Out of My Element

Earlier this week I did ICC 10 on my shaman to fill in a healing spot in a guild run. I haven’t played seriously on my shaman in over a year. I’ve been to ICC a couple times, but haven’t really gone past the Plague wing. Still, I figured that it would come back to me as I played and as soon as I started remembering to drop my totems and cast Bloodlust (I tend to forget those things when I haven’t played for a while), I’d be fine. However, I found that after a year of basically ignoring my shaman and healing on my druid only, the healing style was very foreign to me.

I really felt the difference once we got to Lich King. On my druid or hunter I’m completely comfortable and can watch the fight and call things out in addition to healing/dps. I was asked to lead the LK fight on my shaman and I did an absolutely terrible job. I had to dedicate all my concentration to what I was supposed to be doing and really didn’t have the capacity to call out instructions to the raid. I felt kinda useless. Playing on my shaman really made me miss my HoTs. Casting a Chain Heal seemed to take forever. Having to stop moving to cast bewildered me, one instant spell just isn’t enough. I’m sure the 8 pieces of gear I’m wearing from Ulduar and Naxx didn’t help much either.

I guess the moral of this story is that I love my druid. 🙂

How do people live without Swiftmend?

5 responses to “Out of My Element

  1. Haha, that's exactly how I feel when I'm healing on another class. "OMG Swiftmend Swiftmend fuck this is not a druid aaaaa!"

    And that's why I just couldn't enjoy healing on a paladin. Not being able to put HoTs on my target to get those 2 seconds of not getting splatted to the floor was… ugh. Pally healing was so stressful. Now my "main alt" is a shaman and, even though I still miss my HoTs, at least there's Earthliving and Riptide… If I ever get to the LK on an alt run I'll report back, it's bound to be fun! (And by fun I mean horribly scary… no Rejuv for the Spirits phase!)

    • I’ve only healed 5-mans on my pally, who is level 72. Bombing people with Holy Lights was actually kinda fun, but I’m not sure I could do it in a raid. I like to be able to heal everyone and I think druids do that the best.

      I really wanted to be good at healing with every class, but the druid playstyle suits me so well and I’m so comfortable with it that it’s hard to dedicate myself to learning something new.

      • Same here… I have 3 healers at 80 and one at 75, but every time I'm on either of them I just miss my druid. Which is good, I think, I know I found my perfect class!

  2. The biggest problem I always have with my shaman is running out of mana constantly! As my precious blue bar plummets I die a little bit inside 🙂