Healing ICC: Lady Deathwhisper

Lady Deathwhisper

Normal Mode

Lady Deathwhisper on normal mode is by no means a healer fight. Your success will hinge mostly on your tanks ability to corral multiple adds and your dps being able to focus fire, interrupt and manage their threat.

Phase 1 healing:
The objective of phase 1 is to deplete Deathwhisper’s mana shield while killing packs of adds that spawn every minute. Your tanks will be taking moderate damage from the adds. Deathwhisper will cast Shadowbolts frequently on random targets, along with Death and Decay. She will also mind control one person every minute or so.

  • Keep Regrowth and Rejuvenation up on all tanks. Stand in a central location so you can reach both of them.
  • Throw in a Swiftmend or Nourish when any of the tanks start to get low on health
  • Throughout the fight, the Cult Adherants will cast Curse of Torpor on random raid members. This is a nasty curse that increases the cooldowns on any abilities you use while the curse is on you. As long as no one is on the verge of death, decursing should be your top priority. Priority order for decurses should go: yourself > tanks > healers > dps > people who yell out “decurse me!”
  • With 30% extra health, the Shadowbolts don’t hurt too much, but you can cast a pre-emptive heal whenever you see DW switch targets to keep people topped up.
  • Use Wild Growth on the people who get caught in Death and Decay.
  • When Dominate Mind is coming up, throw a Rejuv on yourself. Resto druids generate a lot of aggro and there’s a good chance the person who gets mind controlled is going to come after you.
  • Cyclone is a fantastic form of CC for the mind controlled person. If your group is short on CC, you might be asked to do this.

Phase 2 healing:
When Deathwhisper’s mana shield is completely drained, phase 2 starts. From here on, the tanks will be alternating tanking the boss. Her regular melee damage isn’t too bad, the thing to watch out for is Frostbolt, which hits like a truck if it isn’t interrupted. She will continue to cast D&D, will cast Frostbolt Volleys on the raid, and will spawn Vengeful Shades who will chase a random target and use Vengeful Blast if they reach them.

  • Keep Rejuv and Regrowth up on the current tank
  • Use Swiftmend and Nourish to keep the tank topped up. If a Frostbolt is not interrupted the tank’s health will drop significantly and they will need to be healed quickly.
  • Be aware of when the tank switches will happen. Usually the taunts will happen when the current tank gets to 3 or 4 stacks of Touch of Insignificance. When the debuffs are approaching this number, start rolling your HoTs on the other tank.
  • Continue to use WG on the people in D&D
  • Watch out for vengeful shades. If one appears to be heading your way, run. Use Barskin if you don’t have time to get away.
  • Use Rejuv and Nourish to top people up after Frostbolt Volley or getting hit by a shade.
Heroic Mode

Hard mode

The differences in hard mode are:

  • All Deathwhisper’s abilities deal more damage
  • Deathwhisper will mind control 3 players at a time (instead of 1) and will continue to use mind control in phase 2
  • Adds continue to spawn in phase 2 (3 at a time)
  • When a Vengeful Shade reaches its target the Vengeful Blast will deal damage to everyone within 20 yards
  • Deathwhisper is immune to taunt

Deathwhisper is one of the tougher hard-modes, it requires a lot of raid awareness and ability to heal on the move.

Phase 1 healing:
I find the hardest thing about phase 1 is the mind controls. Any MC‘d dps can do a lot of damage very quickly. CCing them as fast as possible is always the priority. I’d suggest bringing an extra healer or two for hard mode. RNG can really screw you on this fight. In my raids, Deathwhisper has a habit of MCing three healers at a time – if you’re only running with 5 or 6, this can cause a real problem.

