Chimaeron – All about the timing

I posted this on my guild forums a while back which seemed to help a couple of the raid groups that were having trouble with Chimaeron, I thought other people might find it useful too.

Chimaeron is a fight that is all about timing. As a healer, it’s easy to freak out a little when the tanks are taking massive hits and the raid is often sitting at 1 health. However, with a clear understanding of Chimaeron’s abilities and timing the fight becomes very predictable and the healing becomes quite simple.

Tank Damage

Chimaeron has a 5 second swing timer. The things that make this fight difficult for the tanks and their healers are Break and Double Attack.

Here’s what the timeline on those abilities looks like:

0:00   Fight starts
0:00   Melee swing
0:05   Melee swing
0:05   Break applied to current tank
0:05   Chimaeron gains Double Attack buff
0:10   Double Attack occurs
0:15   Melee swing
0:20   Melee swing
0:20   Break applied to current tank
0:20   Chimaeron gains Double Attack buff
0:25   Double Attack occurs

One important thing to note is that the Break (which increases damage taken) will only stack up to 4 times. Because of this, the easiest way (for the healers anyway) to handle the tanking is for the first tank to tank for the majority of the encounter and take all the Breaks, while the second tank only taunts when the Double Attack buff is gained, takes the double attack, then the first tank taunts back.

What does this mean?

  • The Double Attack tank must be topped off after each Double Attack.
  • The main (Break) tank only needs to be kept above 10,000 health during the non-Feud phase.

I know that as a healer it’s tough to let a tank sit at such low health, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time, effort and mana by doing it this way.

Raid damage

The basic timeline for raid damage looks like this (numbers are rounded slightly):

0:00    Fight starts
0:15    Caustic Slimes cast (2 in 10man, 5 in 25)
0:20    Caustic Slimes cast
0:25    Caustic Slimes cast
0:30    Massacre
0:45    Caustic Slimes cast
0:50    Caustic Slimes cast
0:55    Caustic Slimes cast
1:00    Massacre
1:00    Feud
1:15    Caustic slime cast on raid
1:20    Caustic slime cast on raid
1:25    Caustic slime cast on raid
1:30    End of Feud
1:30    Massacre

Most of the fight is constant and predictable:

  • Chimaeron will start casting Caustic Slime 15 seconds after being engaged
  • Caustic Slime is cast on 2 people at a time (5 on 25), every 4.5 seconds.
  • After 3 rounds of Caustic Slime hits, there will be a Massacre (4.5 seconds after the last slime).
  • Feud will start at approximately the same time as a Massacre.
  • 15 seconds after the Feud starts, Caustic Slime will be cast on the raid every 4.5 seconds. It is cast 3 times.
  • 4.5 seconds after the third Slime, the Feud will end and a Massacre will happen.
  • 15 seconds after the Massacre, he will start casting Slimes again.

The only thing that is not constant:

  • How many Caustic Slime ‘cycles’ will happen in between Feuds. Sometimes you’ll get 1 cycle of slimes and then the Feud will hit, sometimes you will get 2 or 3.

So what do we learn from this?

Healing before the Feud:

  • If you are healing the people hit with Caustic Slime during the non-Feud phase, you must use your fast, direct heals (Regrowth for druids, Flash/Binding Heal for priests, Flash of Light/Word of Glory/Holy Shock for pallies, Riptide/hasted Healing Wave/Healing Surge for shaman)*. You only have 4.5 seconds before the next slimes hit, so you need to be able to get a couple 10K+ heals off in this time.
  • You have 15 seconds to get the raid healed up to 10k after the Massacre.

Healing through the Feud:

  • In normal mode, the tanks are not getting hit by melee attacks, so they don’t need any special attention – all healers should be healing the raid.
  • Use AoE heals to heal everyone through this. Remember that he won’t start casting slimes on the raid for ~15 seconds after the Massacre, so don’t waste your damage mitigation abilities (Barkskin, Power Word: Barrier) by using them immediately.
  • Plan your cooldown use ahead of time so you have some kind of large group heal or group damage mitigation up for each Feud (Tranquility, ToL, PW:B, Hymn of Hope).

Have fun storming the castle!

*Updated, with thanks to Kurn and Alacran.

Moving on to heroic mode? I’ve got stuff to say about that too.

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  1. As a holy paladin who generally assigns herself to healing a group on Chimaeron, I have a particular spec and choice of spells that I rely on for this fight. Perhaps strangely, I don’t use a lot of Flash of Light.

    I use this spec/glyph combo:

    I use a LOT of Holy Shock and a LOT of Word of Glory on Chimaeron fight. No Tower of Radiance in my build because I slap my beacon on the break tank and leave it there and don’t really touch the tank. 29 Holy Shocks, 12 Word of Glory, 21 Holy Lights and 0 Flash of Light use. Flash of Light is going to run you pretty oom, enough so that you won’t be able to pop things like Holy Radiance and haul out the Divine Lights during the Feuds. 🙂

    Excellent write-up, with regards to timing, by the way. I’ve been doing the fight for a couple of months and it’s really nice to see the clear way in which you timeline it for us!
    Kurn recently posted..Day 05 – Favourite Items in Game

  2. Interesting! I’m not a healer but I have been playing the part of “Break Tank” on this fight, and while I knew about the 5 second swing timer, I wasn’t aware Chim’s other abilities were so clearly structured. Good to know! I also didn’t know we’ve got a 15 sec. window after Feud before slimes, that is very nice knowledge as I’ll save my Anti-Magic Shell until then. Great post! 😀
    Rades recently posted..Patch 41- The return of the Bane of Trolls

    • Thanks Rades! Everything in that fight seems to happen really quickly, but when I actually looked at the combat log, I saw there was a good space of time between Massacres and Slimes. It takes a little bit of the pressure off.

