LFD: How to Fit In

In the process of leveling my priest I’ve done dozens of random dungeons. While my usual strategy is to be polite and perform my role to the best of my ability, I’ve discovered that this makes me stick out like a sore thumb in most groups. If you want to make a good impression on people in LFD, you need to fit in. Here are some of the things I’ve learned about how to act in random dungeons.

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  • Rush towards the first pack of mobs as soon as you zone into the instance. Do not wait for buffs, do not wait to make sure everyone else has zoned in. Don’t let the fact that you zoned in with 20% health stop you either.
  • Don’t ever look at your healer’s mana. This is something they need to learn to manage on their own.
  • If your healer gets behind you or sits down to drink, keep going. It’s their job to follow and heal you. If you wait, you’re just encouraging them to slack off. If the healer is behind you because they’re looting their corpses, kick them from the group.
  • Never pull less than 3 packs of mobs at a time. People are in a hurry to get this dungeon over with and will play better under pressure. Bonus points if you go around corners or through multiple rooms while pulling all these packs. You’re teaching your healer the importance of line of sight.
  • When pulling multiple packs you only need to run past them. If people get attacked they need to learn to manage their aggro.
  • Tank in your dps spec. The dungeon will go faster.


  • If the tank is pulling too slowly help the group out by pulling groups yourself. Alternatively you can try to speed things up by yelling “Tank gogogogogo.”
  • Attack any mob you want. The one the tank is hitting will die too quickly and you won’t have time to ramp up your damage, so dps something that hasn’t been hit yet.
  • If you have an AoE spell use it exclusively.
  • Keep your pet on aggressive, it will speed up the pulls.
  • Keep your pet’s growl on auto-cast, it will take some pressure off the tank.


  • Go AFK without saying anything, it will be a good test for the rest of the group.
  • Help the run go faster by dps-ing throughout the whole instance.
  • Don’t bother buying water before you queue for a dungeon, you won’t have time to drink anyway.
  • If you are a priest, make sure you use Psychic Scream if a mob so much as looks at you, especially when trash packs are tightly packed. Fade is for noobs.

For everyone

  • If someone dies, continue to pull so the person trying to rez never leaves combat.
  • If your group wipes, take that time to catch up on your email or go get a drink until the healer comes to rez you. If you have nothing else to do, just spam party chat with “Rez me,” “Heals, rez me now.”
  • Call people by their class name or by “tank” or “heals”
  • If you have to leave before the dungeon is finished, do so without saying a word about it. Also make sure to aggro a trash pack or seven before you leave the dungeon.
  • Never admit you’re at fault. Everything that goes wrong should always be blamed on someone else.

15 responses to “LFD: How to Fit In

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  2. Having leveled 2 healers all the way to 80 thru LFD, I feel qualified to say; this is perfect! πŸ™‚

    • You must have the patience of a saint. I do a number of randoms, but to do them exclusively…I think everything in my computer room would be at risk of being smashed.

  3. This is pretty much accurate, sadly.

    I will say that I have used Psychic Scream on my baby disc priest a couple of times when fade was on CD. In both cases the tank was being an idiot… screaming at me for heals and telling me if I aggroed it, he was going to make me tank it… [real genius those ones]. You can glyph it so the mob stands in place so that it’s less of an issue.
    Askevar recently posted..Lessons from Lowbie LFD or how to get on your healers bad side

    • Yes, I’m sure the glyph does come in handy. Though I’ve seen priests run around fearing mobs into other packs. Not fun. Well, maybe for the priest.

  4. Hahaha it’s a bit sad just how true that rings, from RFC all the way up to HoR. LFD is going to be a true test of patience in Cataclysm, as at least now you can have some of this craziness and still do alright in the dungeon, whether to overgearing or just less challenging mobs. Ploughing through dungeons will not be possible in Cata though.

    Now we have to hope that the few good groups we get aren’t filled with jerks – already on beta I had a drama tank; refused to ‘carry’ dps (dps was fine and were even CCing properly) and sat down and refused to pull or even move until one of the dps changed their spec. thank goodness for the vote to kick option.
    FeralTree recently posted..Cataclysm Faction Rep Guide for Resto and Feral Druids

  5. It seems like at least one person in every group I ever get into follows your rules perfectly.

    Personally I can not bring myself to tank or heal any more at a low level.

    You tell people “I am pulling these mobs back here” and you move up to taunt them to you and they follow you and get themselves eaten alive and blame me. What the hell where you doing up here when I said I was bringing them back there?

    As a healer I can not tell you the number of times I sat to drink and the tank runs off into mobs and dies and yells at me. Hey tank, you see me sitting back here drinking because I am not ready? No? Well the three DPS did and that is why they are back here alive with me and you are all alone dead up there.

    Even as DPS it can be a hassle sometimes. The other day in BRD the packs with 4 non-elites and 1 elite in them I did not even bother doing tank and F to see the tanks focus. Even a brain dead moron knows that the tank is going to focus the elite being the non elites will go down to AoEs and cleaves and such. Each pack I end up with the elite on me in a matter of 2 seconds, even after waiting for the tank to get arrgo first. The tank yells, if you keep taking aggro pally you can tank it. I didn’t say a word but the first thing that went through my mind was, well if you actually tanked the mobs you were supposed to tank it would be okay.

    It seems like people have to take stupid pills before they enter a dungeon and I missed out on mine.

    Love the rules. I have to start following them. Maybe it will make my leveling experience better. Seems I was doing it totally wrong. I’ll make sure to follow all the rules from now on.
    TheGrumpyElf recently posted..Ruby Sanctum

  6. I have learned that people in any role can be terrible. Tanks, healers, dps, have approximately equal chance of taking their stupid pills before they queue up.

    I’ve found in the last few weeks that there is almost always someone in the group who will act like an idiot and spoil my fun.

  7. I’ve obviously been doing it wrong all along! The HORROR!

    I shall have to follow your excellent guide from nowon – I wouldn’t want to stick out like an oddball in those dungeons… πŸ˜›
    Saga recently posted..Five Points on What Makes a Raid Leader Great Warlock Version

    • I think a number of players have been doing it wrong. So upsetting to think that we’ve caused groups to be unsuccessful because we didn’t follow – or weren’t even aware of – the rules. :p

  8. i levelled a resto drood thru LFD quickstyle and right now levelling a disc priest thru same system.

    I LOL’ED at your sarcasm. it the best post ever.
    1. threaten to leave group if tank dont do as you say
    2. dont heal anybody thats not behaving like how they should in the list (obviously duh!)
    3. insisting the tank pull more than 3 mobs
    4. run in front of the tank and pull everything.

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  10. Love the post – you could almost play idiot bingo with a list like this while leveling and gearing up. A good tank, dps, and healer ethos is the cornerstone of being a great player, but also teh stone that crushes your will to continue.
    TyphoonAndrew recently posted..Ranting about Internet connections