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We all knew this was coming in Cata, but I didn’t realise the new Flexible Raid Lock System would be implemented for ICC and Ruby Sanctum in patch 4.0, before the xpac comes out. This pretty much kills any hope I had of working on Heroic Lich King in 10-man. Edit: Or maybe not. The latest post seems to state only the “flex” part is being implemented but the 10 and 25 raids will still be separate. Maybe. I’m finding the explanation of the changes lacking. Update here.

One piece of clarification on questions being asked so far, although we’re still compiling feedback and will work to answer some of the questions and clear up any confusion we can.

The loot system in Icecrown and Ruby Sanctum is not changing. This implementation of the new flex raid lock is only that, a new implementation of the raid lockout system we’ll be using in Cataclysm. This does not change the separation of 10 and 25 in ICC, and does not change the item drops or achievements.

LockI know people have mixed feelings on 10s and 25s sharing lockouts. I’m still undecided on the issue, but reading through the most recent description makes it sound really complicated, especially when heroics are thrown into the mix. I don’t know how useful the ‘flexible’ part of the raid locks will be. Going from a 10 to a 25 (or a 25 to a 10) to continue a raid for the week could be quite difficult from a scheduling and raid comp point of view. Or if you complete 7/12 bosses in ICC with one group (and for some reason can’t continue with them), who says you’ll be able to find another group with only the other 5 up?

What do you think?

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  1. The biggest impact of this change, IMO, is the slower gearing for alts. No more mashing a new toon through 10 and 25 icc every week. Although somewhat mitigated by the badge changes, non-set pieces will be harder to come by. Net result: more cash from gdkp runs!

    • I'm more concerned with my main who likes to run both 10s and 25s than any alts.

      I think it would be smarter to save big changes to raid locks for the actual expansion and leave the current raids alone.

  2. I agree it sounds complicated in the Blue post.

    Switching from 25–>10 is fine with me. A healthy 25-man guild needn't use it, unless you're undermanned for a night for some reason, in which case you split into 2x "cloned" 10-mans and whoever gets furthest is what the re-merged 25-man does on the subsequent raid night(s).

    I'm also looking forward to being encouraged to use a different character for the "enthusiast" 10-man runs on non-mandatory nights, rather than having to bring my main for the badges or practice.

    But this is from the perspective of someone who doesn't PuG much, so I don't have that uncertainty and headaches to contend with.

    • The more I read it, the less I understand it.

      I don't PuG much either, but my guilds still like to do both 10 and 25s. I'm not big on alts.

  3. Wait, how exactly are heroics thrown in? I believe they stated heroics will continue to work as they do on live…

    • Quote: While players can freely move between raids of different sizes in
      normal difficulty, there are some additional rules for Heroic difficulty. If a 10- or 25-player raid defeats a boss on Heroic difficulty, then those players may now only raid additional Heroic encounters with that specific raid. If your Heroic 25-player raid defeats the first four bosses of Icecrown Citadel on Heroic, then they may not split up into two 10-player raids and continue to fight in Heroic difficulty. You may also not join someone else’s raid if they have defeated a Heroic encounter.

      But let’s say you are a member of a Heroic raid in Icecrown Citadel, and after killing Lord Marrowgar on Heroic you have Internet connection issues that prevent you from raiding for two nights. During those two nights, the
      rest of the raid kills everything. Without the Flexible Raid Lock system,
      you would be done with raiding Icecrown Citadel for the week. Ouch. With the Flexible Raid Lock system, you can join someone else’s raid as long as they are doing Normal difficulty. This would at least give you the opportunity to earn your Justice Points for the week. If this raid attempted to switch to Heroic difficulty for Icecrown Gunship Battle with you in the raid, the raid leader would receive an error message stating that she cannot change to Heroic, because someone in the raid (i.e., you) is already locked to a different Heroic instance.


      It does sound kind of similar to live now. Rather than being able to switch
      between 10 and 25s or do encounters with 2 different groups like you will be able to do in normals, you are only allowed to do heroics with the raid group you start them with. At least I think that’s what it says. This is making my head hurt.

  4. I'm so confused…

    So it seems like until Cataclysm, basically business as usual, except you can bring in people who are already saved IF they're not saved past you?

    So our guild can still do 10/25 man ICC till Cata hits?

  5. I feel bad for people who were raiding 25-mans while working on their 10-man drake on the side. =/