My priest leveling experience

As I mentioned last week, I recently created a new toon – a shadow priest. It feels like forever since I leveled a new character and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I haven’t spent this much time in-game outside of a raid in a long time. I’m attempting to level in the most “pure” way possible. No heirlooms. No gear or gold from my 80s. The only thing I did was send bags to my priest as lack of bag space pisses me off. I’m also trying to level mining without doing any smelting – I have no idea why, I think I’m just crazy.

Here are some of my impressions on leveling a new priest:

  • I’m enjoying melting faces as Shadow, but I also really like that I can still heal in dungeons. Power Word: Shield is my best friend.
  • No matter how many times I’m brutally killed after pulling 4 or 5 mobs at a time I keep doing doing it, thinking “I’ll live through it this time!”
  • Getting mounts at level 20 is awesome.
  • Spells scaling with level is extra awesome.
  • I love how after level 10 you get something new every level (for the most part). A talent point on the odd levels and a new skill on the evens. This means there’s always something to look forward to. However:
  • Priests get shafted between levels 21 and 27. Cure Disease, Fade, Dispel Magic – boring! Also, the talents available to you between these levels are kind of a waste. Most effect spells that you don’t even have yet.
  • Random dungeons are an absolute mess. They’re filled with people in heirloom gear who run around like chickens with their heads cut off. I think every single dungeon I’ve done has had a twink rogue in them that runs off ahead to stab things and doesn’t help at all with the mobs the rest of the group is killing. At least 3 people always have aggro at one time. That said, I’ve also usually had one excellent player who is very protective of the healer (me!) and gets all the mobs off me.
  • I don’t like questing in Hillsbrad Foothills. I need to find a new place to quest my way through the mid-20s.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Devouring Plague! This time I will remember that it can only be used on one target at a time.
  • Dual specs! I can’t wait to Smite-heal my way through dungeons.
Devouring Plague

In other news, the Headless Horseman is still a dick.

Also, if anyone reading this is a foodie, I’ve written reviews of two of the restaurants I went to in Las Vegas at the beginning of the month: Sage and Joel Robuchon. They were both excellent. I’ve also included lots of delicious pictures.

5 responses to “My priest leveling experience

  1. I haven't leveled anything since the last patch, and I keep thinking I should.. but I'm out of character slots and I don't particularly want to delete anything *lol* I have a char of every class and the lowest is 69.. except for a druid that I started over which is 29. I could delete the druid, but I want to wait until Cataclysm instead and re-make it a worgen to give that a go. So I guess I'll have to wait a bit *sigh* I do look forward to checking out the new (old) world when leveling in Cataclysm though.

    It's cool to hear of people managing fine on priests these days. I remember leveling mine in vanilla and it was absolutely horrible! Most classes seem a lot easier to level now, which is good. Especially since any new character in Cata has 85 levels to catch up on!

    • My plan was to wait until the xpac (or at least when the new quests come in 4.0.3), but I was so bored in-game that I jumped the gun. I will be leveling a warrior once Cata hits though and I'm looking forward to questing through the new zones.

      I think leveling has become a much more enjoyable process for all classes. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing the changes with warriors. When I made my first one (3 years ago?), I levelled her as prot and the process was borderline masochistic.

  2. Ah Joel Robuchon is fantastic isn't it? Did they still have the $80 baked potato? Its seriously $80, its a huge spud with an entire white truffle shaved over the top of it and topped with truffle oil. It was pretty darn good, good thing my dad ordered it and my parents were picking up the bill!

  3. The secret to living when you pull 4-5 mobs at once is to never stop moving. Keep running in circles, preferably around a large tree if one is handy, or hills/cliffs if not. Running in circles out on the plains works too if nothing else though. Just keep on moving so they can’t melee you very often, refresh your DoT’s once half of their duration is gone (so they don’t despawn), and use your bubble and renew to keep yourself alive. The good thing about trees/cliffs is that you can cast through them but the mobs can’t melee you (though they can cast or ranged attack).

    I fully agree that most of the 20’s suck since you get so very little, but it does get better as you push closer to 30. I’ve been focusing on toons other than my priest though, so you’ll out-level my guides before too long if you haven’t already.

    Good luck, and here’s to many, MANY, more melted faces in your future. 😉

    • That’s good advice. As a long time druid, I usually subscribe to the school of “stand in place and cast hurricane over and over”, which doesn’t translate
      very well to the priest.

      I’m up to level 35 now. I seem to have reached another lull in exciting talents and new abilities.