Why can’t druids use Shadowmourne?

Druid wielding Shadowmourne

Pretty sexy, eh? Looks much better on me than a silly warrior.

This weekend my guild made our first Shadowmourne! It’s extra exciting as this is our first legendary in Wrath. Don’t ask why we don’t have a Val’anyr 🙁   Our raid leader, a fury warrior was the first person to get the weapon and as a responsible raider, was all prepared with gems and enchants for when the final shard dropped.

Shadowmourne stats and best gems

My 10-man group finally got together after a bit of a hiatus and got our first heroic Putricide and Sindragosa kills. Putricide wasn’t too bad. With the 25% buff to dps killing the adds becomes rather trivial, and everyone got the hang of the Unbound Plague quickly (although the thought of doing it in 25 gives me a preemptive headache). You know what changes heroic Sindragosa from a major pain in the ass to a cakewalk? Never getting Unchained Magic in phase 3. Druid hax! I’m sure our kill was an exercise in frustration for the other healers but I got to heal my little heart out without fear of blowing up the raid. I wish that would happen on every attempt (there were many of them). Fingers crossed that we all get shiny new mounts this week!

3 responses to “Why can’t druids use Shadowmourne?

  1. There is a really simple, but fantastic mod, that can really help with spreading the plague in 25 man Heroic PP called "plagued". We made it a requirement for the fight. It won't pass for you, or tell you who to pass to, but it really helps for knowing who has it and how much time they have until they need to get rid of it!

  2. I'd love to get one on my DK… I'd take good care of it too! I'd take it out for walks, pet it, make sure it's well fed /dream