Top 5 things that bug me

I’ve been writing guides and useful posts so much lately that I think it’s time for a big whinge-fest.

Here are the top 5 things that bug me (today…ask me tomorrow and they’ll probably have changed):

1. I’ve been summoned for Jury duty next week.

Though I guess going to work (and getting paid) is overrated anywayย  ๐Ÿ™

2. People who are overly negative

Yes, I recognize the irony of including that on this listย  ๐Ÿ˜›

I’ve been increasingly bothered by people who post negative things on blogs and forums. Nothing is perfect, so everyone will always have a complaint about something, but there are ways to keep it constructive. If you so clearly hate the game/your class/the world, just go away. Don’t try to drag everyone down with you, these negative posts and comments are not contributing anything.

I’ve never thought of myself as overly positive but when I see people constantly complaining and spewing negativity I turn into a bright-eyed optimist – mostly out of spite.

3. Bracers are a myth (aka loot distribution sucks)

Apparently Chimaeron drops leather caster bracers. He’s the ONLY boss that drops leather caster bracers. I have killed him a number of times on my druid and have yet to see any evidence that they exist. What possible rationalization is there for the fact that I can get leather caster belts from FOUR different sources but bracers from only one?

Also, in my personal experience, every Tier 11 boss has a 96% chance to drop mail gear.

4. People who don’t know what they’re doing

Before you jump on me, this isn’t a blanket statement about WoW players. I’m referring to people who apply to raiding guilds and call themselves raiders who really don’t have a clue – Holy Pallies who don’t Judge, Druids who don’t know what a haste cap is, DPS who don’t understand how threat works.

If you can’t figure these things out on your own, do some research. Someone out there on the internet would love to tell you all about your class and how to play it.

Same thing goes for doing a fight you’ve never seen before. Do some research beforehand. If that’s not possible, speak up! The raid leader would be delighted to tell you all about the fight. Don’t wait until you’ve killed 12 people with Lightning Rod to mention you’ve never done this before.

5. Twitter Spam
I’ve already proven that I’m a Twitter convert, it’s extremely useful at times and keeps me entertained during my commute. However…

Apps that integrate with Twitter are the work of the devil.

If you check into foursquare, then your foursquare friends will see that. Do NOT spam your Twitter feeds with your updates. I don’t care that you’re at home, or on the train, or just became the mayor of your local Starbucks. If I cared about that stuff, I would be on foursquare myself.

If you play RIFT (or Farmville, or whatever), no one wants to see achievement spam. If you get an achievement you’re particularly proud of or would like to share, go for it, but automatically generated tweets for every single one…ugh.

If you play any game or use any app that auto-tweets updates, please, please turn the Twitter integration off. It is supremely annoying.

What’s bugging you this week?

A couple last things:

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11 responses to “Top 5 things that bug me

  1. What state are you in that doesn’t pay you for jury duty? O.o I got paid by my last job when I had jury duty for the days I had to miss for it.
    Tomaj recently posted..Test of Faith and Deep Healing

    • I live in Canada. You get paid a very small daily amount if you are selected as a juror and the trial goes over 11 days. There is no payment for the selection process, which can take a week.

      • Oh, that sucks. ๐Ÿ™

        When I had jury duty, I got paid by the state for the initial part of it (where they swear you in and such), and then my job paid me for the other days I missed due to the whole jury duty deal – which was actually only the selection process; I never even got called in past the initial swear-in. A shame that they don’t pay you for all of it.
        Tomaj recently posted..Test of Faith and Deep Healing

  2. 96% chance? That low? I think every single boss I’ve ever killed has dropped Mail gear; most of it healing gear just to tease me.
    Fannon recently posted..Day Fifteen- Art- Inspiration and a Desktop Background

    • At the beginning of the tier I would have sworn the drop rate on mail was 100%, but I’ve occasionally seen other armor recently – bracers excluded of course.

  3. Oh man, if my computer would have ran Rift better, I would have totally made a Twitter account just to annoy you. ๐Ÿ˜€ <3

  4. It’s like you read my mind.
    Seriously. No bracers, either, and my jury duty is in a couple of weeks.
    Enlynn recently posted..binge drinker

  5. I think the fact that I ended up having 3 hernias instead of 1 is bothering me this week. =) Also the fact that I can’t bear to sit up for more than like 20 min which means I yet again can’t raid tomorrow. =(