My way is better than your way

This week there was a big commotion in the blogosphere over a post about add-ons made by Codi at Moar HPS. What started out as an update on her Zero Add-on project quickly turned into a topic of contention when she made comments about how healing add-ons reduce finesse and interfere with the amount you learn about encounters. I completely disagree with these opinions, however I am not offended by them and do not feel Codi should have to apologize (although she did). People have very strong opinions on the topic of add-ons and there were a lot of overreactions as well as people who, in my view, were assuming a number of negative things that weren’t really stated.

I’m going to leave Codi alone now and use myself as an example for the rest of the post.

I think my way of healing is the best. I use a number of healing add-ons to keep me informed of what is going on in my raid and I’ve configured my UI in a way that increases my efficiency. Maybe I’m just arrogant, but I believe that thinking your own methods are the best is completely natural. If I didn’t think my method was best, I would be looking for a new method to make me better. So, if tomorrow I put up a post saying “People who use healing add-ons are better informed about what’s happening in a raid” and you don’t use any, don’t be offended. Take it as an opportunity to prove me wrong (preferably with concrete examples rather than a string of analogies). Maybe you’ll teach me something about the default healing UI that I didn’t know. Maybe I’ll give you a better appreciation of a certain add-on. Or maybe we’ll each decide the other is completely clueless and agree to disagree. Whatever the result, the discussion is more likely to be productive and educational when you don’t take it too personally.

I’ve just stated that because of my add-ons, I am better informed than you. Does this imply I think you are a bad healer? No. Does it imply that I am a better healer than you? No. While having all necessary information available to you can help you make better healing decisions there is a lot more to it than that. If I’m so overloaded by information that I make a habit of standing in fires, I’m probably a pretty shitty healer. Ditto if the information helps me make the best decisions, but I make them too slowly. Class knowledge, understanding encounters, reaction, awareness, instinct, timing, all of these things (and more!) are part of being a good healer. Just because I think my setup gives me an advantage in one area doesn’t mean I think you are bad.

It’s very unlike me to have a why can’t we all just get along attitude, but as I read more and more comments about the situation this week, I couldn’t help but feel that way. Everyone has their own way of doing things and their own way of thinking. Most people think their way is the best, and it probably is, for them. The blogging community is a great place for sharing ideas and learning new things. When you disagree with someone keep a modicum of respect for their opinions and an open mind. The ensuing discussion will be much more fruitful.

2 responses to “My way is better than your way

  1. Yep, I agree. Except my way is totally better than your way. Wanna fight?