Healing ICC: Rotface


Rotface requies good positional awareness more than anything. If your raid group can master that part of the fight healing is relatively light.

Normal Mode

  • Keep Rejuv and Regrowth on MT
  • Once a big ooze has formed, keep Rejuv and Regrowth on the kiter
  • Stand in Rotface’s hitbox. If he casts slime spray in your direction just move through him to the other side.
  • Wild Growth can be used (target Rotface for best effect) on the people who are slow to get out of slime spray
  • Give some extra HoT love to hunters – they’re the only ones incapable of standing in the hitbox and will have to move further for slime spray and and are more likely to take a few ticks of radiating ooze or ooze flood
  • Hit anyone who gets Mutated Infection with a Rejuv, Regrowth and maybe even a lifebloom. They will be taking less healing, take damage from the infection itself and probably take a few tics of radiating ooze
  • Supplement your healing with Nourish and Swiftmend when people get low on health
  • If you get Mutated Infection, use Barkskin as you are running to the big ooze
  • At 30%, the infection rate increases and healing will get a little heavier
Heroic Mode

Hard Mode

The differences in hard mode are:

  • Rotface has more health and hits harder
  • Professor Putricide will cast vile gas on random ranged players (need at least 7-8 ranged)
  • Mutated Infection hurts more and reduces healing by 75% instead of 50%
  • Ooze flood puts a stacking movement speed debuff on anyone who runs through it

Rotface is one of the easier hard modes. The biggest difference is that you will need people to stand at range. If you’re short on ranged dps, resto druids are a good option to stand out.

  • The healing strategy for hard mode is almost identical to normal mode. HoTs on the tank and kiter, WG on people who get stuck in slime spray, HoTs on anyone who gets Mutated Infection. Supplement your healing with Nourish and Swiftmend when people get low on health
  • Rejuv any ranged who get Vile Gas. The damage from vile gas isn’t bad, unless people are standing too close together and start damaging each other.
  • Ranged will also likely be taking occasional damage from Radiating Ooze as the ooze is kited around the room, keep them topped up
  • If you are assigned to stand at range, keep away from others. Vile gas can be chained and it will also inflict damage on anyone close to you. The most important thing is to not stand too close to melee. Vile gas in the melee group will wipe the raid.
  • Don’t forget to use Barkskin

Optimal Glyphs

Glyph of Swiftmend – I think at this point it’s safe to say I’m going to recommend this for every fight.
Glyph of Wild Growth – This will help keep the people who get hit with Slime Spray topped up

The third glyph is really a matter of personal preference. I like Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation as this isn’t really a fight where you need to blanket the raid, but the Glyph of Nourish is decent too.

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