7/12 and a new look

Blogger came out with some new templates a little while ago, so I have updated my theme. It’s very similar to my old one, but the layout is a little nicer. Now I just need to find a banner image that I can live with.

This weekend my alliance guild did our first 25-man hard modes. We managed to get 7 hard modes down and get our second Lich King kill. They were two of the most fun raids I’ve been to in a while. Of the 7 hard modes we killed, I found Festergut to be the most challenging. Gunship, Rotface, Blood Prices and Blood Queen didn’t seem too much different from my healer perspective.

I was surprised (and disappointed) that the end wing bosses only drop one ilvl 277 tier token. It’s going to take forever for people to get upgraded that way 🙁  But they still drop 2 pieces of the 264 tokens which will completely go to waste within a few more raids. I was lucky enough to get the guild’s first 277 tier token. Yay! I decided the pants were my biggest upgrade. The only problem with pants is that you can’t show’em off because they’re covered by my robe. So I made a new outfit for strutting around Dalaran.

Druid as a Tier 10 lumberjack

I'm a lumberjack. And I'm okay.

9 responses to “7/12 and a new look

  1. Looks hawt. It's kinda cool too how Disqus just integrates right into the theme.

    You know… you can download just about any free blogger theme and use it, you don't have to wait for blogger to give you new ones… http://btemplates.com/ that's where I got my blogger theme (and then later I used the wordpress version of that same theme, because I love it so much)

  2. I spent a lot of time looking at free themes when I first set up the blog, but I was indecisive and judgemental of them all. 😛 I just wanted something simple.

    I keep thinking that one day I will mess around with the CSS to try to personalize things more, then I remember that I'm kind of lazy and not creative enough.

    • Honestly, I spend SO much time on tweaking my theme, and most people just look at it in a feed reader or on their phones (simple mobile theme). Sigh.

  3. With that hat you look, errrh, well…

    …well, like a kinky lumberjack, quite frankly.

    Still, must get lonely out there in the woods. 🙂

  4. Your outfit is hilarious!

    I'm right there with you, the ONE heroic token sucks. But it's basically there to incent you to keep raiding, keep doing the heroic modes. It's just another form of time sink. I feel strongly that it will be YEARS before I get a freaking 277 token and I only want two! Just two! Not even four! Not even five! Just two.


    Also, just a thought… is it, perhaps, weird for a tree to dress as a lumberjack? Hm. Food for thought. 😉

  5. There. I knew it. It's masochism… 😉

  6. I ahte to tell you, but your pants show off your druids camel toe.