Raid Debuffs – Updated for Cataclysm

Here are all of the debuffs that will be in play come Cataclysm. With the exception of a couple level 80+ skills, most are available as of patch 4.0.1.

For the full, up-to-date debuff guide, see Raid Buffs and Debuffs.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • As always, the debuffs in each category do not stack.
  • Debuffs have been normalized so that each debuff in a category is the same (with the exception of healing taken and castin speed).
  • Different types of hunter pets now provide different debuffs


Reduces armor by 12%

Attack Speed

Reduces melee and ranged attack speed by 20%

Bleed Damage

Increases bleed damage taken by 30%

Casting Speed

Reduces casting speed by 30%

Reduces casting speed by 25%

Crit Chance

Increases chance to be critically hit by 5%

Damage Done

Reduces physical damage dealt by 10%

Damage Taken (magic)

Increases magic damage taken by 8%

Damage Taken (physical)

Increases physical damage taken by 4%

Healing Taken

Reduces healing taken by 10%

For the first part of this post see: Raid Buffs

Windsoar has also made a list of buffs and debuffs sorted by the class that provides them. Take a look over at Jaded Alt.


I’m also making my spreadsheet available if you want to download it. It might be easier to work with since you can sort by class, type, spec, etc. Download the Excel spreadsheet here.

8 responses to “Raid Debuffs – Updated for Cataclysm

  1. Incredibly useful posts for reference. Thanks Jas! : )

  2. A small mistake, any DK's Icy Touch will cause the 20% attack speed debuff from Frost Fever (a disease). IT is used by every spec as part of their standard priority system.

  3. Very nice posts, I'll definitely keep coming back here so I remember who can do what.. then I can yell at them when they don't.. hehe

    Though obviously I will ignore the fact that I (warlock) can now supply the 5% crit buff since shadowbolt is not part of my rotation *cough* I'll have to recruit a fire mage!

    • Thanks 🙂

      It's strange that there are only 2 classes that can do the crit debuff. Most others have 4 or 5 different classes that provide them.

  4. Awesome! and thanks for the worksheet.

    One thing I have wondered, though. All of these hunter pet buffs aren’t just automatically applied when you have the pet out, do they? Most have to be cast by the pet when it goes off cool-down, but that may depends on focus available. If you have all the pet’s special abilities working, I would think that would lower the uptime of the buff.

    I’ve never totally understood how the auto-cast priority system of pets works, to be honest.

    I’d be interested in reading a post about specifically how best to set up each pet’s abilities to maximize the uptime of the buffs in a raid, or if they need to be manually cast, and how best to do that.

    • That is a good question, but one which I don’t have a complete answer to. Many abilities, such as a cat’s Roar of Courage do not cost any focus, so your pets normal damage abilities should not interfere with it. However, when on auto-cast it will not be re-cast until the buff falls off, resulting in <100% uptime. However, you could probably combat this by macroing the buff ability to one of your shots so it never falls off.

      I don't really understand how the auto-cast priority works either. I assume the abilities with the lowest focus cost get used first, but beyond that, I'm not sure.