Raid Buffs – Updated for Cataclysm

Here are all of the raid buffs that will be in play come Cataclysm. With the exception of a couple level 80+ skills, most are available as of patch 4.0.1.

For the full, up-to-date debuff guide, see Raid Buffs and Debuffs.

A few things to keep in mind when stacking raid buffs:

  • As always, the buffs in each category do not stack.
  • Buffs have been normalized so that each buff in a category is the same (this applies to everything but the spell power and spell pushback buffs).
  • Different types of hunter pets now provide different buffs and debuffs


Increases armor by 10352

Attack Power

Increases attack power by 10%

Attack Speed

Increases ranged and melee attack speed by 10%

Critical Strike Chance

Increases critical strike chance by 5%


Increases all damage done by 3%

Damage Reduction

Reduces physical damage taken by 10%

Major Haste

Increases casting and attack speed by 30% for 40 seconds.


Increases mana by 2126

Mana Regeneration

Increases Mp5 by 326


Grants up to 10 party or raid members mana regeneration equal to 1% of their maximum mana per 10 sec. Lasts for 15 sec.

Spell Haste

Increases spell haste by 5%

Spell Power

Increases spell power by 10%

Increases spell power by 6%

Spell Pushback

Reduces spell pushback by 35%

Reduces spell pushback by 30%

Spell Resistance

Increases resistance to all schools of magic by 65

Increases resistance to nature damage by 130

Increases resistance to shadow damage by 130

Increases resistance to fire, shadow and frost damage by 130

Increases resistance to fire, frost and nature damage by 130

Stats – All

Increases stamina, intellect, agility and strength by 5%

Stats – Agility/Strength

Increases agility and strength by 1395

Stats – Stamina

Increases stamina by 1485

See the next part of this post, Raid Debuffs

Windsoar has also made a list of buffs and debuffs sorted by the class that provides them. Take a look over at Jaded Alt.

I’m also making my spreadsheet available if you want to download it. It might be easier to work with since you can sort by class, type, spec, etc. Download the Excel spreadsheet here.

10 responses to “Raid Buffs – Updated for Cataclysm

  1. I pretty much adore you for this.

    One thing, though, the haste buff for hunters you linked was to Ferocious Inspiration, not Hunting Party. Amazing job here, though. Thank you for this!

  2. This is awesome, totally bookmarking it. One addition – I believe the hunter exotic pet Shale Spider (not implemented yet) will give the same buff as Kings/Mark of the Wild.

  3. This is an excellent resource, but it might be worth noting that a Holy Paladin's Aura Mastery will temporarily double any affect granted by a aura (100% Pushback Protection and silence immunity, 260 Spell Resistance, 20704 armor… and 40% mounted speed, I suppose) for six seconds when used. I only mention this since you have another cooldown listed, although the maximum haste buff is much more sought after.

    Then again, they are the only class that brings this.

    Amazingly handy! Thank you!

  4. There was a handy flowchart at petopia, copied into the bottom of the following post:

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