Shared Topic: Fringe Benefits of Bringing a Resto Druid to Raid

It’s been a while since I participated in a shared topic at Blog Azeroth. This week’s topic, submitted by Shopshopshop combined two of my favorite things to talk about: druids and raid utility.

So, besides being innately awesome, what does a resto druid bring to a raid?

  1. Versatility
    Druids are the only class that can fulfill any role: tank, healer, melee and ranged dps. With dual-specs and the recent changes to gear resto druids can switch between resto and balance fairly easily if your raid comp requires a little shake-up.
  2. Buffs
    Mark of the Wild – Provides a boost to stats and magic resistances to all raid members.
  3. Debuffs
    Faerie Fire – It is ideal for a moonkin or feral druid to put this up, but a resto can do it if one of those isn’t available.  The armor debuff will benefit all physical damage classes in the raid.
  4. Mana
    Replenishment – Resto druids are the only healing class that provide this buff.
    Innervate – Restores 20% of total mana. With the Glyph of Innervate we are more likely to share this spell with others.
  5. Crowd Control
    Cyclone – The short duration means this isn’t the preferred method of CC in most situations. However, the invulnerability effect makes this the best choice for CC’ing players on any fight with a mind-control component.
    Hibernate – Works on beasts and dragonkin.
    Entangling Roots – A good method of crowd controlling melee mobs. This is also procced by Nature’s Grasp if the druid gets attacked.
  6. Other good things:
    Rebirth – The one and only combat res (for now). With the new Glyph of Rebirth, players are brought back to life at full health.
    Remove Corruption – Resto druids can remove poisons, curses and magic effects.
    Soothe – This spell was just recently changed. Druids now have a Tranq Shot!
    Thorns – This now lasts for only 20 seconds, but the damage done has increased by a lot. Tossing it on a tank as they’re about to pull will help them generate aggro. This is especially nice on multi-mob pulls.

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3 responses to “Shared Topic: Fringe Benefits of Bringing a Resto Druid to Raid

  1. I had no idea they’d changed soothe. o_O

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