Just in time for the Shattering

It's Over Nine Thousand achievement

One pre-Cata goal finished! Last night I went on an achievement rampage trying to get this done before the world ended. First I got Turkinator, then I bought a Grand Ice Mammoth. My last 10 points came from Wintergrasp Ranger when one of my guildies agreed to get on a Horde character and let me kill him repeatedly in the Cauldron of Flames (thanks Mate!).

Looking back at some of my pre-Cata goals, I think I did okay.

Druid Jasyla

  • Kill the Lich King – Done. I did end up killing 25-man first.
  • Get a Frostbrood Vanquisher mount – Done
  • Buy all the PVP mounts (while doing as little PVP as possible) – 1 more left, should get it soon
  • Catch a Sea Turtle mount – no luck here 🙁
  • Get the Salty title – nope, darn fishing contests
  • Get exalted with 3 more factions (that would make 35) – Done! Now exalted with 38 and might get to 40 before December.
  • Get a 4th character to level 80 – Done! I got a 4th (warrior) and 5th (mage) to level 80.

I also finished some of my goals for my hunter, but after the switch to focus I stopped playing her almost entirely so I’ve abandoned those goals.

Did you manage to check off everything on your bucket list?

Happy Shattering, everyone!

6 responses to “Just in time for the Shattering

  1. Got Loremaster, which was good.
    Got the Pony for my squire.
    Got a second toon to 60…

    Didn’t get Lichy Boy down – we stalled at 7/12 in ICC.
    Didn’t get a Horde toon through all the original 1 to 60 content.

    Ah, well. All change!
    Leafy recently posted..From the patch notes

  2. I’m still shy 1 mount for my 100 mounts achievement. I’ve put together a group to get the icc10 skeletal dragon so hoping that’ll be my last one!
    Xeonio recently posted..Off Topic- TSA

    • So close! Good luck with the last one.

      I’m sitting at 92. There are a bunch of Argent Tournament mounts that I don’t have yet but I just can’t make myself do anymore of those dailies. I think the 100 achievement will have to wait for new mounts to be introduced.