Dead Sexy

My baby priest is growing up. She’s now level 62 and is trudging through Outlands. I love some of the Outlands zones, but there is one major thing in Outlands that I do not like: The leveling gear.

Outlands leveling gear

Forget hide cloak and helm, I want to hide it all. Yech.

Now that I’ve decided my priest will be my Horde main I’m reconsidering my choice of undead. Generally I like my characters to be either pretty females or male Taurens. Perhaps a race change is in store for Pasiphae?

4 responses to “Dead Sexy

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  2. While Male Taurens look great in the ‘heavier’ gear, I think they look positively ridiculous in cloth.

    For Horde cloth wearers, Forsaken has probably been the best looking choice so far; your other options would have been Trolls. o_O Orcs have some really strong-looking casting animations, but they can only be warlocks, so…

    Goblin? 😀

    • Definitely won’t be making any cloth wearing tauren.

      Goblins are only a tiny step above gnomes. They are for punting.

      The only other race I’d consider is blood elf but I’m not really crazy about them either.

  3. I keep forgetting Blood Elves exist..