  • Keeps HoTs on each of the tanks while the adds are up. You may have to move around a bit in order to have range on them all.
  • Curse of Torpor should be decursed as quickly as possible. Priority order for decurses should go: yourself > tanks > healers > dps
  • Use Wild Growth on the people who get caught in D&D
  • Be generous with your HoTs. People will be taking damage from Shadowbolts, D&D, add abilities (cleaves and explosions should be avoided but aren’t always)
  • Make sure you have at least a Rejuv on yourself when dominate mind is about to happen. Using Barskin is also a good idea. Resto druids generate a lot of threat and MC’d people will likely target you.
  • Depending on the CC available in your group, you might need to help control the MC’d people. Cyclone is awesome because it not only prevents the target from dealing damage, it also prevents them from taking damage. I will usually cyclone a melee dps when I’m able to. AoE effects from the other dps can kill an MC’d melee very quickly. Be aware that you might have to cast Cyclone a couple times due to your lack of hit rating.

Phase 2:
This is where the fun begins.  Vengeful shades will start spawning, mind controls continue and adds keep coming 3 at a time. The intensity of the healing in phase 2 is very dependant on how often people get hit by shades, so your healing strategy may differ.

  • Your number one priority is not getting hit by Vengeful Shades. When they reach their target, they will explode and do a lot of damage to everyone within 20 yards. If one is coming towards you, move away immediately. You can see where the shades will spawn. It will look like streams of light coming from deathwhisper to the spawn points. Put some distance between yourself and the spawns.
  • Stay spread out from the other ranged.
  • Keep at least a Rejuv on yourself
  • There will be two tanks on Deathwhisper who will be switching back and forth. Keep HoTs on the current Deathwhisper tank and pay attention to when the tank switch happens. Since this is a high movement phase, you will likely have to focus a fair amount of healing on the tanks since not everyone can heal on the move as well as druids can.
  • The third tank will be on the adds. This tank will be moving from one side of the room to the other. You will also need to move back and forth to stay in range. Keep HoTs up on the add tank when there are adds up. Damage on this tank will worse when there are two Cult Fanatics up at once.
  • Curse of Torpor will still be cast, though not as frequently as phase 1. Decurse ASAP.
  • When the tanks have been taken care of, start spreading some Rejuv love around the raid. The raid is taking damage from Frostbolt Volleys and shade explosions. I focus on the melee in particular. Since a number of people are going to be clumped up around the boss, many of the Shades will head towards them and at least a few of them are bound to explode. I use Wild Growth on the melee, or any clump of people who have just been exploded, as often as it’s needed.
  • Use Barkskin on cooldown.
  • If you think you can stop healing for a couple seconds, Cyclone one of the people who gets MC’d.
  • If you need to Combat Rez someone, be aware of what’s going on. You don’t want them to rez into a Shade, and they won’t necessarily know where you were standing when you cast the rez if they wait a few seconds before taking it.

The damage on this fight can change from attempt to attempt based on how well people do at avoiding shades, interrupting Frostbolts and CCing anyone who gets mind controlled. These are just guidelines, especially for phase 2. In general, you should be avoiding Shades at all costs and pumping out heals constantly. Two Vengeful Blasts in a row or a Vengeful Blast/Frostbolt Volley combo can kill people very quickly. Keeping proactive HoTs on the people who are likely to take the most damage plus some quick reactive healing when the damage happens can save a lot of deaths.

Optimal Glyphs

Glyph of Swiftmend – Phase 2 can be very damage intensive. You don’t want to waste any GCDs refreshing HoTs if you don’t need to.
Glyph of Wild Growth – This will come in use when healing those in D&D as well as those who get hit with Vengeful Blast. Great for healing melee in phase 2.
Glyph of Nourish

2 responses to “Healing ICC: Lady Deathwhisper

  1. Also when it comes to Battle Rezzing, it's best to accept after a Frostbolt Volley. Of course, that's something the target has to watch for, not the druid.

    And more off topic…That's a purdy skull for heroic…Sad that this is the first time I've seen it. :p

    • I was considering putting that in, but as you said, it’s something for the
      target to watch out for. Of course, a resto druid could be the target.

      It makes me mad when people getting rezzed can’t watch spell timers for
      themselves. As the rezzer, I have people to heal and other things to look
      out for. The person who’s kissing the dirt really has nothing else to do.

      You need to play more if you want to see the pretty heroic skull 😛