Top 7 Best Ground Mounts

It’s really a shame that the ability to fly anywhere in Azeroth has made ground mounts a little obsolete. There are so many great-looking ground mounts. Here are my favorites:

1. Swift Palomino
Swift PalominoI always wanted a pony. Once I got my druid exalted with Stormwind this is the first mount I bought.

2. Swift Orange Raptor

Swift Orange RaptorWhen I first rolled a Blood Elf, I knew I didn’t want to be riding around on a chocobo…hawkstrider for very long. I did every troll quest I could find so I could buy this much more impressive-looking raptor.

3. Purple Skeletal Warhorse

Purple Skeletal WarhorseAgain, I like ponies. Even skeletal ones.

4. Raven Lord

Raven LordWhat a pain in the ass this mount is. I’ve read so many accounts of people running Sethekk Halls every day for months before this dropped for them. I saw it drop a number of times during random dungeon runs – and it was always won by a Pally. I finally got it completely unexpectedly while doing an achivement for Pilgrim’s Bounty.

5. Amani War Bear
Amani War BearA giant bear decorated with tusks and skulls is pretty hard to beat. Besides looking excellent, the Amani War Bear also shows off the accomplishment of doing a timed ZA run – and a bit of luck with the dice.

6. Golden KingGolden KingWhat a gorgeous lion mount. I love the big mane and the shiny armor. It’s very fitting for the Alliance.

7. Kor’kron Annihilator
Kor'kron Annihilator
Blizzard really out-did themselves with the two level 25 guild mounts. As much as I love the lion, I think the Horde mount is even better. The Scorpion is huge (especially with a tauren on it) and menacing – and it waves it’s arms in the air when you press the spacebar! Awesome.

What are your favorite ground mounts?

11 responses to “Top 7 Best Ground Mounts

  1. I remember seeing the new Alliance lion mount first, and thinking “Oh, that’s not bad, though another cat? Ho hum.” Then I continued on and assumed I would see a wolf for Horde, but no, A GIANT DEATH SCORPION?? I lost it for a few minutes in glee, haha.
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  2. I think I like the turtle the most. Or the Baron/Attumen horse!
    Zinn recently posted..Field Report – Its all coming together

  3. I’m definitely Horde4Lyfe (Go Horde or Go Home, Thrall is My Homeboy, etc.), but I think the Alliance has better mounts in general. When I first started playing WoW and was being introduced to the game, my friend had just hit level 40 and gotten his nightsaber mount, and I remember being so. utterly. jealous. I’m still jealous of the Night Elves (oh, how I hate them) and their cool mounts, and I think the lion mount is *way* cooler than the Kor’kron Annihilator.
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  4. I have toons on Horde and Alliance side, but I really like the mounts for both sides

    1.) Wolves – yes blah for others but I love em! Got rid of my chocobos errr hawkstriders as soon as I hit exaulted with Org

    2.) Nightsabers – soooo awesome as welll

    3.) Horde Paladin mount for Belfs! Ponys are cool.

    4.) And I have to say Scorpion > Lion, but the lion is quite impressive.

  5. I love nightsabers and all kinds of cats.. The Argent Tournament horse is nice for my Warrior – it’s one of the best looking horses imo. (Though I like the other ones as well!)

    I will admit though, that I sometimes wish I was horde simply because I love raptors and skeletal horses. I want more evil looking stuff on the Alliance side!

  6. That’s what the big mount was! I kept seeing it in bgs and wondering WTF. Impressive, I admit, but I wouldn’t be caught dead on one (even if I played Horde more than once a month). Like Saga, I love cats, and I did all the Darnassus quests I could find so my draenei mage and human warrior could get them. My main has had a cat since level 20 of course since she’s a night elf… but I’m considering getting a cooler one for her since the Winterspring isn’t so grindy anymore. (Oh, and despite liking cats, the level 25 lion is a big meh to me.)
    Other than felines, I’ve recently started appreciating the “special” elekks: black (PvP mount), red/orange (ToC dailies) and the pally charger.
    On the Horde side… I actually like the hawkstriders (<3 colors!) but I have a problem with their walk (same with raptors, Raven Lord etc): it makes me seasick! Stop wobbling so much goddamit.
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  7. The guild level 25 mounts are definitely very nice looking. Always been a fan of the Raven Lord. <3 Also always wanted to get an Amani War Bear…I just think it looks so badass. Hopefully I can snag one of the new ones sometime. :p

    If adding in retired mounts: Swift Zulian Tiger is up there on my list, as is the super-awesome-amazing-badass Ivory Raptor, mmm.

  8. Fishing turtle mount! Cutest mount ever!

  9. The lion looks so much better than the scorpion, I am so jealous now.

    I like my new motorbike 🙂 The Kurenai guy is cute too, although I never got around to grinding out the rep for it.

    • I like them both, but I like the scorpion better because it’s so unique. I’ve been a night elf for 5 years so my 12th cat mount isn’t quite so impressive.

      I like the talbuks, but I think I still hold a grudge over how annoying the rep grid was.

  10. The top 7 Land Mounts in WoW are IMO:
    7. Motorcycle – It cost a ton, and just looks cool. The sidecar benefit is awesome.
    6. Raven Lord – The fact that everyone can farm it has diminished it’s coolness, but it still just looks so damn impressive.
    5. Amani War Bear – The ultimate E-Peen mount. You could be level 85 in all greens and be seen with respect if on one. Props to Blizzard on removing it when the pre-LK patch landed.
    4. Blue Quiraji Scarab – This ultra-rare Archaeology mount proves that the bugs mounts CAN exist outside of AQ! Time to allow the Red one to roam!
    3. Original ZG Tiger Mount – So rare, distinct, and gorgeous. Farmed it for months before ZG’s disappearance to no avail.
    2. Horde Scorpion – Just awesome. Getting Realm First Lvl 25 just added another layer of meaning for this mount :). Added props that it is BoA and my lowbie alts all ride em.
    1. Traveller’s Tundra Mammoth – It cost a metrit shit-ton, adding 2 passengers and the most useful thing a mount has ever had: a reagent vendor + repairs. Besides being the most functional mount in the game, especially upon its release, who the hell doesn’t want to ride majestically atop an Elephant.