World of Logs – Evaluating Healers

For more recent discussion of evaluating logs, see my guides for World of Logs and Warcraft Logs.

This is the first part in a series about using World of Logs to evaluate raiders. I’ll be building the full series in my guides section. I suggest reading this post there for a better layout and less squishy images.

World of Logs is a great tool for evaluating your own (or others) performance in raids. Here are some basic things to look for when evaluating a healer’s raid performance.

When looking at any raider’s performance, it’s best to look at single boss kills (or attempts) specifically. To look at a specific fight, choose it from the blue navigation bar at the top.

Full Report > Bosses > choose a boss > choose an attempt

World of Logs dashboard - looking at a specific fight

Healing Done

To get to this screen from the navigation menu: Dashboard > Healing Done

This screen that will give you general information about healing done by everyone throughout the fight. It’s broken into two parts: a graph showing a timeline of the fight and a table breaking down how much healing was done.

First we’ll look at the table:

World of Logs - Healing done

Healing isn’t all about numbers, so this part of the log isn’t terribly useful. Output will depend heavily on class/fight/healing assignment. However, you can tell a few things. Healers with extremely low output may sound some warning bells. Active time is a good thing to look at, it shows how much time was spent healing. Low numbers here are sometimes due to deaths, or it could be your healing assignment isn’t taking damage for part of the fight, or there could be downtime (like the times that Magmaw’s head is down and he’s not doing any damage).

If you mouse-over any player on this chart, you will see a breakdown of the 5 abilities that did the most healing. You’ll want to look at the next, more in-depth section for healer breakdowns, but these quick looks can give you basic information. For example, if I mouseover one of our our elemental shaman on this chart, I can see that he used his Healthstone and Gift of the Naaru (yay!).

World of Logs - mouseover healing

Now we’ll look at the graph:

World of Logs - Healing done graph

The default option is for the graph to show total healing (the top yellow bar), along with the top 3 healers. If you want to see all healers, or look at one person individually toggle the checkboxes next to their names in the table below.

This is really useful for getting an overall view of both healing output and major events during the fight.

  • The vertical red lines indicate player deaths. Hovering over the bar will show the last 3 sources of damage the player took.
  • Vertical orange lines (not shown) show combat resurrections.
  • The vertical green line indicates boss death.
  • The vertical blue bar shows the duration of bloodlust/heroism.

The healing lines give a good indication of the damage patterns of the fight. The above graph is from Magmaw. You can tell when his head is down by the huge drop in overall healing.

To see the dps equivalent of these stats, use Dashboard > Damage Done

Player Details

If you want to look at one player specifically, there are two ways to do it:

1. Choose the player’s name from the healing chart of a specific fight
2. In the top navigation: Players > class > name

This page will show multiple tabs for looking at different things.

Healing by Spell

World of Logs - Healing by Spell

This shows a single healer’s entire healing breakdown for the fight. Things to look for include:

  • Breadth of spell selection – Is the healer using all of their tools?
  • Group vs. Single target heals – Is a tank healer using mostly group heals? Is a raid healer casting too many direct heals?
  • Overheal – Are heals being wasted?

Healing by Actor

World of Logs - Healing by Actor

This provides a breakdown of who the healer healed. How useful this page is depends on how stringent the healing assignments are. If someone is assigned to heal a tank, that tank should be on top of the list. A raid healer should have healing love spread out among most players who were in range of them.

The table on the left is a sample of a Magmaw kill. My general healing strategy is to keep HoTs on the MT and heal the raid. You can see from this example that the MT got 28.2% of my heals and the rest were spread out on everyone else. I am the second person on this list because keeping myself alive is my second highest priority.



Buffs Cast

World of Logs - Buffs cast

To analyze this page, you really need to know the class/player you’re looking at.

Things to look out for:

  • Cooldowns – Tranquility, Tree of Life, Pain Suppression, Guardian Spirit, Aura Mastery, Power Infusion, Nature’s Swiftness, etc. Were they used? How often?
  • On-use trinkets – Were they used?
  • Uptime on certain spells – Earth Shield, Lifebloom, Chakra, Beacon of Light, etc. Were these kept up as close to 100% as possible?

Coming up next – Analyzing the logs when things go wrong

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  1. Great guide! I really need to get back to doing WoL stuff, but at the moment I’m just happy any time we raid at all so I haven’t felt like there’s much of a point to telling people how to do better. Right now “better” is showing up for raids :/

    I do remember one time though when big warning bells rang through my head.. it was when a healer had himself as top healed every fight *lol* (and no it wasn’t a paladin with his automatic self-heal)
    Saga recently posted..What’s my name- again Day 7

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  3. Thank you so much for going over this! I am a big fan of WoL but have not had the chance to use it much this patch.