Too many choices!

Well, I did it. I got a host, registered a domain and started my new blog on WordPress. I think I must have looked at 1000 themes yesterday and I can’t find one that does everything I want (and don’t know how to make them do what I want). I think I’m going to pull my hair out.

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  1. OK, do not panic! Congratulations. As for themes, I'd say START with a theme that is available from You can always change your mind later, but those themes are the "safest" for working with all browsers etc.

    How to change your CSS, you ask? Try searching here: That's where I get all my info.

    Exciting eh? Good luck! Windsoar just got self-hosted, I went from blogger to wordpress self-hosted in May, and Alas just changed her theme, so you definitely have people to ask about this if you get stuck.

    • I like to make things as difficult for myself as possible. I found a theme I really liked and a plug in (featured post gallery) I really liked, and unfortunately they did not play nicely together. So I worked myself up trying to mash them together for a couple hours before I realised it was futile.

      For the sake of my mental health, I think I will go with a simple theme and spice it up with some css edits and plug ins over time.

      Thanks again for your advice and encouragement.

      • Sometimes the complicated themes do not play nice with Internet Explorer – which is a problem I had with my old theme (rotating image gallery, featured posts etc). The featured gallery can look really snazzy, but the more moving parts you have, the more likely that it will bork up in some browser or another.

  2. Trying to customize themes is a pain in the ass unless you're not a CSS/PHP guru… I always find pretty ones that are badly coded, so for my latest I just looked for a theme that looked 90% ok from the start and I only tweaked minor things. Mental health still intact 🙂

    • *unless you're…

    • I’m not bad with CSS but php is completely foreign to me.

      I really like the themes that have options within the admin panel. I wish they all had that.

      • What I have discovered is that the more "user friendly" options within the admin panel a theme has, the harder it is to go into the code and change anything NOT changeable in the admin panel. I now am a big fan of incredibly simple themes so I can go muck around in them myself. Having said that, I changed my current theme VERY little, and the average user would not notice.

        Base theme:

        My site:

        Besides the obvious (the banner) there's not much that is apparent. That's the idea. Find a theme that gets you "mostly" there and then tweak just a little.