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I recently went through my feed reader to attempt to clean it up and organize it. After going through everything I noticed that there are 78 blogs in my Inactive folder (no posts for 6 weeks or more). Where did everyone go? The 78 isn’t even counting people who have officially closed up shop, just people whose posting has trailed off. There’s sometimes a bit of warning…a post about how busy they’ve been, something to indicate they aren’t happy with the game or changes made to their class, but for the most part people seem to just fall off the face of the earth. Perhaps some of these people will reappear once Cataclysm is released, but many seem to have given up on their blogs altogether.

Meanwhile new blogs are popping up all the time and other bloggers are thriving. Vixsin and Morynne recently reached the 1-year milestone and Vidyala is approaching hers. Even I’ll be at a year in a few weeks.

What is it that keeps people blogging? I suppose the answer is different for everyone. Some people love to write, some people like having a soapbox to stand on, some like sharing information and helping people.

Why do you blog? If you’ve blogged in the past, why did you stop?

Also, I have a plea for bloggers (I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again): Please, please, show your full posts in your rss feed. I can tell you for certain that not doing this will cost you subscribers and visits. Make sure you’re subscribed to your own feed so you can check whether full posts are displaying.

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  1. I started blogging because I was bored during the post-Sunwell, pre-Wrath lull, and because I liked helping people with strats etc, so my blog was an outlet.

    I keep blogging because I love helping people, and I like contributing to the community.

    The incomplete feed thing is really annoying. I know that some people do it so that you have to go to the site and see the whole thing, perhaps see ads etc.. but often readers will just skip you (or unsubscribe) if they can’t read your post in their reader. I definitely advise people not to have it set up that way.

    And make sure your comments allow people to just use Name/URL. I hate it when I am only given the choice of different site logins. It has made me close MANY posts without leaving a comment – so if you do this you are missing out on comments!

    • Well, the druid community should be thankful for the post-Sunwell boredom then, we gained an awesome resource.

      Hearing about the timeframe you started blogging just made me realise that I have been raiding in ICC for the whole time I’ve been blogging. /boggle That’s kind of depressing. Can’t wait to have a new raid to talk about.

      I completely agree with your point on comments. I don’t have an OpenID and I don’t use my Google profile. Keep it simple please.

  2. That’s why I’ve always been reluctant to start up a blog. I’m sure there would be many periods where I was inactive, lol. >.<

    • It’s okay to be inactive for a while, just as long as you come back.

      /use Force powers
      You want to start a blog.

    • Do it, Elzzar! I can think of quite a few bloggers who post when they happen to have content instead of restricting themselves to schedules. I enjoy and anticipate their posts, even if they are sparse when the writers get busy. Don’t apologize for your posts or lack thereof, just post when you can. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Jaslay – Really agree with you on the incomplete feed. As a reader, I must be able to use RSS and it must load the whole thing.
      Enlynn recently posted..the real shattering

      • And on my very first comment on your blog, I spelled your name wrong. My apologies. I’ve been following you since you moved, I enjoy your posts. Sorry Jasyla! >_>
        Enlynn recently posted..the real shattering

        • Ahh, sorry it took so long to respond to this, I was away at the beginning of the month and I guess I lost track of my comments.

          Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy the posts. Don’t worry about spelling my name wrong, lots of people do it and I think I’ve heard every possible mis-pronunciation on Vent.

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  4. I blog because I can’t shut up. I’ve asked myself several times. what’s the point? Shouldn’t I be directing my creativity towards something more productive? But then I fall back again… writing yet another blogpost. Because I enjoy doing it. I think the respons you get, the community, the social aspect of it helps too. I’ve never ever written a blog post in order to be helpful or to contribute to the community though. I don’t feel that I have anything particularly useful information to give out that isn’t already there.

    • Just because you’re not writing guides doesn’t mean you’re not contributing to the community. I think the huge amount of discussion you generate on every post you write shows just how much the community appreciates your contributions. It’s not all about stats and boss strategies. Your positive outlook on WoW when a lot of other people are whining about it is very refreshing.

  5. I started blogging because I wanted to chat, and because I was bored to tears at work. I started writing less because I got busier at work and I don’t have much time for writing uninterrupted.

    That being said, I’ve been blogging in one form or another since 2003 and I never cared about being consistent or providing content or getting people to check my blog every day. I’m happy that some people read, but writing on a schedule would just get me to stop having fun and eventually quit. I never pretended I write useful things, so if people like me and want to come back… they probably will even if I stop for a couple of weeks. (As for the people who don’t use RSS and just check blogs manually… I might lose a couple of readers, but I just don’t get why you’d make like so much harder for yourself, sorry.)
    Jen recently posted..Happy birthday Soulbound!

