Video Issue in 4.0.6 – Graphics won’t go above ‘Fair’

Does this ugly red bar look familiar?

WoW Video settings - graphics won't go above Fair

When I logged on after 4.0.6 my usually pretty WoW graphics were dull and blurry. I was unable to set my graphics to anything above fair, while before the patch they were at ultra. If you’re having this same issue, try updating your video drivers (especially if you have an Nvidia card – they can be updated here), it worked for me.

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  2. I first had this issue after installing Cataclysm back in December and I just wanted to point out that I actually play on a 17″ widescreen Dell laptop so when I was researching this problem for myself, I went to the Dell website and entered my service tag # only to find there were no driver updates available for my model. So I lived with the crappy graphics for another week while I did more researching. Then a friend of mine suggested I go directly to the Nvidia website to check for updates and there was one available to me there.

    So public service announcement… go directly to the website of your card’s manufacturer to check for driver updates. I am so happy to have my beautiful graphics back.
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