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I’ve been reading a lot of guild applications for my Horde guild recently. Our recruitment officer (who is also the GM) is excellent at networking and finding possible recruits so we get quite a lot of applications. I read them all so that I can give some feedback and get a good laugh out of the bad ones. The guild application is quite simple. People aren’t asked to tell stories or jokes or even say why they want to be in the guild. They aren’t asked to defend their gem choices or show they have any theory crafting knowledge. Most of the questions are focused on past raid experience and basic knowledge about class and gear. Despite the simplicity of this, a lot of people manage to completely butcher it.

Here are a few tips for creating an application that won’t make you look like an idiot.

1. Use full sentences, complete with capitalization, punctuation and proper spelling.

Q: What are things that you have liked and disliked about your previous Warcraft guild experiences?
A: the none organization, and not raiding when sceduled


I understand that literacy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but word processing software makes it very easy to fake it. Write your application in Word (or whatever program you have) so you can do a spelling and grammar check when you’re done. Then copy your answers onto the application. Congratulations, you now appear to have more than a fourth grade education.

2. Read the questions carefully and answer them fully.

Q: What 2 pieces of gear do you need to upgrade most, and which pieces do you want to upgrade to?
A: Ranged weapon and boots


I’ve seen so many apps that do not answer the questions, or only answer part of them. When we throw in the ultra tricky multi-part question you’re expected to answer everything. Don’t ignore part of the question.

3. Know your stuff.

Q: What is your general dps priority or rotation?
A: my rotation right now is FF, insect swarm, moon fire, pop tredents, then spam wrath

Wrong! (and what the hell is a tredent?)

If you don’t know what you’re doing and can’t even bother to google “moonkin dps rotation”, I don’t want you in my guild.

4. Make sure to include the name of the character you are using to apply to the guild at some point in the application.

I don’t care about the names of your 17 alts. Who is your main?

5. Don’t ever say ‘lol’ in an application.

If you say it multiple times, I’ll stop reading.

/end rant

Sigh. Are full sentences and answers to all the questions really that much to ask for?

9 responses to “Guild Applications

  1. Oh my goodness. Marry me! 😀

  2. Tredants? o.O That's new. I usually see people applying who can't make raid times. >.<

    • I see that a lot too. Especially from young people. They need to go to bed at 10 – but we raid until 11.

  3. In addition to "answer the questions fully," how about, "ANSWER them!" at all! We've had applicants completely skip questions on our application that they just didn't feel like answering. A few even copy-pasted an application from another guild, completely circumventing our questions to the point that they talked about why they think they're worthy of being one of the 25 people in our raids……….. ahem, we are 10-strict. Fail.


  4. Yea we get the same thing all the time. We ask for screenies so that we get an appreciation of what the applicants see in raids but we very rarely get them. We also ask for some form of logs so that we can no only see heals or DPS but avoidable damage taken, use of pots etc. We get so many arguements that logs are useless but we analyase them after every raid to try and improve areas of a fight. On that note Never, Never, Never argue with potential guildmates on your application, especially if it's the GM or class leader.


  5. i not see what probelm lies in the statement. Far be it from I to worry about grammar, if bees in paper hives shouldn't stones be thrown.

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