Trick or Treat

Last week I mentioned that Hallow’s End was my favorite WoW holiday. I take it back. Fourteen HHM kills on my druid, zero pretty flying horses. Also, apparently Halloween is “be an asshole in randoms” day. I must have missed the memo. I did two random dungeons on my new priest this afternoon. First up was Gnomeregan. We got to the floor with Electrucutioner on it, the pally tank bubbled, pulled 4 packs, pulled the boss, ran down and pulled more packs, then left the group. Asshole. Then I did Razorfen Kraul. A rogue pulled 3 packs of trash then left. Two minutes later the bear tank – after winning a new weapon – pulls a pack and drops group. So: Pallykingz of Kil’Jaeden, Raviny of Silver Hand and Ahbwa of Kilrogg, congratulations you are the tools of the day and prime candidates for the Bee Pit.

On a more positive note, I finally got Less-Rabi on my druid and finished off Glory of the Hero.

Red Proto Drake

Finishing that put me at 8910 achievement points. As long as I do all of Pilgrim’s Bounty I am going to make it to 9000 before Cata. Hooray!

WoW graphical glitch, hole in head

Help, there's a little man in my head1

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you get lots of treats and much better PuGs than I did.

4 responses to “Trick or Treat

  1. Meh, I know what you mean – I got no pretty, flying horse on my warlock either 🙁

    Instead I got 2.. 2!!! on an alt.. sure, I guess I could have not done it on alts, but I wanted that sweet, free 19g for 1 minute's work. Just wish I could send one of them to the warlock.. but oh well.. maybe next year

    Grats on your red proto-drake though – at least that's something ! 🙂

    • I didn’t run it on my alts. I would have been so mad if I had got the mount on one of them. Here’s hoping for BoA mount drops next year.

  2. I know how you feel. I have 4 toons I killed HH with everyday, and did not see the mount on any of them. My hatred for HH grows stronger… at least I don't have to hear his laugh for another year. : /

    • I never hated him for the lack of drops because they were very rare before. This year it seemed like everyone else had one, so I started to get bitter.