Resto Druid BiS List – all leather edition

All WotLK raid content has been released and we’ve got nothing left to do but kill it over and over and over again until Cataclysm comes out. Now is as good a time as any to make my final best in slot list.

When Wrath raiding wraps up, I’d like my druid to look just like this. I’ve got 6 of the 16 pieces right now. Not a bad start.

Here’s the full list of what I consider to be best in slot for a resto druid with access to 25-man hard modes.

WeaponTrauma (Rotface 25H) My opinion on Trauma has certainly changed over the last few months. Originally I thought it would be impossible to make up the haste I’d miss out on by using this, but it’s not too hard at all. The proc is great and can provide up to 10% of my healing on fights like Sindragosa.

OffhandSundial of Eternal Dusk (Sindragosa 25H)

HeadSanctified Lasherweave Helmet – Though T10 is rather heavy on crit as opposed to haste, the 4-set bonus is well worth getting.

NeckBone Sentinel’s Amulet (Marrowgar 25H)

ShouldersShoulders of Frost-Tipped Thorns (Blood Prince Council 25H) *

CloakGreatcloak of the Turned Champion (Deathbringer Saurfang 25H)

ChestSanctified Lasherweave Robes *

WristsPhaseshifter’s Bracers (Halion 25H) – Leather spell power bracers are a myth.

GlovesSanctified Lasherweave Gauntlets

WaistProfessor’s Bloodied Smock – Professor Putricide 25H

LegsSanctified Lasherweave Legplates

BootsBoots of Unnatural Growth (Gunship Battle 25H) *

Ring 1Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom (ICC Rep Ring)

Ring 2Memory of Malygos (Sindragosa 25H)

Trinket 1Althor’s Abacus (Gunship Battle 25H) – The proc on this provides only 2-3% of my healing on most fights, but since it’s a smart heal it’s always useful. The nice chunk of spell power is where this trinket really shines.

Trinket 2Solace of the Defeated (Lord Jaraxxus 25H – ToTC). 168 spell power and 144 mp5 which should stay up all the time. With this trinket I find mana a non-issue on most fights which makes me unwilling to give it up. Glowing Twilight Scale would provide a lot more spell power, but I’m not a fan of on-use trinkets (even though from what I’ve read, the use effect provides a huge amount of healing). I can’t really recommend this over Solace until I’ve tried it out.

IdolIdol of the Black Widow (Frost Emblem vendor)

4.0.1 Edit: Ignore the following. With the leather specialization in play, we should never wear cloth.
* Note: If you are not adverse to wearing cloth, Sanguine Silk Robes (Blood Princes 25H) are slightly better itemized than the T10 chest. If you wear them with the T10 shoulders you will gain 13 spell power, 4 haste and 4 mp5 while casting at the cost of 26 crit rating (dependent on how you gem of course). Plague Scientist’s Boots are also an option, you’d gain spell power (as most reckless ametrines could be traded out for runed cardinal rubies) at the cost of crit and mana regen.

Now, I’ll admit that I have a few hang-ups when it comes to gear. I know there are people who disagree with me on some of these things, but I am far too stubborn to change.

  1. I hate seeing mp5 on gear. The only mp5 piece I wear is the Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom, and it’s only because of the nice spell power proc. 
  2. I always gem for socket bonuses. I like when things match and the missing socket bonuses are an eyesore. Luckily most of the socket bonuses in resto druid gear are fairly good, and I need the haste from the yellow sockets anyway.
  3. I’m not overly concerned with being right at the haste cap. The setup I’ve listed here would give me 845 haste. I could replace a Reckless Ametrine with a Quick King’s Amber to bring me up to 855, but I don’t think I would ever be able to tell the difference in a raid.
  4. I will not wear cloth. I’m a complete snob about this – cloth is for priests. I am a proud leather-wearer.

7 responses to “Resto Druid BiS List – all leather edition

  1. "I will not wear cloth. I'm a complete snob about this – cloth is for priests. "

    My only issue with this is that you are calling it a "Resto Druid" BiS list, not Jasyla's "wish list" or some such thing. I don't think that it can be 100% accurate as a "Resto Druid BiS" unless you include cloth items into it, as there are a handful of cloth items that are better itemized for us as opposed to their leather counterparts. The BP from HM Princes being one of those items.

    Perhaps to keep it a true BiS list you could add cloth alternatives where appropriate next to your "wish list" items indicating that while you prefer leather, that there is "x" alternative out there?

    That being said…the only two items I disagree with you on are your BP and Shoulder options. Of course, I opted for set shoulders and a cloth BP 😉

    • That's a fair comment. I've modifed the post title and added a note about the decent cloth pieces.

      Those Sanguine Robes certainly tempt me everytime they drop, but I just can't get past the mental block of looking like a priest. You could make the argument that I don't see them in tree form anyway, but I'm in caster form any time I'm out of combat. White's just not my colour. I'd get it dirty. 😛

      I also added a note on the Plague Scientist's Boots. They would make it easier to reach haste cap without having to gem so much for it, but result in a significant hit to mana regen. They're still pretty nice though (and less visible than cloth robes).

  2. Nice list, thanks Jasyla 🙂 I have quite a similar one that I hadn't posted because I thought people weren't really interested anymore… perhaps I will after all 🙂

    • Based on search terms that bring people here there are at least a few people still interested. It's also handy to have for my own sake so I remember what gear I want to bid on.

  3. For a fairly new Resto Druid player this is super helpful, thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog & have found it very resourceful. Do you think you might do a stats post at some point? I really like the way you lay things out, it's so much easier to grasp than some of the other sites I have been reading.

    • tyvm, I'm glad you like the blog.

      I've been thinking about writing a few more resto druid guides to cover stuff like stats and how to heal specific encounters. The information may not be relevant for long, but there's not a whole lot else going on to blog about right now.

  4. "I'm not overly concerned with being right at the haste cap. The setup I've listed here would give me 845 haste. I could replace a Reckless Ametrine with a Quick King's Amber to bring me up to 855, but I don't think I would ever be able to tell the difference in a raid."

    The haste cap is set, depending on what raid buffs you have available. In a 25 man raid setting, you have a much greater chance of having a Wrath of Air Totem + a moonkin/ret paladin haste buff and as long as you had your points in GotEM and Celestial Focus, I believe it's only 735 haste. So you would already be capped.

    Now I understand raid balance is different with everyone or if you do more 10 mans than 25s, then yes, you would need the 856 for the other haste cap – depending on which buffs you are missing.

    Personally, I am very sensitive to my haste cap and I can "feel" my HoTs coming out differently when my haste is off. I can tell when I've gone too far with haste and my Rapid Rejuv goes insane or when I'm missing some or not capped and it feels like they crawl out like molasses – lol