    • My blog was also born while bored at work.

      Being sporadic with posting isn’t a bad thing, it makes things more exciting when a post pops up in my reader.

  6. Miss Medicina inspired me to blog, and the introduction of SAN really fuled the fire that kept me going this long.

    And I’m in total agreement about the full posts in RSS Feeds, it’s so discouraging to see only the first three lines because I veiw my feedreader at work and cant always go to the page….
    Fealen recently posted..Countdown- 4 Days til Cataclysm

    • Miss Medicina is one of the bloggers in my inactive folder ๐Ÿ™ Come back, Miss Medicina! Her Circle of Healers questionnaire gave me the push I needed to start up a blog so I’d have somewhere to answer it.

  7. I’m so glad that we have so many amazing druid related blogs around. I’ve been pondering about starting my own for a while. I’ve been playing on my druid main (feral/resto) since release and think I could share a lot of good stories, strats and the like. It just seems a bit hard to find the time and gather all the information required to start up a decent looking blog that follows all the technical requirements or whatnot.

    Maybe I’ll start looking at it seriously over the holydays, but with Cataclysm coming out…

    Two thumbs up again for the great blog Jasyla

    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      I say you should go for it and make a blog. It’s true that setting it up can be rather time consuming, but how much time it takes is really up to you. You can always start with something simple, which should be really fast to set up, and then make tweaks and upgrades as you find the time or the need for it. There’s also a lot of information out there to help you out. Blog Azeroth is a great resource and there are some very blog-savvy people out there (Jen and Zelmaru are my heroes!).

      • I’ve already made a todo list:

        – Find out how/where to host
        – Figure out how to setup wordpress
        – Install the theme I selected
        – Modify the theme with banners, pictures etc
        – Find/install WOW related plugins
        – Pick a fun/edgy/cool/clever/interesting title/brandname
        – Start posting content!!!

        We’ll see how I can get things rolling.

  8. I started blogging for several reasons, my main one was Mrs. Dwarf Priest, may she rest in peace. I loved her holy gear list but I always wanted to see one for disc… so I figured I’d do it. Plus I have control issues and I’m self centered (great combo) so blogging helps to vent.

    I think the greatest thing about blogging though is the community behind the scenes you get to meet.

    Side note… I don’t even use a feed reader for blogs. I just have everyone book marked in a links folder and I open them all up at once to check for new things. Do you find feed readers to be more useful than visiting their websites? What’s the reason for using one?
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    • The blogging community is pretty great.

      Feed readers are very useful. Whenever a new post is created on any of the blogs you follow, you’ll be able to see that in your reader. It’ll save you the time spent visiting the blogs that haven’t been updated since your last visit. It also really helps if you’re reading from somewhere with internet filters that may block some sites.

  9. Why DO so many Druids have blogs? It’s crazy! I’m pretty sure that the blogosphere is dominated by far by Druids! Especially resto druids!

    I started blogging because I was bored at work and was (am) completely addicted. Since then (2008) I’ve switched jobs so I can no longer blog at work, but the site has been kept going. Inexplicably, a devoted and loyal following has somehow sprung up… boggles my mind.

    p.s. people who post with “click here to read the full post!” have never worked in an office where a blog reader is their last hold on a very strained sanity.
    latusthegoat recently posted..Practice for Cata

    • I wonder about that. Maybe it says something about personality type and the class you chose to play. Resto druids like to share information and just can’t shut up :p

  10. Blog to the sound of your own words – or there abouts, at the end of the day, readers do help, but you need to love what your doing, love reading what are people are writing, as well as love what your writing about to keep going.

  11. I started a few months back mainly because of my love of the game and for the friendships I’ve made. By the way, your site is very pretty.
    Mirandinn recently posted..The Illustrous Raincot

  12. Thanks for the link! I’m finally back and catching up on my feedreader…

    I think I’ve managed to avoid all the pitfalls you mentioned ๐Ÿ˜€ As for why I blog, I found that I had an overabundance of time at work, lots of screenshots, and some opinions or stories about my characters that didn’t really have a place to be shared. My biggest challenge now is finding time to clean up and post all these screenshots in between playing the game itself!

    • Screenshots take a long time. I can write posts fairly quickly but whenever I want to add images, or even Wowhead links, it adds a considerable amount of time. I think pretty pictures are worth it though.