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I’m feeling a little blogged-out recently. Not a whole lot is going on in game. Druid is plugging away at hard modes (currently 8/12), Hunter is working on normal 25s (10/12) and heroic 10s (7/12) when I can make the raids. I also recently got another character to 80. However, I seem to be suffering from a case of writer’s block and can’t think of anything I want to blog about right now.

So instead, here are some great posts from other blogs about one of my favorite topics, User Interface:

Kae at Dreambound talks about layout and positioning mods. Complete with cute stick figures!

Ecclesiastical Discipline talks about designing a UI from scratch.

Hots & DoTs shows off a shadow priest UI.

The Huntsman’s Lodge provides Power Aura code strings for pretty much everything a hunter needs to know. I have borrowed quite a few of these myself.

Lastly, while not strictly UI related (although there is a section on addons), Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket has created an awesome and extremely thorough guide to playing a resto druid. Everything you ever wanted to know about trees but were afraid to ask!

In other news, the G20 is now over, but the city is a little worse for wear. I don’t want to get too politcal on this blog, but I’m rather disgusted at what happened over the weekend.

The summit itself and any legitimate protesters were heavily overshadowed by a few hundred anarchist idiots who thought it would be a good idea to smash storefronts and set things on fire. These people weren’t even protesting anything, they’re just a bunch of malcontents with mother issues looking for an excuse to cause a ruckus.

Note to any rabble-rousers out there: coming to Toronto and smashing up Tim Hortons is not going to make you any friends. I hope all the vandals are put in prison and quickly make friends with some large, angry, sexually-frustrated inmates.

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  1. Miss Medicina

    Not Tim Horton's!!!!



  2. ecclesiastical discipline

    Thank you for the linky love.

    Also, Protect Thy Doughnuts!