There’s so much rage going on in the druid community over lack of perma-tree and the new tree form art today. As someone who is happy with these things, I feel left out. So I will rage about something else.

You know what really ticks me off?

Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? achievmentSomebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? achievment
Achievements being turned into Feats of Strength. I worked damn hard to get my unarmed and weapon skills up to max. And now it’s not an achievement anymore. Why? Because people who just started playing the game yesterday won’t ever be able to do it. Oh no! Everyone must have equal access to everything!

Why not take it further? I’m upset that I can no longer get an original Brewfest Ram. So no one else should have one either. Take them away! Gotta make it fair.

Give me my points back.

5 responses to “Rage!

  1. My current rage is dealing with my poor UI that is completely and utterly broken atm. Every time I track and fix one error another pops up!

    • That is annoying. I gave up last night and turned off all my addons. It’s going to take a while to get everything set up to my liking again.

      Last night when I tried to speak in guild chat I kept getting the message “You are not in a guild.” That was annoying too.

  2. I haven't really payed attention to my achiev just yet…

    My rage is going towards Druid that whine about the changes without even knowing what they're talking about… I've seen and read comments that make no sense what so ever :s

    • I know they're just arbitrary points, but one of my goals was to get to 9k by the time Cata was released. Taking points away isn't helping.

      The one complaint that I do not understand at all is the whole issue of healers having to DPS. In the druid tree I see a couple talents that will make it easier for us to throw out some offensive spells but nothing that gives me the impression that we must dps in order to be effective healers.

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