacks additively instead of multiplicatively, meaning that BotG actually only buffs Rejuv by 2.55-2.66% (depending on your other talents). For my particular spec, with 3 points in Genesis, BotG increases the healing of Rejuv by 2.55%. This really isn’t a lot.

Let’s take a look at my spell breakdown for my last boss kill (heroic Maloriak):

Resto Druid healing breakdown for heroic Maloriak
Rejuvenation did a total 1,458,152 healing (including both the ticks and the instant portion from Gift of the Earthmother). If I had 2 points in Blessing of the Grove, Rejuvenation would have done 2.55% more, which is 37,182 healing.

Living Seed did 120,159 healing.

Now, it’s obviously not fair to compare a 2-point skill to a 3-point skill, but even if I had only 2 points in Living Seed, reducing the healing by 1/3, that would still be 79,305 healing, meaning LS would provide 113% more healing than BotG.

Since one fight isn’t much of a sample, I looked at my last 25man kill of every Tier 11 boss to see how the two talents stacked up, comparing 2 points in BotG to 2 points in LS.

Blessing of the Grove vs. Living Seed healing breakdown
While neither talent provides an outstanding amount of healing, Living Seed is still clearly the winner here. It has provided me with an average of 132% more healing than Blessing of the Grove would have across all Tier 11 fights.

Take a good look at your own healing style to figure out if Living Seed is better than Blessing of the Grove for you. If you:

  • Have points in Nature’s Bounty, increasing the crit chance of your Regrowth;
  • Use your direct spells liberally (Regrowths on OoC procs, direct heals to refresh your Lifeblooms, Swiftmend often);

then there’s a very good chance Living Seed will provide you with more healing than Blessing of the Grove.

10 responses to “Blessing of the Grove vs. Living Seed

  1. I actually opted for neither BotG or LS when they free’d up our tree some, instead opting to put the points into preserverance. I actually started with only 1 point in preserverance but ultimately moved all 3 points there while working on heroic Al’Akir – and I’ve not moved back since. I’ve found the extra damage mitigation to be phenominal on both Heroic Nef and Heroic Al’Akir. I imagine at some point I’ll probably move a couple of points out and put them into other throughput talents, but for learning new content? I think that the extra damage mitigation has been more useful than either of the other options open to me 🙂

    • I’m sure the damage mitigation is quite useful. I’ve seen a few less heroic-modes than you though, and I haven’t found my damage taken on Halfus, Chimaeron or Maloriak to be too bad. I will probably try out Perseverence myself when we get to the more raid-damage heavy fights. I actually recommend Perseverence over BotG or LS in my suggested mana efficiency/survival talent spec.

      For now I just wanted to compare the two thoroughput talents. A lot of people seem to think that any boost to Rejuv is superior to LS and I wanted to show that isn’t neccessarily true.

  2. This is a great example of the value of questioning conventional “logic” and doing the math yourself to weigh the benefits. Nice insight into two vague, oft-debated talents. 🙂
    Rades recently posted..The Int plate solution- Death Knights as caster DPS

  3. Nice to see the math all done out! As someone who recently wondered why you kept Living Seed (although I found the answer here on your blog), seeing the numbers is very nice. 🙂

    (I laughed at how casually you insert that your last boss kill was heroic Maloriak, too!)
    Kurn recently posted..T12 Bonus Changes- Mana Costs

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  5. Does BotG effect Swiftmend and Effloresence as well? If so would that boost BotG enough to make it viable

    • Swiftmend heals for a set amount. The heal is no longer dependant on the size of the HoT it is consuming like it was in Wrath. So BotG will not effect Swiftmend or Efflorescence.

  6. This is just a note I have seen in my healing parses. When I used living seed, I have opted for 4% increase to Rejuvenation, I noticed a decreased number of procs from it. I had about half as many seeds on the same fight as you? This may be due to personal healing style, but seems odd. Rejuv was a much large increase overall to me.

    • Yes, it will definitely depend on personal healing style, my Living Seed procs are so high because I have 3 points in Nature’s Bounty and I use Regrowth a lot. My procs are also quite high when I am tank healing. At some point I’ll probably do another comparison on the Firelands fights to see how the two talents stack up now.

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