Barkskin in Bastion of Twilight

This is the second post on Barkskin in tier 11. To read general information about Barkskin and why it’s so awesome, see my first post on Barkskin in BWD.

Here are some of the best places to use Barkskin in Bastion of Twilight and Baradin Hold. This applies whether you are resto or dps (I won’t presume to tell bears when to use Barkskin).

Bastion of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

The beginning of the fight is the most hectic part, so it’s a good idea to use Barkskin straight off. It will help reduce damage from the proto-behemoth’s abilities or any Shadow Novas that get cast. Continue to use Barkskin on cooldown until Halfus reaches 50%.

Once Halfus reaches 50%, use Barkskin before each Furious Roar, as everyone gets stunned and is unable to heal.

Valiona and Theralion

While fighting Valiona, use Barkskin when collapsing for Blackout. It can also be used if you get caught in Devouring Flames (but try not to).

While fighting Theralion, Barkskin should be used on cooldown. Between Meteorites, Fabulous Flames and Engulfing Magic, you’re likely taking damage through most of the phase.

Twilight Ascendant Council

During phase 1, use Barkskin when Feludius starts casting Aegis of Flame.

In phase 2, use it before Thundershock or Quake. If you find yourself with the wrong buff (because the tornado and spawned right on top of each other, or you had to run away because you were the lightning rod), Barkskin can help you survive.

When you reach phase 3 the whole raid will start taking increasing amounts of damage, use Barkskin on cooldown.


In phase 1, there is only one source of unavoidable damage on the raid. When Cho’gall has Shadow’s Orders up, the raid will be taking shadow damage on each of his melee strikes. Use Barkskin to mitigate the damage from this.

In phase 2, damage will begin to ramp up as your Corruption increases. Cho’gall will begin using Corruption of the Old God which will do damage to the whole raid every 2 seconds. Use Barkskin on cooldown throughout the phase.

Baradin Hold


Use Barkskin just before you get hit with Meteor Slash.

And now, a rant!

I read a comment about Barkskin the other day that really made me mad. The comment questioned how useful Barkskin really was for druids, and claimed that they rarely use it because they can survive without it.

My mind, it was boggled.

I know that some people don’t use Barkskin because they forget. It never became part of their playstyle, and they just don’t think of it. That is very unfortunate, but is an innocent mistake (though they should really work on it). To say “I rarely use Barkskin because I can survive without it” is awful. In my mind it’s no better than saying:Ā  “I could run out of this fire on the ground immediately, but I can survive a few ticks” or “I could interrupt this spell, but it’s not going to kill anyone.”

When you’re in a dungeon or raid with other people, every little bit counts. When faced with the option of taking 60,000 damage or using Barkskin and taking only 48,000 damage, the correct course of action should be extremely obvious.

Happy Barkskining!

11 responses to “Barkskin in Bastion of Twilight

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  2. Loving the series. I made it a point this past lockout to briefly scan your last article before each BWD pull to quickly refresh myself on the best times to pop the ability, and it helped a lot. Throwing the parses next to each other in CompareBot, I saw a large increase in Barkskin uptime (all but 1 fight ended up being 1 usage shy of max uptime), and damage taken dropped quite considerably (also taking me from middle-high in the raid to second from last for damage taken, though this wasn’t all Barkskin ;-)).

    Taking this a step further, I’m also now trying to really plan out my other cooldowns pre-pull, namely ToL, Tranquility, and concentration potions. I can’t stand going back to WoL and seeing I didn’t pop something for a fight, and keeping these abilities at the forefront greatly helps.

    • Thanks Jim! I’m glad you’re finding the posts useful.

      I love hearing about people who plan their cooldowns to make the most of them. It makes me a happy healer.

  3. Just because people CAN survive without it doesn’t make it right! Or optimally effective. As a DK DPS, I don’t *need* to be popping my defensive CDs…but of course I’m going to! Usually in the same cases you mention for Barkskin. šŸ™‚
    Rades recently posted..Garrosh- demon blood &amp Sylvanas master plan

    • Exactly! You might be able to survive without them, but everytime you use them, that’s healing (and mana) that can be used on someone taking unavoidable damage instead.

  4. Good post šŸ˜€ I love Barkskin and definitely would not want to be without it… has saved my tail more than once! Also like popping it with tranquility to make sure I get the full channel off. At the moment I’m loving Barkskin + Mirror of Broken Images (/use resist trinket) from TB for certain fights, perfect alternating those for HM Nef on the 10% crackles. Definitely keeps me alive šŸ˜€ Now if only more DPS would time their cooldowns too… šŸ˜›
    FeralTree recently posted..406 Thoughts and Healer Cooldown Issues Addressed

    • Thanks! I’m not familiar with that trinket (total number of TB dailies done on both characters…zero), but it does sound very useful for high damage fights.

  5. I’m a horrible person. I usually forget Barkskin, but I also don’t care much unless there’s something deadly. I cast from puddles of death if I know they won’t kill me. Yes, bad druid, wasting mana. I’m trying to get better at Barkskinning (at least with Tranq!) but my bad habits die hard.
    Jen recently posted..One month of Cataclysm

    • This one is a cinch to improve on actually, since you can macro the two together due to Barkskin being off the global cooldown. Just replace your Tranquility button/key with a macro containing the following:

      #showtooltip Tranquility
      /cast Barkskin
      /cast Tranquility

      This will cast Barkskin (if it’s available) followed by Tranquility, with a single keypress.

  6. If you care about being a top tier player, you learn to use Barkskin and it makes a bigger difference than you can imagine. If you don’t care about being a great player, don’t bother. Just don’t think you’re great unless you use all your tools properly, no matter what class you play. IMO šŸ™‚

    • For sure, learn to use all your tools. Most classes have a number of good tricks up their sleeves for keeping themselves alive, people just need to learn how to use them.