Frequently Asked Questions 2

Here are some of the interesting search terms that have brought people here lately:

1. Taming zhevra
Unfortunately, you cannot tame a zhevra. Looks like we won’t be able to tame them in Cataclysm either. Sad, but true.

2. Hunter deterrence ICC
There are lots of places in ICC where using Deterrence can save you from a painful and possibly embarrassing death. Here’s my full list of boss abilities in ICC that you can use deterrence to avoid.

3. Bunraku
I really have no idea why this blog would come up in a search for this. I do however, have a review of the movie Bunraku on my other blog. If you’re looking for information on Japanese puppet shows, I got nothing.

4. Does drums of the wild stack with other resistances
No. Neither drums of the wild or a druid’s Gift of the Wild will stack with the resistances given by pally resist auras, shaman resist totems or a hunter’s aspect. For more on which buffs stack, see my post on raid buffs.

5. Pretty tree
Where? You can’t be talking about druid tree form. Close to some people’s hearts, for sure. Iconic, maybe. But pretty? uh uh. I dreamed up some pretty tree forms one day. Blizzard didn’t take advantage of any of them for Cata. Their loss.

6. How to get to Lich King from Sindragosa
Take the ICC portal to the Upper Spire (or run there if you aren’t near a portal). See that structure in the center that the Valk’s are flying around? Go in there, step on the circle in the middle and you will be ported up to the Frozen Throne.

Port to Lich King platform in the Upper Spire

Before you ask, no, you can’t port back. You’ll have to take a leap off the edge if you want to get down (or just let Arthas smash your face in).

7. Toronto WoW guild
I’m in one of those! If you’re from the Toronto, Ontario area and want to find a local guild, Arm of Hades has about 20 local people in the guild, plus a number of people from elsewhere in Canada and the US. We raid together, we go out for pints together, it’s good times. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in joining us.

8. Healing Blood Queen Lana’thel as a druid
Make the most of your ability to heal a lot of people at one time. The whole raid will be taking significant damage and there’s nothing like Rejuvenation-spam and Wild Growth to to heal up everyone (or mostly everyone) at once. Here’s my guide on healing this encounter as well as what glyphs to use. Don’t forget to Barkskin!

9. When were trees tamed

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