  3. As a shaman, you probably can get away with not using very many Healing Surges to deal with Caustic slime. I would suggest Riptide to start with which will give you two charges of Tidal Waves. You will then have 2 hasted Healing Waves to heal a total of three people between RT cooldown.

    If you need a 4th heal, you can cast Healing Surge while waiting for RT to come off cooldown.

    (Healing Waves should work fine if you have enough spellpower and mastery. )

    If you try to use less healing surges you will have more mana to deal with feud and for stabilizing Double Attack tank with Greater Healing waves.
    Alacran recently posted..Resto Shaman’s One-Hit-Wonder- Fire Elemental Totem

  4. Any hints for Resto druids anyone? I imagine spamming Regrowths will OOM us pretty fast. I haven’t done this fight yet, but I’d like advice as to what to do in a 10 man situation.

    • If you are the primary raid (Caustic Slime) healer:
      – Regrowth is the only spell that’s going to be large enough and fast enough to get 2 people up in 4.5 seconds
      – I recommend using Glyph of Regrowth to a)make use of our mastery when you heal someone with the HoT on them b)Give a longer HoT that you can Swiftmend
      – Keep Lifebloom up on the double attack tank so you get OoC procs for free Regrowths
      – Use Regrowth to heal the slime targets, or Swiftmend if possible.
      – Make sure you can see who is under 10k on your raid frames. A lot of classes have self-heals, or get healed by things like PoM or Ancestral Spirit, so don’t waste mana on the people over 10k.
      – Trust your tank healers. Using all that Regrowth is a mana strain so don’t put any more healing on the tanks than the LB stack.
      – When the Massacre happens you have a bit of time to get people over 10k, so a WG should heal 5-6 people and the rest can get a Rejuv or Nourish

      During Feud
      – Alternate your cooldowns. I like to use ToL on the first, Tranquility on the second and ToL again if there is a 3rd.
      – Use WG on cooldown, use Swiftmend to get an Efflo under the group on cooldown. Fill in the gaps with Rejuvs, LBs (if in tree form) or hasted Nourishes

      If you are tank healing, keep Rejuv and LB on the double attack tank and heal them with HT or Nourish (though I usually find Nourish is too small for this job), Swiftmend when you can. Keep a Rejuv on the Break tank.

  5. Thomas Baldwin

    You made an error in your post that seems to be made quite a bit around the interwebs. Your listed the ability for Break (25% more physical damage and 15% less healing done) but then later said that they take less healing.

    They DO less healing and take more physical damage. Break has no effect on how much healing is applied to them, only their self healing.

    • Thank you for pointing that out, I never noticed that. A debuff for 15% less healing done (rather than recieved) that gets applied to tanks seems a little pointless. I will update the post.

  6. This is an amazing post. My guild has not yet attempted Chimaeron (we just downed Maloriak last week), but I’ve been reading up on the fight and doing my research. I had actually just looked up the information you have provided by running through the detailed logs of another guild and looking for the key spells you listed using the expression editor. I combined this with the spells the priest in the group was casting to get a feel for what there were doing to successfully heal the fight. You’ve just saved me the trouble of trying to write up my findings for others to understand. Now I’ll just give them a link to this post.

    If it’s helpful for anyone, here is what I used in the expression editor (I’m sure it’s not the easiest way to get the info, but it worked for me): spell=”Massacre” or spell=”Double Attack” or spell=”Break” or spell=”Caustic Slime” or spell=”Feud” or (sourcename=”XXXXXX” and spell!=”Giant Wave”) (where XXXXXX is the name of the healer I wanted to observe and I also removed all of the trinket procs).

    It was really helpful to see the heals mixed in with the offensive spells. I had read that if you have a shaman in the group, you can count on the healing stream totem heals as well, so Heal is likely sufficient for a Holy priest. The 9Kish heal plus a tick or two from healing stream totem adds up to over 10K without wasting mana. I added “or spell=”Healing Stream Totem”” to my expression editor with the info above and I could clearly see that the priest heal plus the totem was easily meeting the healing requirement. I could also see that the priest was also keeping Renews and POM on the tanks.

    I was using this to observe a successful healer. It could also be useful if you are trying to find the problem if you have a healer that is having problems with the fight…I suspect I’ll be querying myself soon to find out what I’m doing wrong when I try to put all of this information into action.

    Thanks again for the post!

    • Thanks Daffnae. Thanks a really good idea to see how different healers are reacting to the fight.

      Interesting about the Healing Stream Totem. I do the slime healing in my 10-man as a Disc Priest. I feel much more comfortable using Flash Heal (or Binding Heal when I’m lucky enough to get hit), even if Heal + Healing Stream totem would add up to 10k. It’s more of a speed issue than anything. I guess it depends how much of an issue mana is.

      • We tried Chimaeron for the first time this week. One initial attempt to see the fight on Wednesday, and then we got it down on the third attempt last night. I made your post “required” reading for everyone. I felt like this type of information basically made the fight a non-event for us. I wish we had come here first rather than waiting to get Maloriak and Atramedes first. Our setup was a Druid on tank healing with Shaman and Holy priest on raid. We tried to utilize all of the advice here, but the biggest difference was having a good sense of what was going on so that it didn’t feel chaotic at all.

        I started out using Heal for my caustic slime targets. As I got further into the fight, I started using Flash Heal more for the added security from the speed and bigger heals. My mana turned out to be a non-issue. I even had mana left over to join the dps in the last phase spamming smite (I had thrown in my Divine Accuracy glyph before the fight in case it might help).

        Thanks again for the great write up!

  7. Thomas Baldwin

    We tried Chim for the first time this week. On our third attempt we got it…with the achievement! I wanted to say that your guide was very helpful in understanding the “rhythm” of the fight. Thanks again!

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